5 yoga exercises that make you slim

Yoga can make a great contribution not only to mental relaxation but also to physical fitness. And even when it comes to the stubborn fat layer on the lower abdomen! With our 5 yoga exercises you can now make your stomach kilos fall over and at the same time do something good for your health. Because yes, belly fat can be bad for your health too!

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5 yoga poses to lose belly weight

1. Navasana, the boat

If there is one yoga position for strong abdominal muscles, it should be the boat, the Navasana. To do this, start in an upright seat and place both legs in front of you, hands behind your back. Now let your upper body sink back a little and lift your legs so that your calves are parallel to the yoga mat – can you already feel your abdominal muscles? Now release your hands from the floor and stretch them forward at shoulder height. Hold for three deep breaths.

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2. Bhujangasana, the cobra

The cobra is a little more relaxed, but no less effective. In this yoga exercise, the posture of a snake must actually be imitated, which strengthens the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. For the gentle back bend, first lie down on your stomach, close your legs gently and put your feet a gentle pressure on the floor. Your hands are under your shoulders, your fingertips pointing forward. Now lift your torso off the floor, pull your shoulder blades down together and open your chest.

3. Vasisthasana, side plank

When it comes to getting rid of belly fat, the side plank should not be missing. The exercise requires a high level of strength and balance, The arm, back, thigh and abdominal muscles are strengthened. For the side plank, first get into the board and then move your weight to your right hand. Now put your right knee down and open the left side of your body upwards. Lift your right knee again and straighten your entire body in a straight line. Hold short, then it’s the other side’s turn.

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4. Dhanurasana, buen

Not only the abdomen is trained in the so-called arch, but also the arm and upper back muscles as well as the thighs. First enter the cobra while the stomach touches the ground. Now it’s time to draw your bow: Grasp your ankles with your hands, and on an inhalation lift your upper body, your gaze directed forward. Press your hands slightly with your legs to lift your thighs off the floor and raise your upper body even more. Straighten your arms and make sure your shoulders are actively pushing away from your ears.

5. Utkatasana, Chairman

If you want to train the muscles in your thighs, you probably can not avoid Utkatasana, the chair. In this intense exercise, the whole body is engaged, which of course increases calorie consumption tremendously. Stand hip-width apart from the chair and tense your stomach. Your arms are stretched forward, your palms facing down, your shoulders remaining low. Now bend your knees and tilt your hips back slightly – as if you were sitting in a chair. Maintain a stable posture even if you try to squat a little deeper. After a few breaths, return to an upright position.

Yoga expert Isabel Djukanovic in an interview

Isabel Djukanovic is a yoga teacher from Hamburg and is known for her relaxed, laid-back and authentic style – which she also inspires in numerous videos in the online yoga studio YogaEasy. She answered a few questions for us!

fuersie.de: Which yoga exercise for the middle of the body is particularly suitable for beginners?

Isabel Djukanovic: The plank position is particularly suitable for beginners. It strengthens the center of the body and at the same time helps to optimize the tension of the whole body. Practice the plank position with the knees down at the beginning, later with straight legs. Once you have built up some strength, you increase the intensity by going up on your forearms.

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fuersie.de: What should you watch out for with the somewhat more strenuous yoga exercises?

Isabel Djukanovic: Especially when it gets strenuous, you should pay attention to your breathing. You need to be able to breathe through your nose casually, deeply and without straining yourself at all times. As you exhale, try pulling your navel in and up slightly. This activates your transverse abdominis (deep abdominal muscle and stabilizer of the lumbar spine), brings even more quality to yoga core practice and at the same time works on a straight and upright posture.

fuersie.de: How often should you do yoga if you want a tighter body? How long does each exercise last?

Isabel Djukanovic: Everything you want to tackle specifically should be trained 2x or even better 3x a week with a 1-2 day break in between. Rather shorter units and therefore regularly. Pay attention to a balanced workout: If you exercise your stomach, do not forget your back.

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