DJK Eggolsheim defeated BBC Coburg II 74:68

Dressed in the last quarter

Eggolsheimer basket hunters defeat Coburg with the support of the crowd

The rhythm also returns to the indoor sport under the roof of the Eggerbachhalle. The loud fans and especially the drummers caused the final home game DJK to Eggolsheim was able to turn the hole and win another Bayern league with 74:68.

In brilliant form: junior player Nico Winkler on rebound. Text + photo: Erwin Roppelt

The DJK team was slowed down by the pandemic measures until mid-March, only then could they celebrate a very successful second half of the season with seven wins. In the past, one often had to worry about staying up to the end, but with this strong second half of the season and another win against BBC Coburg II DJK can play two days before the end of the round Stay in the Bayern League keep planning. When tenth you have left two teams a good distance behind and can even overtake Würzburg if you win in the last match in Aschaffenburg.

Coach Carsten Richter, who has been back on the sidelines since mid-February after the break, is largely satisfied. With eight wins and twelve defeats so far, they are in goal. Potentially, DJK could have beaten other teams. You saw that in the matches against Breitengüßbach or against third place Oberdürrbach.

Coach Carsten Richter only had to cope with the final minutes, when the team converted an 8-point deficit into a 74:68 victory with the help of the drummers. The hall is simply a factor in Eggolsheim, according to the coach. Since fans and drummers have been back after Corona, such tight games are still being filmed at the end.

However, the hosts’ disastrous rate of three and penalty throws had to be criticized that night. While in the previous match the two lines had been hit like a dream, the curve in the last home game seemed nailed down. The opponent came quickly ahead 10: 3, but the switch to full-field pressure caused major problems for the BBC. The DJK was able to take the ball from the opponent five times in a row and quickly led again with 15:10. Especially the home grown ones Nico Winkler took center stage under the curve and shared responsibility for the lead.

The second division reserve from Coburg did not want to admit defeat. Especially with eight goals beyond the 6.25 meter line, they always brought themselves back into the fight. The guest led 23:19 after the first quarter, and one of the rare Eggolsheim threes by Meinhardt gave DJK a good start in the second quarter.

But Eggolsheim had to accept the 30:30 equalizer before the captain Julian Roppelt with a strong urge for the basket at 34:30 the DJK shot in front. Until the break, however, the DJK’s bad throw was again 38:38 on the scoreboard at the break. One could hardly remember when Eggolsheim had such a quota for three-pointers and penalty throws. Not all throws were bad, but they just did not want to enter.

Coburg came out of the locker room more attentively, and only a monster block from Timm Ertl shook the DJK awake again. They were 42:50 behind, and coach Richter sent his five players in top form on the field. Now you could feel the will. The incredibly loud noise from DJK fans gave the hosts wings and Eggolsheim closed at 51:52 before the last quarter.

The second division reserve in Coburg could withdraw from five points again, but then the excellent home-grown Nico Winkler emerged again. He got an offensive rebound, lowered it into the basket and with an error the accompanying free kick. Shortly after, the game was rotated. Eggolsheim extended the lead, and the festivities knew no bounds.

Eggolsheim: Winkler 20, Ertl 18, Roppelt J. 15, Meinhardt 10, Amon 5, Pfister 3, Stollberger 3, Drewniok, Fritsche, Roppelt A, Schuler and Zandona.

Respectfully beaten against Kulmbach

Strongly weakened by replacements, the DJK then had to do the same on Saturday night ATS Kulmbach stand in line Except Alexander Roppelt the whole great guard of DJK was missing. Without captain J. Roppelt, Amon, Schuler, Stollberger and Winkler, they lost the penultimate match in Kulmbach by 79:69.

The host from Kulmbach could compete with the whole team, but the decimated DJK suit did really well and surprised the opponent with their strong fighting spirit. Eggolsheim even led after the first quarter with 23:21, and the match was still completely open at the break.

Of course, the hosts had the advantage against a center on the DJK side under the basket, but one who played strongly Timm Ertl with a total of 33 points, the DJK remained in the game. As the match progressed, DJK, who only had eight players, lost their strength and Kulmbach was able to win 79:69. One can not blame the decimated DJK team that night. Well played and honorably pulled out of the affair.

With a complete squad, you could definitely have won in Kulmbach. Now you have to compete again in Aschaffenburg with a weakened replacement and then the planning of the new Bavarian league season starts again.

Eggolsheim: Ertl 33, Drewniok 16, Roppelt 7, Fritsche 6, Pfister 5, Monius 2, Anderson and Meinhardt.

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