Hertha BSC – Kevin-Prince Boateng praises Fredi Bobic: “Something like Lionel Messi”

Midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng from Bundesliga club Hertha BSC has defended sporting director Fredi Bobic. “The fact that Eintracht have just won the Europa League is thanks to the foundation that Bobic laid six years ago. Bobic is something like Lionel Messi among sports managers. You have to give him time,” Boateng told the news magazine The mirror.

Bobic worked successfully at Eintracht Frankfurt from 2016 to 2021, including winning the DFB Cup with Boateng in 2018. Last summer he moved to Berlin, where Hertha recently held the class in the relegation against Hamburger SV.

“Hertha is being treated in the press like a top club, like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona,” Boateng said. “If it does not work after three months, people will ask you to be thrown out. That is not the case in Frankfurt.”

In addition, Boateng again pointed out that he was responsible for the line-up and tactics in the second match against HSV. “I gave the speech before the match. Magath was not there at all, the assistant coach sat down next to me, put the laser pointer in my hand and said: Talk to the team. I took it really seriously, with him pointer,” he explained.

For example, he said to striker Stevan Jovetic: “You press, you go after the goalkeeper, I have the six, you go out to the right, etc. An hour and a half later we drove to the stadium together and won. Because it was like a recognition for me. Now I can also become a coach. “

Boateng approached coach Magath before the second half

Boateng had previously approached Magath. “We in the team thought about what we could do in the second half. Then at one point I said: Let me talk to the coach. I know how we all think,” he said, explaining: “He came to me and asked me , how I see my role in the other leg. And I told him I could play until it was no longer possible. And I had an idea how we were going to play. He replied: Tell me. I explained to him then that I wanted which line-up I would like to play and said: “If we play like this, we will win and stay in the Bundesliga. I want to talk to the players. Trust me, Mr. Magath. “Then he replied, ‘Okay.’

Boateng had hardly played a role under Magath’s predecessor Tayfun Korkut. “If you are constantly criticized as a leading player and do not play, you get a problem with the support of the team. If you do not play and as I always speak out loud, people quickly say: Shut up! When Magath came, I asked myself, What do the boys expect from me now? That I would meet Magath? That I do not do certain things in training? But what did Prince Boateng do? I gave everything, as much as I could. my last chance, “he said.

Boateng tells anecdote: “And that’s how I strengthen Magath”

Standing up for Magath cost him an effort, as Boateng explained with an example: “I remember a training session where I actually said, ‘I’m not doing that shit. We had to jump and climb up two iron bars and then touch the ceiling. Like I used to in school. I thought for a moment: Okay, I trained with Ronaldinho, played with Lionel Messi, at the Camp Nou in front of 70,000 spectators. I’ve had two world championships. And now I had to climb here? Me, I had to to overcome my weaknesses, but then I did it. For I knew that when I climbed, the whole team climbed. And that’s how I strengthen Magath. “

Boateng mastered the said exercise “after two seconds”. His teammates then clapped. “The assistant coach was speechless, I was so fast. I said then for fun: Men, I’m used to it, we used to go up on the second floor to break in. After such training sessions, I sat in the car and had the band. But I “I did it. I led and the team followed me,” he explained.

Curious: Boateng stated that he had a premonition even before the announcement that Magath would become the new coach in Berlin. Three days before the announcement, he said to teammate Davie Selke: “You want to see they get Magath. I meant it like a gag. And then Davie calls me three days later at ten in the morning:” So you? You knew that, yes. ‘ Me: ‘What are you talking about? It’s ten o’clock in the morning, I just woke up. ‘ And he: ‘Magath is the coach.’ And I: ‘Go astray, do not lie!’ “

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