Überlingen: Vehicles outside, fitness equipment in: when the fire station turns into a gym

It’s Thursday night. More than ten members of the voluntary fire brigade in Überlingen meet at the equipment house. Everyone wears sportswear and there is a relaxed atmosphere. No wonder, because it’s not for an operation, but for the weekly meeting of the fire brigade’s sports group. The members play sports together to stay in shape for the tasks.

The leader of the sports group, Thomas Schindele, during CrossFit training at the fire station.

The leader of the sports group, Thomas Schindele, during CrossFit training at the fire station. | Photo: Jäckle, Reiner

In 2018, Thomas Schindele’s idea was well received by the fire service

Thomas Schindele is one of them. In 2018, he got the idea to start such a sports group in Überlingen. “Such groups are widespread among professional fire brigades and especially in northern Germany,” says the man from Überlinger. “Since one or the other has repeatedly reached its physical limits during surgeries, I thought to myself that it would also be a good idea for us.” The proposal fell into good soil with his comrades. The training opportunity was very well received from the start. More than 20 members of the voluntary fire brigade in Überlingen are now training with Thomas Schindele.

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After the warm-up race in the Crossfit track

On this day, the first thing to do is to run along the lake. “In fact, we always do it to really warm up,” said the 34-year-old, who was a professional European kickboxing champion. After about half an hour, the whole group returns. Some are already sweating profusely. But the training is not over yet. Now, three vehicles are being driven out of the tool shed and the parking lots for the fire trucks are now being used as a gym: a crossfit track is being set up to continue. Again and again there are training units in complete fire service.

Sweating in front of the fire trucks: Alexander Lohr (front) and Oliver Waibel (rear) come to training regularly.

Sweating in front of the fire trucks: Alexander Lohr (front) and Oliver Waibel (rear) come to training regularly. | Photo: Jäckle, Reiner

Training for use on fires in the foreground

“Of course, there is a focus on training for daily use in the event of a fire,” emphasizes Thomas Schindele. “That’s why we keep doing exercises that make us suitable for these missions.” Some of the training group also get motivation boost by participating in various competitions. Recently, nine firefighters took part in a charity march in Sömmerda, Thuringia, to help the families of the six comrades who died in the flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Nine firefighters from Überlingen participated in the 30-kilometer-long gathering in Sömma, Thuringia, and then presented themselves ...

Nine firefighters from Überlingen took part in the 30-kilometer fundraiser in Sömmerda, Thuringia, and then posed for a group photo in front of the local fire station: Tim Bühler, Manuel Märte, Maria Schmid, Lukas Choinowski, Alexander Lohr, Melissa Meloncelli, Kai Kreuzer, Markus Gorber and Thomas Schindele. | Photo: Voluntary fire brigade Überlingen

Charity race in Thuringia in fire protection clothing

“It was really fantastic,” says the sports group leader. “When I called there and said we would come from Lake Constance, the organizers of the local fire department were completely surprised.” Thomas Schindele had read about the campaign on social networks and immediately had comrades-in-arms who wanted to leave. along. “The comrades on the spot organized accommodation for us, and we walked the 30 kilometers in fire-fighting equipment.” In the end, 6,000 euros were collected for the affected families.

In competitions, the group competes in their own jerseys

“These are campaigns that make the training worthwhile,” says the man from Überling. “But some of us also regularly participate in regional races or special firefighting competitions.” The sports group had their own jerseys made for these campaigns. The focus of the training, however, is on the missions. “Of course, competitions bring a lot with them, especially for camaraderie,” Thomas Schindele emphasizes.

Members of surrounding military forces would like to participate

“It’s now a really good group, and there are always inquiries from friends from the surrounding fire departments who would like to join.” For the ambitious participants in the sports group, the next highlight is Reschenseelauf with godfather’s fire department in St. Valentin in South Tyrol next year.

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