Bernie Ecclestone Arrested In Brazil!


Bernie Ecclestone arrested

News from Bernie Ecclestone: The former Formula 1 boss was arrested in Brazil on Wednesday for carrying a gun as he was about to fly to Switzerland on a private jet. It informs Reuters.

The weapon was found in Ecclestone’s luggage during the security check. Ecclestone admitted it was his weapon. However, he did not know she was in his luggage.

The 91-year-old has since been released on bail and could travel to Switzerland as planned.


On the subject of Ecclestone …

… this series of pictures pops up immediately! In light of one idea or another, some will definitely say: It’s good that he has nothing more to say in Formula 1 😉

Photo gallery: Bernie Ecclestone’s 10 Strangest Formula 1 Ideas


Papa Sainz: Carlos needs to build trust again

It fits with our big topic of the day: Carlos Sainz’s father explained in the ‘F1 Nation’ podcast that his son is currently going through a difficult phase. He needs to work his way out of this “step by step”.

He has “no confidence in the car”, makes “mistakes” and is therefore pressured. “The prelude to the season was not very clean. I think it should […] trying to rebuild trust, “Sainz said.

We will see. In Monaco, of course, you really have to trust your car …


Ferrari: Next big update in July

Yesterday we reported here in the ticker that Ferrari according to Mattia Binotto would like to focus on a few big updates this year rather than many small ones. And it’s probably a while before the next big package arrives.

After Ferrari already had a lot of new parts with it in Spain, the next big update to the F1-75, according to Binotto, will be “around the UK”. As a reminder, the race at Silverstone will not take place until early July.

Until then, there should be only minor adjustments, but no more real upgrades.


A round in Monaco, …

… but through the decades! A very bold edited video:


Today nine years ago …

… Nico Rosberg won his “home race” in Monaco for the first time – exactly 30 years after his father Keke, who had already won there in 1983. Also in 2014 and 2015, Rosberg was able to win in the Principality.

Only Alain Prost (4), Graham Hill, Michael Schumacher (5 each) and of course Ayrton Senna (6) have more Monaco victories to their credit!

Photo gallery: Keke and Nico Rosberg in their World Cup cars


Vettel criticizes hybrid engines

It’s no secret that the German is not a fan of the current hybrid engines in Formula 1. Now he has his criticism again and explains that the drives are “a fascinating technology”.

“But how much of it ends up on the street?” he wants to know. And that, in his opinion, is “not much”. Therefore, one has to ask oneself whether Formula 1 does “enough” in terms of sustainability.

Formula 1 in particular is, after all, under special observation here. His demand therefore: “We must do more than we are currently doing.”


Monaco special ideas

Three things are particularly important in Monaco: downforce, downforce and even more downforce. This is why engineers have come up with the craziest ideas over the years to make the cars in the Principality faster!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: The most memorable special ideas from Monaco

12:57 p.m.

The unsung hero

Every race weekend, there are hundreds of people behind the scenes who make the Grand Prix possible – and who are often completely forgotten. So we are happy to follow this tweet from Monaco Automobile Club.

We also just want to say thank you to the 650 marshals who are back in action this weekend!


Monaco statistics …

… By the way, does not speak for Mercedes. You could only win there once since 2017. In 2019, Hamilton won for the Silver Arrows, the other successes of this period went to Ferrari (2017) and Red Bull (2018 and 2021).

But: Because there are brand new cars this year, the old statistics are actually no longer worth anything. Mercedes did this experience in the previous season in a negative way.

Maybe turn the table in Monaco …


Wolff: We will use “every opportunity”.

The Mercedes team boss is not too confident ahead of Monaco and recalls: “Monaco was not always one of our best circuits and slow corners were not our strong point this season, as we last saw in Barcelona.”

“But we have seen this year that anything can happen and we will try to seize every opportunity,” he announced, explaining that the weekend in Barcelona was “very encouraging”.

“We are constantly learning more about the car and we are improving it all the time, and in Barcelona we took a good step in the right direction,” Wolff said.

12:18 p.m.

This is tolerable …

We’re back with a look at this weekend’s Red Bull RV – or rather “Floatahome.” We’re excited to see if anyone ends up in the pool again this year!


Should Monaco be rebuilt?

In general, the question arises whether the track in Monaco in its current form is still suitable for today’s Formula 1. The Grand Prix did not have to pay anything for years and was still considered set. It will be different in 2022. We explain why.

Expert Marc Surer explains in this video why Christian Horner is right in saying that if Monaco were a new Grand Prix, it would not have a shred of a chance to be included on the calendar.

Here in the ticker, we take a short break and then return to you at noon, before the first media rounds, as already announced, have to wait in the afternoon. So we’re here for you tonight!

Marc Surer: Monaco must be rebuilt!

Monaco did not have to pay anything for years and was still considered to be in Formula 1. It will be different in 2022. We explain why. More Formula 1 videos


Speaking of …

Speaking of annoying things in Monaco: the pool harassment in its current form is definitely one of them for us! More about this in our photo gallery:

Photo gallery: The 10 most horrible corners of the Formula 1 calendar


track boundaries

It sounds strange, but track boundaries will be monitored again this year in Monaco. Namely in turn 10/11, ie in the harassment after the tunnel. It appears from the “Event Notes” for the race.

As usual, lap times will be canceled if they are shortened here. During the race there is also a penalty from the third offense. I’ll probably never get used to tracking borders in Monaco …


# AskMST

We were asked whether Thursday in Monaco will now be permanently eliminated or only this year. That’s how it should be. The background is, among other things, that the team and co win a day off before the Grand Prix.

As a reminder: For this reason, the official media Thursday was canceled and the weekend was generally punished. Liberty Media’s plan: “Shorter” weekends and more races a year.

Incidentally, the new Monaco format is not so well received by the drivers …


Today ten years ago …

… Michael Schumacher got the last pole of his Formula 1 career – and was not allowed to keep it. Because he had received a grid penalty in the previous race, his best time in qualifying for the Monaco GP 2012 ended up being sixth on the field.

Nevertheless, his turn was remembered by many fans at the time. For many, it was even the highlight of Schumacher’s three (mostly difficult) comeback years at Mercedes. Here is the round again in the video:

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