basketball | Bundesliga: BBL-Playoffs: Baskets Bonn with opening victory after dramatically extended playing time

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The Baskets Bonn took advantage of their home court advantage at the start of the playoffs on Friday night. They won the first match of the “Best of Five” series against the Hamburg Towers after extra time with 100: 98 (91:91; 41:42).

Bonn did not have a good opening quarter: considering that they did not land any of their eleven throws from beyond the three-point line and only hit three out of seven penalty throws, they were well served with a 17:23 deficit after ten minutes.

High failure rate in the first quarter

The error rate of the baskets was too high in the first ten minutes, and sometimes they seemed a bit hasty, for example when Skyler Bowlin unchallenged moved into the opposite half during a counterattack and then tried one of the three-point shots that put the home team. i brought nothing in the first quarter.

That changed after the first page break thanks to Parker Jackson-Cartwright. The Bonn builder, who was named the most valuable player in the BBL in the main round, scored three points at 22:25 and 26:30. It was contagious – at least Javontae Hawkins hit at a distance – to 31:33.

Jackson-Cartwright gives the first Bonn lead

The improved efficiency – which Bonn still lacked from the free-throw line – and many ball losses by Hamburg ensured that Bonn not only kept within striking distance, but even took the lead for the first time with Jackson-Cartwright’s third three (39:38).

But they did not take the lead in the break because they first lost the ball unnecessarily in the attack and then did not defend Hamburg’s throw 4.2 seconds before the break, so Justus Hollatz could pull to the basket unhindered and to 42:41 to score the towers.

Baskets are in front after three quarters of an hour

In the third quarter, the people of Bonn did better. They remained effective with three-pointers with three hits from Jackson-Cartwright and two by Bowlin, and also took a lead into the final break as Bowlin scored his second three-pointer by two seconds back to 67-66.

When Lithuanian Saulius Kulvietis in the final round delivered three Bonn points for the first time in the seventh attempt to make it 72:72 and Jackson-Cartwright added 75:72, the Rhinelanders seemed to have momentum on their side. Had it not been for Hamburg’s Caleb Homesley, who called counter with two threes.

Hawkins saves Bonn in overtime

Homesley and Maik Kotsar extended Hamburg’s lead to 84:76. The guests entered the final phase with the better starting position. Jackson-Cartwright, who was unique that night with 36 points, however, made sure that the Rhinelanders stayed and were only 88:90 behind in the final minute after three more by Kulvietis – where Hamburg had the ball.

An unsportsmanlike error by Karsten Tadda resulted in a free kick that went in by way of the right post. But they used only one free throw and then lost the ball. Hawkins used it and scored the 91:91 equalizer from the three-point line. Hamburg called a time-out 13 seconds before the end of regular time to coordinate the decisive game. It did not work – time ran out without them putting the ball on the basket. The match went on for five minutes of overtime.

Hawkins decides the dramatic finale with a triangle

In overtime, failed attempts and ball losses settled the game before Hawkins Bonn scored with his three for 97:93. The Hamburg team reduced the lead to 96:97, and 22 seconds before the end of the game, Tadda made a fatal ball loss in the attack. The Hamburgers scored on the other hand after two offensive rebounds by Seth Hinrichs to 98:97 and gave only Bonner five seconds.

One could only dream of a first victory in Bonn in a short time. Javontae Hawkins needed just four of the five seconds to score the final score 100: 98 from what was certainly not an optimal throwing situation. On Sunday, the teams play their second game in their playoff series – again in Bonn, before the Baskets play their third game against Hamburg on May 20. If coach Tuomas Iisalo’s team wins both duels, they advance to the next round.

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