Why the NRW 3×3 street basketball tour is important to Mönchengladbach

3×3 street basketball tour
Important advertising for basketball in Mönchengladbach

“NRW3x3 Street Basketball Tour” visited Mönchengladbach this week. Although the number of registrations was manageable, the event was an important stimulus for a sport that stands still in the city.

The rain started at 2pm when the tournament started. From Tim Schmitz’s point of view, however, it was the only thing that did not fit that day. The West German Basketball Federation (WBV) made a stop in Mönchengladbach on Tuesday with its NRW3x3 street basketball tour – the place was Hans Jonas Comprehensive School in Neuwerk, where Schmitz is deputy headmaster. “We would like to offer the students an event again after the long Corona period. Football is always very prominent, but many students also play basketball during the breaks. So when the city approached us with the application idea for the 3×3 trip, it fit well,” says Schmitz.

For many years, the WBV has traveled through the NRW with the street basketball tour every summer, visiting many cities in the state. However, Mönchengladbach was the last part of this tour 16 years ago. Why was Vitusstadt not part of the program for so long? “Cities can apply for us. But since there has only been one basketball club in Mönchengladbach for a long time, apparently no one has bothered, ”says Georg Kleine, who is responsible for folk and school sports in WBV.

Currently, there are only Raiders from Odenkirchen in the city, where Scorpions is another club that is being founded. After some delays, chairman Ahmed Osman expects the club to be officially registered in June.

The city justified this year’s application for the basketball tour on the grounds that it would “again intensify” popular sporting events. The school and sports department had previously looked for possible school locations and then applied together with Hans-Jonas University College. A total of 31 teams in different age groups participated in the tournament on Tuesday – WBV had set up 12 courses with curve systems at Hans Jonas Højskole, some outside, some in the sports hall for bad weather. In addition, the association organized the schedule and the supporting program including music.

“31 teams is ok to start with, but we were hoping for 40 to 50,” Kleine said. At the start of the trip on Sunday, 86 teams participated in Oberhausen. However, Oberhausen is also an established venue for the 3×3 tour – Mönchengladbach has not yet become this again in terms of basketball. “That is why it was well-publicized. That’s why we do it to bring basketball to the public and to the schools, ”says Kleine. The organizing Hans-Jonas-Gesamtschule and the Comenius school were there with five teams. According to school principal Schmitz, there were also teams from Krefeld, Düsseldorf and Grevenbroich. The Scorpions also participated in the tournament with several teams, and eventually also won the men’s class.

Scorpions is also in the tour final of the 3×3 tour in Recklinghausen. Still, they also have to compete in other tournaments on the tour in Düsseldorf and Cologne, says Moritz List from Scorpions, who could not play actively due to surgery on the cruciate ligament and meniscus. “Until now, apart from the Odenkirchen team, it was direct fallow land. Maybe a lot more will happen in that connection in the coming time, ”says List with a view to the further development of sports in the city. After all, Hans-Jonas University College, together with the city, plans to be a meeting place for the 3×3 street basketball tour in the coming year. “We’re hoping for an advertising effect as the news of the event comes around,” Schmitz says.

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