Leclerc expects ‘surprises’ in Monaco


Leclerc: There will be surprises!

The Ferrari driver sees his racing team well positioned for the race in the Principality. You have a good package. “I do not know if we are favorites here,” he says, dampening expectations a bit.

He also announces that there will be “surprises”. He draws a comparison with 2021, when Ferrari did not actually have a winning car. Nevertheless, he put the car on pole at the time.

He can well imagine that something similar could happen this year. “But I’m pretty sure we’ll be there in the battle for the win,” Leclerc said.

The question is just who should be there …


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Leclerc: Stable management at Ferrari too?

Red Bull gave a stable direction in Barcelona. Would such a thing be conceivable at Ferrari at such an early stage of the season? “I have not been with Mattia [Binotto] talked about it and have not heard anything yet, ”Leclerc said when asked.

But he still would not trust such things. “I just want to get the job done in the car,” he explains. His goal is to win the races without having to rely on instructions from the pit wall.

And this year, you have already proven that you are strong enough for it.


Steiner: We want to be there

Yesterday we reported in the ticker that Christian Horner prophesied that only three teams could start at the last race of the season because all other races run out of money due to the budget limit.

Günther Steiner takes note of this statement with a smile. If you now realize that money is tight, then just save. At least he rejects an increase in the budget ceiling.

“We would be happy and Ferrari would also be happy if they did not get to the last four races,” he says in the direction of Red Bull. You just have to distribute the money better if you feel that it is tight.


tires for the next races

Pirelli has announced the tire compositions for the next three races. The three softest compounds will be used in Monaco this weekend. This will be the case again at the following races in Baku and Canada.

After that in Silverstone, on the other hand, the harder mixtures C1 to C3 are available. Here is the overview:


Leclerc: Rain? Why not!

It currently looks like it could rain in Monaco on Sunday. Leclerc would have no problem with that. “Why not,” he replies when asked if he would like some rain in the race.

In Imola, Ferrari has already shown that they are “very competitive” even in rainy weather. This has not always been the case in recent years, but in 2022 Ferrari is also well placed in the wet.

You can also find our complete weather forecast for the weekend here!


Leclerc: Monaco must stay!

We have already talked about the fact that some observers consider Monaco to be obsolete. Not surprisingly, the monegasque is committed to keeping his home run on the calendar in the future.

“I think it would be bad for both parties,” he says of a possible cancellation of the Monaco GP. Monaco simply belongs to Formula 1 – and vice versa. A Formula 1 without Monaco is not Formula 1.

Circuits such as Silverstone and Monza also belonged to the best class and should not be left out, Leclerc clarifies.


In line with this topic …

… this series of pictures comes to mind! There are also some special Monaco paint finishes. We especially remember the year 2004, when a diamond from the Jaguar was suddenly missing …

Photo gallery: Red Bull shines in white for Honda: special paint in Formula 1


Mickey Mouse Ferrari

No, it’s not meant to be an insult in this case! Rather, we reported yesterday in the ticker that Leclerc and Sainz got a small supporting role in the new Disney movie “Lightyear.”

It has now been announced that the collaboration will also extend to the Monaco weekend. This is how Ferrari will announce the new film on the car and the drivers’ racing suits.

It does not come as a complete surprise. Because big movie studios like to use the Monaco GP as an advertising space.


Final point for Schumacher?

Haas team manager Günther Steiner also got this question today. He explains that “90 percent” of the points in Monaco will already be awarded in the qualification on Saturday. “We were fast in Barcelona,” he recalls.

Both drivers entered Q3. According to him, it would be more than half of the match in Monaco. So far, something has always happened with Schumacher when it looked like points.

“It will happen at some point because the car is good enough. I think he can do it,” Steiner said. Maybe already in Monaco …


Krack: “Thrown out of balance” in Spain

Aston Martin is hardly there when it comes to victory on Sunday. In Barcelona, ​​both pilots retired in the first quarter. Team manager Mike Krack explains, “It was hotter than expected. It brought us out of balance.”

“The center field is so close to each other from P7 to P15. If you make a small mistake or have a small problem, you are gone immediately. If everything goes smoothly, you move into Q3, get used to the car, and so the world will see it completely differently, “says Krack.

“We had two or three minor problems with the car – and as a result a little more oversteer than predicted. It took us wrong,” he admits. So it may be that things are going a little better in Monaco.

But at the moment, points would already be a small success for Aston Martin.


Leclerc still as a lone fighter?

While Perez has been able to support Verstappen again and again this year, Sainz is having a hard time keeping up with the pace at the top. Does Leclerc worry he will be a lone fighter against two Red Bulls most of the time?

“It does not worry me because I know Carlos will be back very soon,” the monegasque said in a relaxed manner, explaining that his teammate just had “a little more” trouble with the new car.

F1-75 fits a little better with his own driving style. However, he assumes that Sainz will also be involved in the front again “very, very soon”.


Leclerc: “Monaco curse” does not matter

Here in the ticker we already talked about the “Monaco curse” yesterday. “I do not think about it,” says Leclerc himself, explaining that so far he has not had much luck in his home race.

But he will not change his approach because of this. So far, the season has been “successful”. As a reminder, Leclerc has never scored points in Monaco in his Formula 1 career.

Incidentally, he does not feel any extra “pressure” this year. He’s just happy to have a “competition car” at his home lap this season.


Magnussen: Haas has even more “potential”

Although Haas has not put new parts on the car in Spain, Magnussen believes that there is still plenty of time in the VF-22 even without an update. “I think there is still a lot of potential in this car,” said the Dane.

Like all other teams, Haas is about getting as much performance as possible without jumping again. According to Magnussen, it is currently the biggest point for all teams.

You need to “find the border” and get the car into the right window. And he sees even “more potential” with Haas.


Special racing suits

Most recently, the focus was primarily on special helmet designs. For Monaco, Alpine has thought of something else and sends Alonso and Ocon into the weekend with special racing suits. Do they give luck?

The predecessor team Renault has already won twice in Monaco: In 2004 Jarno Trulli won for the French, in 2006 Alonso. A year later, the Spaniard won again for McLaren in the Principality.


Magnussen: Should have left more space

The Dane also commented on his accident with the record champion in Barcelona. After looking at the pictures again, he clearly takes responsibility for Hamilton.

“On the pitch, I had the feeling that he opened the steering wheel. But it did not happen,” admits Magnussen. He looked at the TV pictures that Hamilton was simply understeering.

In the end, the contact was “unfortunate”. “I did not give him room for error,” the Haas pilot admits, adding, “I wish I had given in a millisecond later.”

“It was an accident. I wish I had given him a little more space,” said Magnussen.


Monaco now even tighter …

No, the track has not been changed. But Kevin Magnussen reminds us that the cars have become even wider this year. “It will feel like the track has been narrowed,” he explains.

“Signability is also worse. I did not even see many of the peaks this year,” he reveals, explaining that Monaco is therefore an even bigger challenge this year.

At the same time, however, he also emphasizes that Monaco is the funniest of all the routes on the calendar despite – or rather because of. “This is the place where you feel the speed the most,” said the Dane.

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