Ricciardo’s accident in the second training session!


Verstappen: Ferrari is better located

After Friday’s training in Monaco, world champion Max Verstappen must admit that Ferrari did many things right – and was faster. He says: “Compared to Ferrari, we still need to find a little more. It’s just a matter of getting the balance right now.”

In P4, Verstappen was a little more than four tenths from the top. His Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez also arrived within 0.379 seconds of Ferrari time. Get the complete training result with all distances here!


Ferrari according to Wurz “in another world”

Former Formula One driver Alexander Wurz described Ferrari’s performance in Friday’s training session in Monaco at the ORF as “mega” and said: “It’s a different world.”

At Red Bull, on the other hand, ex-champion Nico Rosberg acknowledged that Max Verstappen was “a bit off track” today, he says on ‘Sky’. And: “He was beaten twice by Perez. It’s very unusual.” Verstappen has probably not yet warmed up in RB18 in Monaco.

Get access to the detailed report on Friday training here!


Vettel on almost-crash: “Was it me?”

Sebastian Vettel did not really notice his almost-crash in the swimming pool’s harassment. Asked about the scene of ‘Sky’ and confronted with the footage, Vettel said: “Was it me? But I was not on the wall! It was a mistake, but the safe was good!”

After P9 in Friday’s training, Vettel also said that a good result in Monaco is only possible if the setup is perfect. “We know we have to set the car up really aggressively,” he explains. “In the second workout, it was a little too much on the front axle. Then you give in and always have a little oversteer and not really self-confidence. It costs you here. The last try with soft was better. But it’s still a dance on the razor blade.”


Acceleration in the pitlane at Tsunoda: maximum penalty!

Yuki Tsunoda exaggerated it in the Formula 1 pit track in Monaco: At the speed limit of 60 km / h he was “shot” at 76.3 km / h. The maximum penalty for an offense of this type is 1,000 euros.

For crossings, 100 euros per person must be paid. km / h. From ten km / h above it, however, it remains at 1,000 euros.


Best time for Ferrari also in second training session

Ferrari also set the best time in the second free practice session for the Formula 1 race in Monaco. Charles Leclerc was again the faster Ferrari driver: with 1: 12.656 minutes he beat Carlos Sainz with a hair’s breadth. On P3: Serio Perez in the first Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel finished P9 in Aston Martin, Mick Schumacher P17 in Haas.

Get the complete training result here!

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo had the biggest incident: He had an accident in the swimming pool area after only two laps.

And now: stay tuned! Because soon we will come with the first analyzes and reactions to the Friday training in Monaco here in the Formula 1 live ticker! And at 7.30 pm, the YouTube livestream starts with Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren, where user questions are also dealt with.


The final phase of the second training session

Double lead for Ferrari with Charles Leclerc ahead of Carlos Sainz shortly before the end of the second free training session in Monaco. Then both Red Bull, then Lando Norris in McLaren, who still suffers from tonsillitis. And there is still a little more than ten minutes to drive.

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And current photos from training can be found in the Formula 1 photo gallery. We are constantly uploading new designs!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022


After 30 minutes: Leclerc leads

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has just taken the lead on soft tires in second free practice. Halfway through the session, he is two tenths ahead of Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

Perez has just lost the left rearview mirror. Sebastian Vettel, currently in P7, only just managed to avoid an accident in the swimming neck department. Mick Schumacher is currently P14.

Get more information in the session’s live ticker!


Interesting dialogue between McLaren and Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is currently not having an easy time with McLaren. McLaren boss Zak Brown recently criticized him in clear words. Now this dialogue follows Ricciardo’s crash via radio:

Engineer: “Daniel, is the car okay?”

Ricciardo: “Uh, I’m okay.”

Engineer: “I’m glad you’re okay. We’ll fix the car, do not panic.”

So the first question was not about the driver, but about the vehicle, but maybe it was just a coincidence.

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