FIFA’s Football for Schools program is coming to the Caribbean

  • Guyana is the first Caribbean nation to implement the program

  • “Football for schools” puts football at the center of social development

  • FIFA Legends at educational workshop in Providence

Guyana is the first FIFA member association in the Caribbean to implement a “Football for Schools” program. Three FIFA legends attended the kick-off event in Providence.

An agreement was also signed during the event between the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), the Government of Guyana and the FIFA Foundation on the important role of school football in the education and social development of children.

Former Colombian international goalkeeper and triple World Cup contestant Faryd Mondragón, Rosana dos Santos Augusto, who has represented Brazil at four FIFA Women’s World Cups and four Women’s Olympic football tournaments, and former Jamaica international and current U-20 assistant coach Tashana Vincent attended attended the workshop and talked to the kids about the lessons football can teach them.

“Football taught me a lot, like being disciplined and persistent,” said Rosana, who has won 112 internationals for Brazil and two silver medals at the Olympics.

“Football gave me the belief that I could break down barriers, because in my time women could not play football. Despite that situation, I have achieved a lot thanks to football, and I am always grateful for that.”

Sport is the best social tool in the world

FIFA Legend, Faryd Mondragon

FIFA’s Football for Schools project encourages young people to take part in school football through structured training sessions accessible via a mobile app. It uses football matches to convey educational messages and encourage young people to take responsibility for their decisions in a safe and supportive environment.

“Sport is the best social tool in the world,” Mondragón said. “Through football, we can have a positive impact on many boys, girls and communities by giving them education, values ​​and inspiring examples. These can serve as a mirror for the children and give them the opportunity to dream and see themselves as one in the future. . to see from us. “

“I’ve learned a lot of things through football in my life. I’ve been on different pitches, in different countries and in different situations. The better you are as a person, the more you can be a star player.”

The global “Football for Schools” project puts football at the heart of social development and focuses on improving children’s football skills as well as their development into young adults.

“This project aims to teach children, the citizens of tomorrow, important life skills. We learn these life skills through football,” says Football for Schools project manager Alexandre Gros.

“The more kids who play football in school, the more players will be available for the football teams, the bigger pool that national team players can be selected from, and the better Guyana’s national team will be.”

Guyana’s men are currently ranked 174th in the FIFA / Coca-Cola world rankings and 90th in the women’s rankings, and there is high hope that the sport can make progress. However, the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) knows that football is about more than just performing on the pitch.

“From my point of view, football in Guyana and the Caribbean has changed the lives of many people,” said CFU Secretary-General Camara David. “In the coming years, we will see what a huge impact this program really has. Not only will it affect the quality of football in Guyana, but it is also about developing good citizens for Guyana and the Caribbean. The effect is therefore immense, and the value of such a program to society is enormous. ”

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