Reinbek: Sebastian David is the new chairman of TSV


Sebastian David is the new TSV chairman

At start: Susann Korbel (from right) with son Lukas (front) and Uta, Friedrich and Mathias Fink. Sebastian David stops time.

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The 48-year-old accepts the German sports brand and has endurance. He also needs it – on several levels.

Reinbek. “Great. You’re good on time,” he fired SebastianDavid Uta Fink on. Reinbeker runs his sixth round at Paul Luckow Stadium. There is still one and a half laps ahead of her, then 3000 meters have been run. The seasoned triathlete hardly sweats. In the end, Sebastian David can give her the gold German sports brand congratulate. “As a family, we had long planned to do that,” she says. The man Mathias and the son Friedrich also managed it on the first try and with the left hand.

TSV has started the new sports brand season. For Sebastian David, the new one TSV chairman, it’s a double reboot. The 48-year-old from Reinbeker has taken over the chairmanship of the club after Norbert Schlachtberger, who at the age of 70 – nine of the years as chairman – made room for the younger generation. In return, he replaced TSV honorary member Hans-Eckhard Schlichting. The 86-year-old and his team have been making Reinbeker sweat for more than 30 years with the emblem’s acceptance.

Sebastian David receives the German sports brand from TSV Reinbek

Sebastian David now takes on the task, supported by Susann Korbel. Every Wednesday between Participation is free, even those who are not TSV members and come from outside are welcome. All have three free trials. “There is no cheating. Every centimeter, every second counts,” says co-champion Korbel. Last Wednesday, she successfully tested with her son (8) that the required times and distances are absolutely manageable.

The sports brand bronze, silver or gold is the highest award of the German sports federation outside of competitive sports and has a long tradition at TSV Reinbek. 173 athletes took it off in 2019. With the onset of the pandemic, attendance collapsed and the club had only 121 badges in 2021.

The new TSV chairman likes long-distance competitions like triathlon

“The uncertainty surrounding the handling of the virus has not yet disappeared,” David notes, “especially since no one knows how things will continue in the fall.” Basically, however, the desire for sports is back, the number of members is increasing and is currently 3,600 to reach the level before Corona of around 4000 members, “says Reinbeker of his choice. TSV is currently experiencing significant growth in the GeFit gym. It is also here “You can meet the new chairman. The father of three jobs as a coach is quiet and reserved. The Sauerlander has actually always been sporty.” I did my first triathlon when I was just about to graduate. ” He is still loyal to the extreme endurance sport: he conducts two long-distance competitions a year and trains up to 15 hours a week.

The food technologist is currently preparing for the Austrian Ironman competition in July in Klagenfurt. He has to swim 3.8 kilometers, cycle 180 kilometers and run 42.2 kilometers. When asked how it holds up, he replies, “In the end, it’s all in your head. I push phrases like ‘I can not’ out of my head.”

Dieter Perdelwitz (70) is an old hand when it comes to sports brands

The new president also wants to show perseverance and perseverance when it comes to the lack of coaches. “They have been sparse for years and are lacking in almost all 23 departments.” He has already been able to win a new addition: His second son, Benjamin (16), now leads pediatric gymnastics and helps out at GeFit. Basically, the traditional club is in good and solid shape, he says. He is considering adding his favorite sport, triathlon, to the program and is still looking for another chair.

The TSV departments with the most members are the prevention department “Leisure, health and fitness” and the swimming department. “As a ball word blind, it’s fine with me,” David says with a wink.

Dieter Perdelwitz from Wentorf has been loyal to the club for years and this season he has already won his gold medal. The 70-year-old does not want to celebrate success too much, he is after all one of the old hands when it comes to sports brands: it is his 20th birthday.

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