Hyrox World Champion: How to get visible abdominal muscles without sit-ups

Hunter McIntyre competes at the Hyrox Championships in Las Vegas in May 2022.
Eric Wittkopf

Abdominal exercises are not essential to getting a toned abdomen, according to athlete Hunter McIntyre.

The American won the Hyrox World Championship in 2022, which showed his perseverance and strength in the process.

He has six pack abs, but says he rarely works on his abdominal muscles, preferring instead to run, lift weights and strengthen his back.

If you want a toned stomach, you do not necessarily have to spend hours doing crunches, sit-ups and planks. At least that’s what one who should know claims: the muscle-bound athlete Hunter McIntyre. Resistance training, running and a healthy diet might do the trick, McIntyre told Insider.

McIntyre won the Elite Hyrox World Championship on May 14, 2022 and holds the world record in an endurance race that combines races with functional fitness movements such as lunges, carries and sled pulls. The American athlete believes that athletes do not have to choose between endurance and strength and that it is easy to get in shape.

McIntyre does not do any specific abdominal exercises

McIntyre has a six-pack, but says he rarely does specific abdominal exercises. Instead, he focuses more on strengthening his back and butt to keep his body safe during competitions. For visible abdominal muscles, it is important to be slim enough, which is primarily achieved through diet, as nutritionists and personal trainers have already told Business Insider. “If you want to see abdominal muscles, do it in the kitchen,” McIntyre says. To lose weight and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, you should aim for a small calorie deficit.

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Hard training in the gym and running

To build abdominal muscles, McIntyre recommends training “really hard” a few times a week. “I do not want to scare you, but train with goals, lift weights that challenge you, and run faster on the treadmill than you are comfortable with,” McIntyre said.

A strong core is important to prevent injuries, and there are several ways to strengthen it: Exercises such as squats and deadlifts require core commitment. Equipment such as the rowing machine also works in the core, reports Business Insiders Gabby Landsverk. Outside of the gym, McIntyre recommends walking a lot because experts say it can help you lose weight. First, it burns calories while providing health benefits such as improved immune system and a reduced risk of coronary artery disease.

Ultimately, any kind of training helps get in shape, McIntyre says. If you do not have access to a gym, he recommends packing some weight in a backpack and running up and down a hill, working out in the garden or doing push-ups and squats while watching TV. “As long as you’re moving, you’re on the right track,” McIntyre said.

Hanging leg raises and cable crushers can show your abdominal muscles

While losing fat through dieting is the key to gaining visible abdominal muscle, building muscle itself can also help make abdominal muscles visible, body composition coach Cliff Wilson and bodybuilder Sunny Andrews told Business Insider. To do this, they recommend exercises like hanging leg lifts and cable crossovers. Adds weights to the exercises and applies progressive overload, Wilson says.

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Set goals

Eric Wittkopf

McIntyre went astray as a teenager, was thrown out of various rehab clinics and struggled to find meaning in life. After working as a lumberjack in Montana for six months at the age of 18, he not only gained 70 pounds of muscle mass, but also realized he was capable of providing the hard work, he says today.

During the winter, temperatures in Montana can drop as low as minus 45 degrees Celsius. “It felt like freezing to death, I really pulled myself together the days I went from boy to man,” McIntyre recalls. “Everything I do now is only a tenth of what was so difficult back then.” This experience taught him how important it is to work with oneself and set goals. “I think it’s important to always have a purpose or to want to achieve something,” he says.

In terms of fitness, it does not have to be as extreme as the Hyrox world champion. It’s enough that you train enough to be able to spontaneously run ten kilometers with your children or play rugby with your friends, says McIntyre. “A side effect is that it creates a nice body.”

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