The Senate adopts the 2G rule in retail and 2G Plus in the leisure sector

Stricter measures in Berlin

The Senate adopts the 2G rule in retail and 2G Plus in the leisure sector

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From Saturday, the 2G rule will also apply in Berlin retail. At the same time, those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered must be tested in certain areas, keep their distance or wear a mask. The Senate also decided the Christmas markets.

In a few days, only people who have been vaccinated against Corona and those who have recovered will have access to most stores in Berlin, but not those who have not been vaccinated. A corresponding extension of the so-called 2G rules to retail The Senate agreed Tuesday. In addition, the same applies in the stores as before Requirements for mask. The revised Corona regulation enters into force on Saturday (November 27), Health Minister Martin Matz (SPD) said on Tuesday. Exceptions should apply to basic services, such as supermarkets, pharmacies or pharmacies.

According to Matz, the regulation was adapted to that of the neighboring state of Brandenburg to avoid evasive movements. The state government in Brandenburg also wants this regulation on Tuesday Exceptions for grocery stores, pharmacies and pharmacies. However, contact restrictions as planned in Brandenburg (only five people who have not been vaccinated are allowed to meet, not including those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered) will not be used, as the incidence in Berlin is clearly below that. in Brandenburg, says Matz.

2G Plus in gastronomy and in the leisure sector

The 2G regulation will also apply in Berlin from Saturday the hotel and accommodation industryin adult education (excluding basic education and German as a second language), i driving schools as well as by Sports training indoors. In return, there is to Sports training in the outdoor area continues no limitsas a spokeswoman for the Senate Department of the Interior and Sports specified when rbb | 24 asked.

The Senate also led 2G Plusscheme for Gastronomy, for physical services (also hairdressers) and events one. This also applies from Saturday. For restaurants, this means that diners must wear a medical mask as soon as they leave their seat. A negative test result is not necessary when visiting a restaurant for the time being. Body-related services as hairdressers can decide for themselves whether they will require their clients to wear a mask (where possible) or take a test.

IN discos and dance clubs guests must also present a negative test result. In addition workload the clubs up 50 percent limited to maximum capacity.

Which 2G Plus rules specifically in leisure and cultural area will be determined by the cultural administration. “In addition to 2G, either distance, a test or a medical mask will be needed here. It may be for theater still be differentiated, ”says Matz.

To major events applies from 1 December: events with more than 2,000 present outdoors or more than 1,000 present in closed rooms can only participate with full capacity up to an absolute number of 5,000 spectators and for the part that exceeds 5,000 people with a maximum of 50 percent . of the additional capacity is approved.

The Christmas markets remain open

For big events like concerts and football matches In addition to 2G, upper limits will also apply, depending on the venue. As of Dec. 1, 50 percent of total capacity can be “added” from a number of 5,000 viewers, according to Matz. “This also means less mobility to and from the events,” the secretary of state said. A maximum of 42,000 people can come to the Olympic Stadium and a maximum of 16,000 spectators to the An der Alten Försterei Stadium.

Christmas markets in Berlin, unlike Brandenburg, it can still be performed, but masks are now also mandatory under the 2G Regulation. “We are already observing that there are 2G Plus events on a voluntary basis. We think it is true that there are different regional reactions,” says Matz.

More pressure on testing in day care institutions

also on schools and day care centers there will be further initiatives in Berlin, Matz continued. “Tests must be made more binding in the day care institutions. Day care institutions must continue to provide the parents with the tests, and the parents must confirm in writing that they are testing. Lollipop tests will also be used,” says Matz. There should also be more tests per week in schools. According to Matz, daily tests are planned for certain students and staff.

At the same time vaccination campaign further advanced. “Fortunately, the number of initial vaccinations has also increased in Berlin. The number has doubled compared to the end of October,” says Matz. To further promote this trend, additional vaccination centers need to be opened. According to Matz, it has offered twice as many vaccines in the Linden Center since Monday, and there is a possibility of 1,000 vaccinations a day in the Ring Center from Friday. “We are also making sure that times can be booked again soon,” says Matz.

Stricter measures are already planned in Brandenburg from Wednesday

Berlin could follow the neighboring country: The Brandenburg state government is planning stricter measures, especially for unvaccinated people, from Wednesday.

In the last few weeks, the Federal Prime Minister’s Conference had agreed to link the introduction of 2G and 2G Plus to thresholds for the hospitalization rate. However, Berlin was already a pioneer with the 2G rule. It may therefore be that the Senate will also take the lead with the introduction of 2G Plus and not wait until the thresholds have been reached.

2G regulation in effect for one week

Since last Monday, stricter corona rules have been in force in many areas of public life in Berlin, which the Senate decided last week. Only vaccinated and healthy people (2G) have access to restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries or concert halls, but not unvaccinated tested (3G).

This also applies to sports halls, swimming pools, leisure facilities, arcades, hairdressing and beauty salons, fitness and dance studios. This does not apply to persons under 18 years of age and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

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