Sainz “clearly not at Leclerc’s level”

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Sainz “clearly not at Leclerc’s level”

At least that is what Jacques Villeneuve thinks. In his column for ‘’, the 1997 world champion writes about the situation at Ferrari: “Sainz is making too many mistakes at the moment. He is clearly not at Leclerc’s level.”

In order to keep up with Leclerc, Sainz has to drive at the border all the time. “It should not happen in a car that can win races and the championship,” said Villeneuve, committing the Spaniard.

Sainz has always made at least one big mistake in the last four races. In Melbourne he retired after a crash, in Imola he crashed in qualifying and in Miami in practice.

Most recently in Barcelona, ​​he spun again in the race and thus missed the podium. Therefore, he is already 45 points behind his teammate in the World Cup. That equates to almost two victories.


Should Monaco be rebuilt?

In general, the question arises whether the track in Monaco in its current form is still suitable for today’s Formula 1. The Grand Prix did not have to pay anything for years and was still considered set. It will be different in 2022. We explain why.

Expert Marc Surer explains in this video why Christian Horner is right in saying that if Monaco were a new Grand Prix, it would not have a shred of a chance to be included on the calendar.

Here in the ticker, we take a short break and then return to you at noon, before the first media rounds, as already announced, have to wait in the afternoon. So we’re here for you tonight!

Marc Surer: Monaco must be rebuilt!

Monaco did not have to pay anything for years and was still considered to be in Formula 1. It will be different in 2022. We explain why. More Formula 1 videos


Speaking of …

Speaking of annoying things in Monaco: the pool harassment in its current form is definitely one of them for us! More about this in our photo gallery:

Photo gallery: The 10 most horrible corners of the Formula 1 calendar


track boundaries

It sounds strange, but track boundaries will be monitored again this year in Monaco. Namely in turn 10/11, ie in the harassment after the tunnel. It appears from the “Event Notes” for the race.

As usual, lap times will be canceled if they are shortened here. During the race there is also a penalty from the third offense. I’ll probably never get used to tracking borders in Monaco …


# AskMST

We were asked whether Thursday in Monaco will now be permanently eliminated or only this year. That’s how it should be. The background is, among other things, that the team and co win a day off before the Grand Prix.

As a reminder: For this reason, the official media Thursday was canceled and the weekend was generally punished. Liberty Media’s plan: “Shorter” weekends and more races a year.

Incidentally, the new Monaco format is not so well received by the drivers …


Today ten years ago …

… Michael Schumacher got the last pole of his Formula 1 career – and was not allowed to keep it. Because he had received a grid penalty in the previous race, his best time in qualifying for the Monaco GP 2012 ended up being sixth on the field.

Nevertheless, his turn was remembered by many fans at the time. For many, it was even the highlight of Schumacher’s three (mostly difficult) comeback years at Mercedes. Here is the round again in the video:


Robson: Albon has ‘a very bright future’

Alexander Albon has big shoes to fill at Williams this year. After three years, he replaced George Russell there. According to Dave Robson, the former Red Bull driver does not have to hide from the Mercedes star shot.

“I’m not sure it’s necessarily fair or helpful to make comparisons,” said Robson, who explained that both drivers are “different.” But: The results at Albon are very similar to those at Russell in previous years.

“He has a lot of talent,” Robson said, adding that Albon always makes sure, “that we get the most out of every area every Sunday.” His conclusion therefore: “He has a very great future ahead of him.”

Let’s see if Albon ever gets another chance on a top team.

8:33 p.m.

Time schedule

We have just talked about the fact that Monaco is now also following the normal European timetable. Our next three days look like this:

10:30: Driver PK
14:00: FT1
17:00: FT2

10:30: Team leader PK
13:00: FT3
16:00: Qualification

15.00: Race

By the way: The Steller series is already running today! Formula 2 and Co. continues to run on the track in Monaco on Thursday.

Here is a quick overview of the PK participants on Friday and Saturday:

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