Turn left before the tunnel?

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Monaco idea: Turn left before the tunnel?

At the press conference, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was asked how the layout in Monaco could be made more overhaul-friendly. His answer: “I do not know. Maybe we could turn left before the tunnel and then make a long straight. But how can that be done? I’m not sure.”

Overtaking is obviously difficult in the current state, Leclerc says. “But what we drivers love about Monaco is the challenge. Especially in qualifying, over a lap when you push. There’s just no other track where you get as much adrenaline as Monaco. For me it’s part of Formula 1 history and should continue to do so in Formula 1. “

Former Formula One driver Marc Surer has also considered an alternative route in Monaco. You can find out more about this in the video interview on Formel1.de YouTube channel!

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Reader Question: Arbitrary Session Times?

Our reader Jens asks on Twitter with the hashtag #FragMST what the start times at the Monaco Grand Prix are. The sports regulations do not actually contain exact times, but only information about how long the individual units are and at what time intervals the units must follow each other in a day.

For Friday, for example, it says: “Two free workouts of one hour each are separated by a minimum of two and a maximum of three hours.” The third training session on Saturday must not begin until 18 hours after the end of the second training session. Between the third training session and the qualification, there are at least two to a maximum of three hours.

In general, the World Automobile Federation (FIA) indicates the start times of the Formula 1 units, including for the races. The times are sometimes different, for example because the organizers take into account other (sporting) events so as not to risk conflict with the viewers.


Why Monaco should stay

Charles Leclerc says Monaco must stay. And this is how motorsport experts Stefan Heinrich and Stefan Ehlen see it, which in this video explains why the Grand Prix is ​​still justified!

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The first Friday pictures in the gallery

Formula 1 Friday in Monaco has begun and our photo gallery has received the first motifs of the day. Feel free to check out the atmosphere where Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher and Co. appeared on the fold – and we are constantly adding more photos from Motorsport Images!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022


Press conference: out!

And that was it for the Formula 1 press conference ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. There is a good hour and a half left until the start of training, which from 2022 will no longer take place on Thursday but Friday – even though a couple of support series were run yesterday in Monaco.


Why Carlos Sainz “needs to be patient”.

So far, Carlos Sainz has not become one with the Ferrari F1-75. How will he improve his situation? He will spend the preparation time in the simulator, Sainz says, and “spend time with the engineers,” which is limited by the busy race calendar.

“I should probably be patient,” Sainz says. “It’s like this in Formula 1: Some cars suit you better than others. But I will be patient and hope it fits together at some point.”

12:19 p.m.

rain or not?

The weather forecast for the Monaco Grand Prix predicts rain on Sunday. How do drivers feel about this? “We’d better take care of that Saturday night,” Fernando Alonso said. “You then change your answer depending on whether you are ahead or not.”

Carlos Sainz adds: “Even in the rain, overtaking is likely to be difficult because the vehicles are so wide.”

12:16 p.m.

Monaco has its place, says Alonso

“There is no overtaking in Monaco, so it has to be off the calendar.” This is a theory about the Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1, which Fernando Alonso does not share. He said at the press conference: “Monaco should be on the calendar. Overtaking is also difficult in Singapore, in Budapest or in Barcelona. Before DRS, overtaking was difficult on many routes. But there was never any discussion about whether these routes should be taken off the calendar. have to take. “

“Here in Monaco, you need a completely different effort in every corner, it’s unique on the calendar. It’s something special.”

12:13 p.m.

Max Verstappen: Momentum now at Red Bull?

After three wins in a row and P1 in the Formula 1 drivers’ position: is “momentum” now clear with Red Bull? Max Verstappen denied at the press conference: “Not really. Luck is also a part of it.”

“In Spain we did not have the pace for one lap and I have Charles in the race [Leclerc] also drove away. We have to see it race by race. Of course, it is important to always take as many points as possible. “

In Monaco, it is crucial to have “the performance over a round”, says Verstappen. “It was often our shortcoming so far. And Ferrari should look good here. But you never know. First and foremost, we need a good balance. Then we’ll have to see.”

12:08 p.m.

Carlos Sainz will build on P2 in Monaco

In 2021, Carlos Sainz achieved his first Ferrari podium in Formula 1 with P2 in Monaco. Now he says: “Hopefully it works [dieses Jahr] similar or better. It’s time to dump her and move on. “

But Sainz stresses that his confidence in Monaco is intact. His master plan for the city race: “Here you have to stay calm and be there when it comes.”

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The last round of the press conference

Dinner in Monaco. And now begins the fourth and final round of the press conference, including with Mick Schumacher. Of course we also take them here in the live ticker!


Sebastian Vettel has “no talks” for 2023 yet

2023 is not yet a problem for Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin. Vettel says: “We have not had any talks yet. It is coming, but we are currently trying to make the car better. It was close to bringing two packages to Barcelona. So you have other things to do at the factory right now.”

Following on from this, Vettel says he did not like the reaction to his team’s update. The modified Aston Martin AMR22 was sometimes referred to as a “Red Bull clone”. Vettel: “What was partially said was not right, not fair.” He was particularly unhappy with how Aston Martin designer Dan Fallows had been personally attacked. “I do not think it is right if it becomes personal,” says Vettel.


Why drivers in Monaco sit taller in the car

“On some routes you want to sit a little higher,” says Sebastian Vettel. Monaco is such a circuit. The view from the 2022 Formula 1 car is still worse, so a sitting position adjusted “a little bit” helps to get a better overview.

But how high does Vettel sit in the cockpit? “But you do not have much leeway,” he explains. “We’re talking about two or three millimeters here.”


Valtteri Bottas: Can Alfa Romeo surprise in Monaco?

“If you think about our strength at low speed, then yes, it should go well. But there are so many more factors that come into play here, everything has to be perfect,” says Valtteri Bottas. In any case, he suggests that Alfa Romeo could also cut a fine figure in Monaco.

The former form of his vehicle, Bottas has scored points in five out of six races, is certainly “encouraging,” Bottas says. He adds: “I can feel and see the motivation in the team.”


Why Lando Norris skips PK

McLaren driver Lando Norris is not present at the press conference to fully recover from his tonsillitis. “We assume he is healthy enough to drive. We have been given an exception for the press conference so he can prepare as best he can for his driving,” the team reports.

The first free training session in Monaco is scheduled for 6 p.m.


Sebastian Vettel: New Aston Martin has not yet convinced

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel is the first to be asked about the Barcelona update at the press conference. He talks about a “big package” and says: “We have not seen a big jump in performance yet, but we have learned a lot. We expected more in qualifying, the race was okay.”

Much more was not expected when the modified car was used for the first time. “The most important thing was to understand where the car is with the update,” says Vettel. “We think the vehicle has a lot more potential with this other direction, otherwise we would not have converted it.”


Sergio Perez: The situation at Red Bull is “clear”

Whether the hierarchy of the team was also discussed during the discussion at Red Bull. Sergio Perez is asked if he has the same chances of winning as Max Verstappen. He replies, “It’s pretty clear. It did not need to be said. It’s clear, otherwise I was not here.”

And Perez is obviously uncomfortable with the question: his body language says he does not really want to talk about the subject, but he does it anyway without actually saying much.

A contract extension after 2022 has not yet been discussed. “Now it’s not the top priority,” Perez says. “It is never easy to sign a contract with Helmut [Marko] and Christian [Horner] to do, but we will definitely address it soon. “

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