BMW duo in front in first qualification


WTCR: First best time for defending champion Ehrlacher

The first free training session in the WTCR is over, and reigning champion Yann Ehrlacher (Lynk & Co) is securing the best time. With a time of 8: 54.143 minutes, the Frenchman is 0.099 seconds faster than his fire colleague Santiago Urrutia. Third is Mikel Azcona (Hyundai).

The training for Honda driver Esteban Guerrieri from the German Münnich team ended prematurely. After a spin at Adenauer Forst, the Argentine hit the crash barrier and had to be towed away.


The race is already very well attended

Our colleague Heiko Stritzke has just had a look around the Nordschleife. Subjective impression: Significantly more is already happening than in the years before the pandemic. The atmosphere is positive and relaxed, and yet there is no shortage of space around the Nordschleife. A visit is also worth it for last minute visitors.

14:00 clock

Next: WTCR and 24h Classic

Participants in the 24-hour race now have a longer break after the short first qualification, none of which can be read sportingly. The second qualification starts at 20.30. Until then, the WTCR World Touring Car Cup and 24h Classic are on the field.


Top 5 in the first qualification

1. Rowe-BMW # 98 (Catsburg / Edwards / S. Van der Linde / Wittmann) – 8: 14.771 minutes
Walkenhorst BMW # 101 (Krognes / Soucek / Trogen / J. Müller) +1,165 seconds
3. HRT Mercedes # 12 (Marciello / Ellis / Stolz) +3,828 seconds
4. Toksport WRT Porsche # 27 (Andlauer / Campbell / Jaminet) +4,494 seconds
5. GetSpeed ​​Mercedes # 4 (Angel / Gounon / Juncadella) +4,529 seconds


The qualification ended prematurely

19 minutes before the scheduled end, the first qualifier is waved off ahead of time. The reason for this: repair work must be carried out at the track boundary and the organizers want to avoid delays in the schedule.


BMW double wire

Times are getting faster and now two BMW M4 GT3s are ahead. Nick Catsburg improves the time for Rowes # 98 to 8: 14,771 minutes. The second is now Walkenhorst BMW # 101 (Krognes / Soucek / Trogen / J. Müller).


No hunting for times in SP9

As already mentioned, for the top teams, it is not about setting fast times. “At the moment it’s just a matter of getting used to the track and the car. We use the qualifying sessions to prepare the BMW for the top qualification,” says Marco Wittmann.

Landgraf-Mercedes # 55 (Assenheimer / Trefz / Baumann / Apotheloz) is still the order of the day: “The course has changed a bit since the qualifying race. Now it’s a matter of adapting to it. We will not do that either. Many laps to protect “It’s great that the fans are back,” said Dominik Baumann.


Accidents during towing

Curious: When the Walkenhorst BMW # 102 was towed away, the vehicle from the DMSB squadron was slightly damaged in front. It’s the sports director anything but entertained over. Meanwhile, it has also been explained why Jörg Müller spun: he collided with # 116 KTM.


Stage again AMG-Arena

Now Walkenhorst-BMW # 102 (J. Müller / M. von Bohlen / Tuck / Schmidt-Staade) stands at the entrance to the AMG-Arena and must be towed away by the track safety.

1:14 p.m.

The Schubert BMW is driving

Schubert’s # 20 is on its way. Team manager Thorsten Schubert explains what was going on: “We have discovered a leak in the tank area. We must check this carefully, and if everything works, we will go out again.”


No fast times yet

A good half hour has passed in the first qualifying session. The best time so far has been driven by Rowe-BMW # 98 (Catsburg / Edwards / S. Van der Linde / Wittmann). With 8: 17.540 minutes, you’re not really fast.


The first controlled

After less than half an hour, the first scrap is already there. The Thai Toyota Corolla # 120 is hit by CP-Mercedes # 21 (Putman / Espenlaub / Foster / Lewis) at the beginning of the AMG-Arena and loses parts of the driver’s door on the right side. The Mercedes is also damaged and slowly rolls back to the pit. It was clearly Joe Foster’s fault


Qualification only counts for the “small” classes

The three qualifying sessions are only real qualification for those participants who do not participate in the qualification. It’s all that do not run in the SP9 and SP-X classes. For them, the starting grid is formed based on the overall result of the qualifying sessions on Thursday and Friday. However, the qualifying sessions for SP9 and SP-X are not irrelevant because each rider must complete at least two mandatory laps in the three sessions, one of them this evening in the dark.

12:41 kl

Problems with Schubert

Last weekend, Schubert Motorsport celebrated a perfect weekend with four victories in the DTM and ADAC GT Masters. However, the start of this year’s 24-hour race is not going according to plan. # 20 (Krohn / Sims / Klingmann / Krütten) is still in the pit, the mechanics are working feverishly on the car.

12:31 p.m.

Green flag!

The first qualification is running. Participants have 90 minutes to curl up on the Nordschleife.


Pictures from Adenauer Racing Day

After a two-year Corona break, there was finally Adenauer Racing Day again this year, where fans on Wednesday can experience drivers and cars close to the center of Adenau. You can find pictures of it in our gallery.

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