How FCK manager Thomas Hengen prepares the 2nd league – football

While the promotion is still being celebrated in Kaiserslautern, FCK boss Thomas Hengen has to make far-reaching decisions. It is important to put together a strong squad for the 2nd division.

“It’s not just relief, it’s pure joy,” FCK boss Thomas Hengen describes his feelings after being promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga in the SWR Sport podcast “Nur der FCK”.

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Hengen is impressed with what has happened in Kaiserslautern over the past few days: “You can see how important the club is to people.” The whole region longed for success.

The “sleeping giant” FCK has woken up

Striker Terrence Boyd said at the promotion party at Stiftsplatz that the “sleeping giant” FCK had woken up. Sports director Hengen sees it in the same way, but looks directly at the upcoming tasks: “Sleeping giant is right, but you should not sleep too much. Now there are completely different calibers. That is why we have to put our squad so competitive, that we can keep up with the 2nd division. “

Means: Team planning is in full swing. However, Hengen does not want to let anyone take a closer look at his map yet. It goes without saying that you need to improve a league higher at each position. And: “We need to have more speed on our game!”

FCK would like to keep the top players

Whether top players like goalkeeper Matheo Raab or top assist provider Philipp Hercher can be retained, Hengen does not want and can not reveal specifically: “We will be able to retain the best top players. We will see if we can retain everyone. But we also want a again and get a good squad. ” The negotiations are now entering their final phase. “You also have to wait until one or the other is sober again. It does not make sense to talk to him before that,” jokes Hengen. There has been no pressure to have the squad full at the start of the season. “The transfer window is open until the end of August.”

Thomas Hengen also seems to have kept an eye on the players who do not join the squads of the Bundesliga teams at the last minute. Therefore, one should not have the squad finished too early to be able to react as soon as such a player comes on the market.

FCK boss Hengen exchanges ideas with investor PMG

When looking for potential new players, according to Thomas Hengen, there is also an exchange with the new investors, Pacific Media Group (PMG). PMG has already installed so-called data teams at other clubs. They use certain data to scan the market and try to find players who have a particularly large potential but who are still under the radar of other clubs.

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Hengen emphasizes that his team has also been working with data for a long time and that data is only part of the criteria when it comes to transfers. Ultimately, the most important thing is that a player fits into the club. “If there is a good player, it does not matter what group or adviser he comes from. The crucial thing is that the character must fit into the team. It must be a player who is fully involved with the club and everything else. around it lives with us, «emphasizes Thomas Hengen.

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The emotional environment with the warm-blooded fans also plays an important role. “As great as it is when you’re successful, it can sometimes be overwhelming for a young player.”

FCK will not throw money around

As a result of the increase, FCK can look forward to more revenue in the box office, including significantly higher revenues from TV rights. But Hengen still wants to stay down to earth: “We are a promotion team, a 2nd division team. We are making the devil and throwing money around now. We are there to continue to manage resources seriously and financially.”

Apart from FCK having to play a league higher in the coming season, there is only one thing that is certain: Dirk Schuster should also be on the sidelines as a coach in the coming season: “Absolutely, he has a valid working paper. Also co-coaches.”

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