Radeberg: Why will Anett Jahn become Wachau’s mayor?

Wachau Does Künzelmann (CDU) or Anett Jahn (independent) know? These two candidates are running for Wachau municipality in the June 12 mayoral election. Sächsische.de asked them both the same questions about important citizen issues.

What are your reasons for becoming mayor of Wachau municipality?

My family and I have lived in Wachau for seven years and three of our children were born here in our house. I spent a lot of time talking to the residents.

I think I know the community well enough for the position. I kept noticing a wide range of things: be it the dilapidated or even non-existent road network, the poor lighting, the very poor playgrounds, the lack of bike paths, the condition of the roads, the lack of infrastructure, significant gaps in local public transport and much more.

During the talks, the lack of meeting places for families, young people, young people and senior citizens was repeatedly mentioned. And above all, that no one really knows who to ask or who to turn to. I kept hearing “this is how it is” or “unfortunately we do not have it here”.

I want to make a difference and revive the community more. Safe places where all generations feel comfortable and welcome, and where an intact and modern social life is lived.

What new meeting points should be created and where?

Meeting points can be different. A meeting place for families on a beautiful, attractive playground, a meeting place for young people on a cross-country course or a youth club or just around a table tennis table, a basketball hoop, a meeting place for senior citizens for coffee and cake or for informal events on current everyday topics, a meeting place for like-minded people with different interests to exchange ideas and meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the facilities that are suitable for this already exist, but are not yet used to the extent possible. For example, we have a wonderful association called “Wunderland” in the city, which could certainly be won as a point of contact for some of the target groups. Or our beautiful castle in Seifersdorf, which offers many opportunities and could be integrated much more actively into club life.

Or the youth club in Leppersdorf, where offers could be created that interest the young people and keep them busy when they “grow up”. Such a contact point could also be set up, for example in the Volksheim in Lomnitz or in the old municipal office in Wachau.

Where do you think new playgrounds should go?

The topic of playgrounds and contact points for families, and above all for children in the age groups from 4 to 16 years, is very important to me.

There are playgrounds in each village. Only their equipment is relatively poor, and as soon as more than three families live at the same time and the children want to play, they are certainly too small. An enlargement and modernization would therefore be an urgent need.

I could also imagine expanding this with a basketball hoop and a table tennis table, so that we can also offer something for the older children. Maybe we will also find places to make a cross-country course for the many mountain bikers.

Where do you think new youth clubs could be set up?

As already mentioned, I do not think we should always build everything from scratch. As far as I know, there are not enough funds in society for this.

But we can use the existing parish house, the already well-functioning youth club in Leppersdorf or the people’s home in Lomnitz. For this, of course, there should be clubs and supporters who, together with us, would develop and implement offers that are attractive to young people and popular with them.

In Seifersdorf one could certainly involve the parish more. The church can also be a good starting point for regular events and project afternoons.

What meeting places do you plan for older people?

The same is true here: We must not build anything new. Senior clubs already exist and are well received. However, senior citizens’ associations need support in the conduct of their meetings.

For example, a shuttle service in the form of “call-collective taxis” from the transport company will be possible. I could also help with offers on current topics that could be of importance to the seniors and establish appropriate contacts.

Following the motto: What interests you, what would you like to be informed about? Then we organize a similar offer.

Do you want to support the construction of a high school? What can you do about it?

That’s not entirely true. I would like to support a high school in Wachau. I doubt if it really needs to be rebuilt.

I know from many conversations that our current primary school was formerly a holistic school. And my idea would be that she will again. What worries me is that our kids generally have to commute to the surrounding towns to go to high school after fourth grade.

The concept of holistic school is currently becoming more and more established in many areas. And this would also be my idea for Wachau. If we find a sensible solution to the after – schools’ location of the primary school, we would certainly like to turn our primary school into a comprehensive school.

How would you support the construction of a new cycle path from Wachau to Feldschlösschen?

In three words: tireless, always and urgent. We really need this bike path. Many children from Feldschlösschen go to our school and daycare in Wachau. They either have to be driven by “parents’ taxis”, which are actually not wanted, or rely on the public bus, which unfortunately is not always so reliable.

In either case, this always leads to great anger. With a safe bike path, especially the older children would have the opportunity to get to school on their own. Incidentally, this applies not only to the connection between Wachau and Feldschlösschen, but in general to a secure network of cycle paths between and in all five villages in our community.

I can and will only be able to comment on the financing of all these projects when I myself can get an overview of the Community’s economy. Of course, I do not have the necessary insight at the moment, and I do not know what funds are available in our budget, what other sources have already been used, what funding opportunities have already been exhausted, or what investors and supporters have already been utilized. contacted.

Are you planning to build a new business premises?

I am very skeptical about the construction of commercial areas and the associated sealing of green areas. As far as I know, there will be no building permits from the state for such projects for the community in the near future.

However, there are some abandoned properties in the community that could be used to attract new businesses. So-called “corner shops”, for example, would be great, so you do not have to go to town for every little thing.

What would you like to say to the citizens of Wachau shortly before the election?

It would make me very proud to be your mayor. I add a high degree of empathy, motivation and commitment and would like to be your contact person in all aspects of society.

What I can promise you is that as a potential mayor, I see myself able to initiate the necessary processes and follow through until a solution is found.

In Wachau, in addition to the incumbent Veit Künzelmann, Anett Jahn (independent) is running for mayor. The polling stations will open on 12 June from
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