Sadness after relegation in relegation against FCK

Drelegation is sealed, the team is on vacation, the athletic management is silent. Only CEO Jürgen Wehlend met 1. FC Kaiserslautern the day after Dynamo Dresden’s relegation defeat and looked to the future. His world is actually the numbers, but the third crash in the third football league within eight years visibly affected him.

“How can it be that Dynamo Dresden is an elevator team after such a long time? I feel like HSV in the third division. We always run up and invest,” said Wehlend. And despite all efforts, the traditional club held only one season in another division.

The future of those responsible for the sport is unclear. Coach Guerino Capretti is actually unstoppable after not being able to win a single match. Sports director Ralf Becker must be held responsible for having picked up the wrong man in Capretti and replaced his predecessor Alexander Schmidt too late. Becker admitted, “In the end, we got a little lost.” “Mistakes were made. We will rectify that,” Wehlend stressed.

Capretti and Becker’s contracts do not apply in the third division. A separation would therefore not cost Dynamo anything. But with Becker, there are many indications that he will stay – also due to a lack of alternatives. However, Wehlend does not want a contract adaptation from the sports director to be understood as a formality. He stressed that the board must provide clear guidelines and measures, “so you know what you are getting into if you continue”.

In addition to the sporting topics, some supporters again attracted attention. After 0: 2, several pyrotechnics thrown into the field had to provoke the game to be interrupted. Shortly before midnight, about 30 followers finally tried to enter the cabin wing through the entrance to the VIP room. Two folders were injured. Police are investigating a breach of the peace. After stones were thrown at a bus, investigations into property damage were also initiated.

“With all the understanding of this frustration that everyone involved in the club shares and feels the same way, the behavior of some Dynamo fans towards the end of the match and especially afterwards is completely unacceptable. A clear limit was exceeded with the violent entry into the locker room. flew where two stewards were injured and the threat to players, supervisors and staff, “said Wehlend. Economically, he described the descent as a ‘crash.’ knocked out”.

The financial strength is therefore destined to put together a team that plays on instant promotion. There is a lot of work ahead of the traditional Saxon club in the coming days. Several player contracts do not apply to the third division, as in 2020 there is a risk of radical changes in the squad. The team met one last time on Wednesday, after which they went on vacation. Training start is scheduled for June 15. The start of the new third division season takes place on July 22nd.

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