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( – For a few days now, there have been rumors in Formula 1 that Aston Martin could be interested in picking up Mick Schumacher. Should Sebastian Vettel end his career after his current contract expires at the end of the season – and that would no longer be a surprise today – then Schumacher, as ‘ Italy’ reported first in the Motorsport Network research network. the preferred candidate to succeed him.

Mick Schumacher would not be dismissive of a change of team


There are several reasons for this. First: Schumacher’s passport and surname. Aston Martin urgently needs a draft horse in Germany. In April, only 26 new traditional-brand vehicles were registered in Germany; from January to April 112. For comparison: Even Ferrari, a brand at extremely high prices, will have 547 new registrations in April 2022.

Second: According to reports, owner Lawrence Stroll can imagine selling his team to Audi. ‘’ first reported this on April 7th. And Volkswagen’s CEO Herbert Diess has stated that he would like a German driver. Stroll might want to increase its chances of selling by offering a German named Schumacher in the package.

Stroll is looking for a teammate who can fight

Third: Stroll Sr. originally started his Formula 1 project primarily because of his son. Lance is expected to become Formula 1 world champion one day. It goes so far that Stroll Sr. would persuade his old friend Toto Wolff to take Stroll jun. instead of signing George Russell, as the fold belongs. Since that did not happen, rumor has it, the friendship has cooled off.

Much is still subordinate to the son’s success. A teammate, like Stroll jun. would have no chance, is therefore excluded. It speaks for Mick Schumacher and against Fernando Alonso, who according to media reports is also on the shopping list if Alpine were to decide for the youth (Oscar Piastri) and not extend Alonso’s contract.

Almost no one in the industry can imagine Vettel staying with Aston Martin and signing a new contract again. The fact that the Saudi oil company became the team’s new main sponsor has nothing to do with Vettel’s environmental agenda. And Stroll Sr. one hears that Vettel’s penetrating commitment gets on your nerves.

Aston Martin: No official statement

Aston Martin have not officially commented on the interest in Schumacher. However, the fact that Aston Martin has asked more drivers about 2023 is a fact – and indicates that a continuation of Vettel’s career in this team is unlikely. Because Stroll Jr. is set in one of the two cockpits.

Mick’s uncle Ralf Schumacher does not rule out Schumacher’s variant of Aston Martin: “Mick was really fast in some races, but then he was unlucky. Sometimes he made mistakes, no doubt. But a Formula 1 driver who is so young and still has two years of experience under his belt, it has value. “

Schumacher defends Mick in a points match: “Haas must come up with something”

Haas needs to come up with something for Sky expert Ralf Schumacher so Mick can finally score points in Monaco.

The ‘Sky’ expert also suggests that “it’s not just Aston Martin who are interested in him”. The possible new team owner from Germany could also play a role. Ralf Schumacher is convinced: “Audi will be there.” And that could be part of Stroll’s plan to “make his team even more attractive” with Mick for Audi.

Ferrari must agree to the change

The entire master plan has only one big catch: Mick Schumacher is a Ferrari junior. However, Ferrari cannot offer him anywhere else in 2023 other than the Haas cockpit. And after two years with Schumacher, it is said that yet another Ferrari junior should get a chance. For example, Robert Schwarzman. A release for Schumacher would therefore be quite conceivable.

As of today, however, all of this is speculation, linked to many variables, all of which must fit together in the end. Ralf Schumacher believes that the transfer market will only really pick up speed “in August or September”. For July 31, the start of the summer holidays, is an important deadline in many contracts.

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