Gladbach: Borussia and Puma – is a hammer deal imminent?

The next top sponsor says Borussi-YES again! Following the main sponsor “Flatex”, the Bundesliga football club Borussia Mönchengladbach will retain another important partner.

The foals and outfitter “Puma” have prematurely extended their long-term partnership. This was announced by VfL on Friday (27 May 2022).

Gladbach and Puma: Is There a Strategic Partnership?

The sports equipment manufacturer from Herzogenaurach has been a supplier to Borussia Mönchengladbach since 2018.

Borussia’s CFO and CEO Stephan Schippers: “In 2018, there was already a lot of euphoria in the Borussia community that Puma would become our outfitter again. So we are all the more pleased that we were able to extend our cooperation with Puma ahead of time and in the long run. “

The 54-year-old adds. “Our club has had great success with Puma by their side. Puma and Borussia belong together.”

GladbachLIVE knows: The original agreement between the club and “Puma” ran until 2024. Plus the possibility of two more years. So far, Gladbach has raised up to eight million euros a year.

We learn further: The new agreement is designed for an actual “long-term” collaboration. Borussia refrains from specific inquiries from our editorial staff about important contract details, such as the exact term.

Could there be a strategic partnership in Borussia Park?

Those in charge in Borussia around President Rolf Königs (80) and CEO Stephan Schippers have long had idea papers in the drawers for how the financial basis for VfL could be expanded for the future.

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In view of the economic consequences of the corona crisis, Borussia needs to be more and more creative in the economic field so as not to lose touch with the upper regions of the Bundesliga.

In January 2022, ex-manager Max Eberl (48) said in this context to a targeted GladbachLIVE request: “You always have to think about it. Even if you see competitors in the Bundesliga who also choose creative constructions to get young players into their club for a lot of money, then as a club you have to make a strategic decision about what and how you want it. ”

Eberl also said in January: “(…) We, including the club, will have to think about how to proceed in the competitive situation. If you decide to stay as it is at the moment, then it can just “The European Cup is no longer a goal for us. But then it’s just a matter of playing a role in the Bundesliga.”

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With the new “Puma” contract, there is also an update to Borussia’s strategy – and what could this look like?

Record champions Bayern Munich could be a role model. Keywords “strategic partnership”.

The Bavarians have sponsors like “Adidas”, “Audi” or “Allianz” as such partners.

What does a “partnership” look like?

Example: During a capital increase, Allianz SE acquired an 8.33 percent stake in FC Bayern München AG in February 2014. FC Bayern München AG received EUR 110 million for the acquired shares.

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FC Bayern München eV is the main shareholder in FC Bayern München AG. The parent association owns 75 percent of the shares. The remaining shares (8.33 percent each) are owned by the long-term partners “Adidas”, “Audi” and “Allianz”.

For similar models as Bayern, however, Borussia would first have to reposition itself as a club.

A topic that Stephan Schippers already talked in detail about in an interview with “” in June 2019.

Schippers said at the time that Borussia was explicitly committed to the 50-plus-one model. “Within this framework, a lot is possible today. From our point of view, Bayern Munich has chosen a very intelligent way with company law, strategic substantiation of long-term sponsorships. This could definitely become something interesting in the future. (…) Borussia will always remain in control of their own house. “

Schippers told “” in 2019: “If we wanted to sell shares, then according to the articles of association we have to go through the general meeting. We would not back down either, if we were convinced of that.”

Monday (May 30) at 6 pm there will be a general meeting in Borussia Park.

Will Königs, Schippers and Co then explain further details about the new agreement with the sportswear giant “Puma”?

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“Puma” was one of the most important partners right from the start of Gladbach’s rise. From the 1966/67 season, the sports equipment manufacturer was initially Borussia’s shoe outfit.

In the successful 1970s, Puma also provided jerseys and training equipment to the Foal team.

The Herzogenaurach-based company sold football shoe models bearing the names of big Gladbach stars, such as “Netzer-Star”, “Berti Vogts Rasant”, “Heynckes-Topstar” or “Bonhof-Finale”.

The name Puma appeared for the first time on the jersey that Borussia competed with in the final of the European Cup against Liverpool (1: 3) in Rome in 1977. Thereafter, the predatory cat was represented on every jersey on the team from the Lower Rhine until 1992, before it disappeared in for years.

In 2018, “Puma” returned to Mönchengladbach as a supplier.

The motto at the time: “Glad to be Back”.

Now contract extension.

Since 2018, Puma has been a supplier to the Bundesliga football club Borussia Mönchengladbach. This image is from April 3, 2017.

“Puma and Borussia Mönchengladbach have a long, successful history, which we have continued since 2018,” says Björn Gulden, Puma CEO. “We look forward to supporting the club as a partner in the years to come, to experience great football moments and deliver products that inspire fans.”

“Puma SE”, based in Herzogenaurach, is one of the largest suppliers of sports equipment in the world along with “Nike” and “Adidas” and generates billions in sales.

“Puma SE” holds a five percent stake in “Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA”, Puma has been a supplier to BVB since 2012.

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