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Leclerc still as a lone fighter?

While Perez has been able to support Verstappen again and again this year, Sainz is having a hard time keeping up with the pace at the top. Does Leclerc worry he will be a lone fighter against two Red Bulls most of the time?

“It does not worry me because I know Carlos will be back very soon,” the monegasque said in a relaxed manner, explaining that his teammate just had “a little more” trouble with the new car.

F1-75 fits a little better with his own driving style. However, he assumes that Sainz will also be involved in the front again “very, very soon”.


Leclerc: “Monaco curse” does not matter

Here in the ticker we already talked about the “Monaco curse” yesterday. “I do not think about it,” says Leclerc himself, explaining that so far he has not had much luck in his home race.

But he will not change his approach because of this. So far, the season has been “successful”. As a reminder, Leclerc has never scored points in Monaco in his Formula 1 career.

Incidentally, he does not feel any extra “pressure” this year. He’s just happy to have a “competition car” at his home lap this season.


Magnussen: Haas has even more “potential”

Although Haas has not put new parts on the car in Spain, Magnussen believes that there is still plenty of time in the VF-22 even without an update. “I think there is still a lot of potential in this car,” said the Dane.

Like all other teams, Haas is about getting as much performance as possible without jumping again. According to Magnussen, it is currently the biggest point for all teams.

You need to “find the border” and get the car into the right window. And he sees even “more potential” with Haas.


Special racing suits

Most recently, the focus was primarily on special helmet designs. For Monaco, Alpine has thought of something else and sends Alonso and Ocon into the weekend with special racing suits. Do they give luck?

The predecessor team Renault has already won twice in Monaco: In 2004 Jarno Trulli won for the French, in 2006 Alonso. A year later, the Spaniard won again for McLaren in the Principality.


Magnussen: Should have left more space

The Dane also commented on his accident with the record champion in Barcelona. After looking at the pictures again, he clearly takes responsibility for Hamilton.

“On the pitch, I had the feeling that he opened the steering wheel. But it did not happen,” admits Magnussen. He looked at the TV pictures that Hamilton was simply understeering.

In the end, the contact was “unfortunate”. “I did not give him room for error,” the Haas pilot admits, adding, “I wish I had given in a millisecond later.”

“It was an accident. I wish I had given him a little more space,” said Magnussen.


Monaco now even tighter …

No, the track has not been changed. But Kevin Magnussen reminds us that the cars have become even wider this year. “It will feel like the track has been narrowed,” he explains.

“Signability is also worse. I did not even see many of the peaks this year,” he reveals, explaining that Monaco is therefore an even bigger challenge this year.

At the same time, however, he also emphasizes that Monaco is the funniest of all the routes on the calendar despite – or rather because of. “This is the place where you feel the speed the most,” said the Dane.


Raikkonen makes his NASCAR debut!

Since “Iceman” ended his Formula 1 career after 349 Grand Prix starts, there had been silence around him. But now one thing is for sure: Kimi is running another race this summer, in the highest NASCAR league, the NASCAR Cup Series.

Of course we cross our fingers. All information about his debut can be found here!




Schumacher: The problems from Barcelona worked up

In Barcelona, ​​the German was not happy with his strategy. Now he reveals that there have been several “meetings” in the past week where they have found out what went wrong on Sunday.

“I think we know where the problem was,” said Schumacher, who explained that Haas simply did not react quickly enough to other drivers. “In this case, it’s about seconds,” he explains.

“If [ohne Stopp] driving past the pit entrance, it will cost you a lap. If you then discuss half a round again, then another round is gone. Then you are already two laps behind, “he explains.

This hesitant approach cost him several positions in Barcelona.

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