“Must score points with both drivers”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After six out of 22 races in the Formula 1 season 2022, Mick Schumacher is the only regular driver along with Nicholas Latifi who has not yet scored points in the World Championship. In Miami (collision with Sebastian Vettel) and Barcelona (relapse at the end of the race) he was close. But after 27 races, he is still waiting for the first point of his career.

Günther Steiner expects Mick Schumacher to score points soon


The Haas team has not publicly criticized Schumacher. But Günther Steiner makes no secret of the fact that “we have to score points everywhere and we have to score points with both drivers. There is hard work behind it, but at some point we have to succeed,” says the team manager.

Kevin Magnussen has scored points in three of the six weekends so far and is number ten in the drivers’ championship with 15 points. Steiner believes that it is possible that the first points result could also solve a knot for Schumacher: “It would give him confidence. It is difficult to say whether it will also affect his pure driving performance.”

Steiner: “At some point it will work”

“Last week could have been a good week,” Steiner says. “And before that, Miami was also a good weekend. But it’s never succeeded. Every time it goes well, something happens. We’re almost there. In the end, it’s probably going to go because the car is good enough. I’m sure. that he will do it can do. “

Steiner does not fear that Schumacher may become overconfident when he has scored points for the first time: “I’m more worried that he’s getting desperate and trying too hard, driving over the car. It could happen easier. But I think he will be very close. The most important thing now is to be patient. “

Barcelona: Wrong strategy costs better results

Schumacher finished 14th in Barcelona and eventually missed half a minute from tenth place (Yuki Tsunoda in AlphaTauri). Schumacher was still ahead of the Japanese on lap 57 of 66. But with his two-stop strategy and the oldest tires in the field (35 laps old Medium at the end), he was passed behind in the last ten laps.

“It became clear in the first stint that three stops are better. But we did not change our strategy,” says Schumacher. “But we can learn from that, we have to understand that. The team had several meetings about this, and I think we understand where the problem is. I’m sure we have better control of it now.”

Schumacher defends Mick in a points match: “Haas must come up with something”

Haas needs to come up with something for Sky expert Ralf Schumacher so Mick can finally score points in Monaco.

“We knew the hard tire was not working. The medium was okay, but not as good as two soft sets. The medium had a better reputation than it had in the end. It’s unfortunate, but if you stop one, two if you responds laps too late, it turns around pretty quickly. “

Schumacher does not lose his composure

“Sometimes it’s a matter of seconds. If you’re past the pit entrance, it’s cost you one round first. Then you discuss half a round again and the next round is gone. Two rounds and that’s four for us in our case positions cost, ”he calculates.

Schumacher does not share Steiner’s fears that he may risk too much under pressure and lose the necessary composure: “There are still many races ahead. It’s just a matter of using them properly,” he says coolly, but does so at the same time. clear: “” I want to score points. That’s what I’m here for. I want to be as high as possible in the World Cup. “

“The last two races have been very good. I felt we would have been able to score points. We did not manage that due to different circumstances. It is not like it puts me under a lot of pressure. Me “I’m just looking forward to driving the car,” Schumacher said in front of Monaco.

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