Colin Kaepernick at the Raiders: What’s Behind It?

Munich – 1971 days have passed since Colin Kaepernick played his last game in the NFL. He never lost his goal of being active on the field again. Now he seems to be closer to a comeback than ever before.

According to information from “ESPN”, the 34-year-old completed team training with the Las Vegas Raiders on Wednesday. This is the first time the playmaker has returned to train with an NFL team as a player without a contract. Most recently, quarterback Seattle visited the Seahawks in May 2017, but they did not decide on a commitment.

Does he really have a realistic chance of getting back in the game with the Las Vegas Raiders?

The franchise has no real need. Derek Carr has had an impressive season with 4,804 passing yards and has signed a mega three-year contract for $ 121.5 million. He is therefore committed until the 2025 season.

In Nick Mullens and Jarrett Stidham, there are also two backups who have already played several games in the NFL. There are also unfinished new signature Chase Garbers from the California Golden Bears.

But why did the Raiders invite Kaepernick to train if they did not need a new quarterback at all?

Kaepernick at Raiders: QB knows OC Lombardi from 49ers times

One reason for this could be the personal connection between Kaepernick and Mick Lombardi, the Raiders offensive coordinator. He underwent several coaching positions with the San Francisco 49ers from 2013 to 2016, including as an offensive assistant and offensive quality control coach, and thus worked closely with Kaepernick.

It is very possible that he campaigned for his former companion.

In addition, the Raiders desperately need good publicity after last season’s scandals. Ex-coach Jon Gruden’s racism scandal and the Henry Ruggs accident drama put the franchise in a bad light.

Giving a chance to a player who is disgraced for his anti-racism protests is good for this team’s public image.

The Davis owner family often gave minorities a chance

In addition, for many years, giving minorities or those who have been discriminated against a chance has been part of the self-image of the Davis family.

Al Davis, the father of current owner Mark Davis, who died in 2011, hired Art Shell, the NFL’s first black head coach, and Amy Trask, the first female CEO. Davis was also the first team owner to draft a black quarterback in the first round at Eldridge Dickey and installed a Latin American head coach at Tom Flores.

Carl Nassib, who was the first active NFL player to admit his homosexuality, was also under contract with the Raiders at the time.

Nevertheless, the question remains: is Raider’s training just a PR campaign or a real option?

If Kaepernick really is a challenger to the Raiders, the best thing he can do is compete for the backup role. Carr is irreplaceable after showing strong leadership in a difficult season.

But is it worth installing a media player like “Kap” as a backup?

Kaepernick could flush a lot of money in the coffers

The quarterback himself rejects the prejudice that he can cause too many distractions. “In the 2016 season, my final year, my teammates named me the bravest and most inspiring player,” Kaepernick said on the “I Am Athlete” podcast in April.

And further: “So when you talk about the people who are in the building, it never came to the point that I was a distraction. It was never a problem that I was a problem for the people I played with.”

According to Kaepernick, there should still be no difference in content between him and the NFL: “You have ‘End Racism’ at the back of your end zone. They (the players) have ‘Black Lives Matter’ on their helmets. Everything I said should be in line with what they are saying publicly now. “

In addition, according to Kaepernick, he wanted to be not only a sporting but also a financial gain: “It’s a $ 16 billion deal. When I first fell to my knees, my jersey went to number 1. When I got the deal with Nike, their value increased by $ 6 billion. “

So if a team chooses Kaepernick, there could be financial reasons as well. Whether the Raiders seize the opportunity or another NFL team is another matter.

Oliver Jensen

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