Why Gladbach HTC believes in staying up in the 2nd Bundesliga

Despite the red light in the 2. Bundesliga
Why the GHTC continues to believe in staying up

No points after three games. The start of the season in the 2. Bundesliga was unsuccessful for the women of the Gladbacher HTC. Nevertheless, the club is convinced to stay up in the league before the upcoming away trip to Bielefeld and Hamburg.

Three defeats from three matches, no points, bottom of the table. In light of this balance, the tennis ladies of Gladbacher HTC are quick to talk about a hitherto disastrous premiere season in the 2nd Bundesliga. The club, however, has a different view of the start of the season, which does not focus so much on the current table situation, but rather on the previous appearances and the game plan. Coach Steffen Klasen therefore says: “Our situation is quite good, we can go into the upcoming matches with confidence.” It sounds twisted, but it certainly has its arguments.

So far, Gladbacher HTC has played and lost against TC SCC Berlin (2: 7), DTV Hannover (4: 5) and Club an der Alster from Hamburg (2: 7) – all three opponents were considered top teams before the season of the league and are right now in the first three places. The class had therefore already before the start of the season feared that the start might not be a success. “We knew it could happen,” he says. Nevertheless, he took some positive things from the matches in terms of performance: “We saw that we were close against Hannover and against the Alster club in relation to the result. We only needed two points for the victory against Hannover.” GHTC lost the decisive double game in the tie-break of the match against Hannover with a score of 4: 4 with 9:11. “So we can keep up,” says Klasen.

In the end, though, the table always counts in league operations. And it does not look good for Gladbach at the moment. It takes an urgent sense of accomplishment to stay up in the league. Especially since the opponents – according to Klasen – are on equal footing. For just as the previous three opponents of the GHTC have broken out at the top of the table, there are three teams at the bottom of the table who are still without points. In addition to GHTC there are Aachen and THC von Horn and Hamm from Hamburg. However, both have only played two matches.

Relegation is therefore still realistic for Gladbach – or as Klasen puts it. “We have it in our own hands.” For Gladbach still plays against all three teams, which probably make up the two relegations of the seven teams in the league. The upcoming away trip is now of great importance. On Wednesday, the GHTC entourage traveled to Bielefeld TCC, which has so far won one match. After the match on Thursday, we continue to Hamburg in the evening. In the Hanseatic city, after a day’s break, there is a showdown against THC from Horn and Hamm, who again meet the Aachen women on Thursday, who are also still meaningless.

There is some pressure to succeed, Klasen admits, because Gladbach can no longer afford further defeats. “It plays a role in my mind and in team manager Alexander Daun, but less for the girls. On the other hand, Bielefeld is also under pressure,” says Klasen. However, he does not yet know how the opponents from Bielefeld and Hamburg will be set up in terms of staff. GHTC travels with Darya Astakhova, Julie Belgraver, Jasmijn Gimbrere and Mariana Drazic, who are there for the first time, in the first four positions to the next two opponents, Renee van Bommel from the Netherlands has also said yes to this, Soraya and Sheila Moradian as well as Leah Luboldt is there too, seats five and six will be rotated accordingly.

Overall, Klasen is optimistic that the season is now taking a positive turn. At best, from the GHTC’s point of view, with at least one or even two victories. One thing is for sure: After the weekend, a look at the table should be more meaningful – for all teams in the table basement.

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