Xiaomi Watch S1 review. Get 280,000 steps in 3 hours


Xiaomi Watch S1 is a smartwatch alternative to the much more expensive Apple Watch. In the test, you can find out if the watch is convincing.

Xiaomi Watch S1 review

editorial review 8.2 reader rating

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Fitness tracker disguised as a beautiful watch

With the Watch S1, Xiaomi offers a smartwatch that is largely designed for fitness functions, giving the impression that it is more of a fitness tracker disguised as a watch. Nevertheless, the watch is particularly comfortable thanks to the smart look, the beautiful display and the impressive battery life. However, we really miss the integration of a Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

We liked that

  • Noble design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nice screen
  • Liquid performance
  • Lots of fitness features
  • Charging station and other bracelet included
  • compass

We did not like that

  • Xiaomi account required for pairing
  • Occasionally wrong goals
  • Installation of additional apps is (yet) not possible
  • Get slices

Smartwatch test: these are the best models of 2021

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NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this site. More info.

You will quickly pay between 400 and 800 euros for a newer Apple Watch model, so you may want to take a look at the alternatives before making a purchase. This also includes the Watch S1 from Xiaomi, which is compatible with both Android and iOS and “only” costs between 190 and 230 euros.

  1. In the style of a fitness tracker

  2. 280,000 steps in 3 hours

  3. battery life

  4. No app store

  5. What else did we notice

  6. Conclusion

The first impression is positive when unpacking, because the scope of delivery includes not only the smartwatch with leather strap, but also a dirt-repellent replacement strap made of fluoride rubber as well as a charging station and a USB-C cable.

The watch with stainless steel case weighs 52 grams. The dimensions of 46.5 mm x 46.5 mm x 11 mm confirm a rather large watch design on the wrist, but we consider it smart, even classic. The Watch S1 is more comfortable to wear with both straps than the sight of the watch suggests.

In the test, we use it with an iPhone SE and the connection (“pairing”) does not work immediately. We connect most Bluetooth devices quickly via the phone’s Bluetooth overview, but here it only worked after installation and pairing via the Mi Fitness app. It is therefore necessary for this device combination. You must also have an account with Xiaomi. We do not think this is a good precondition for the connection.

In the style of a fitness tracker

After the setup and the first few days of use, we notice how strongly this watch puts fitness features in the foreground, already through the preset widgets and of course through the presentation of the Mi Fitness app.

Xiaomi Watch S1

We show you how well the Xiaomi Watch S1 is treated.

Operating the 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels is fluid and intuitive. Smooth gestures to the pages let you navigate through the adjustable widgets. If you swipe down, you will see incoming text messages. If you swipe up, you see an overview of basic functions such as silent mode or dial selection, of which only eight are available.

Two swivel knobs are located on the right side of the cabinet. The top leads to the app menu. With the bottom one, we set one of the many fitness profiles for different sports, such as basketball, triathlon or tennis.

For example, the profile for basketball shows time, calories burned, and number of throws. However, the latter display is not accurate, as not all shots on the basket were recorded in the test.

In addition to the beautiful display, it is noticeable during operation that the display change proceeds smoothly. There are no annoying jerks.

280,000 steps in 3 hours

A few measurements at first were a little strange. The watch informed the tester that they had taken 280,000 steps within three hours. This certainly did not happen and was not possible for the tester either.

The watch seems to have caught on quickly. Since then, measurements such as steps, stress and calorie consumption have been traceable.

So you can start with the next fitness unit, thanks to GPS you can see your route for running training. If you ever lose orientation, a compass will help and you can wear the Watch S1 even if you want to swim because it is waterproof up to five bar.

In the Mi Fitness app on your mobile phone, you can view your data for individual days, weeks and months after training.

battery life

The Xiaomi Watch S1 offers a battery capacity of 470 mAh, and it should give you twelve days of battery life with moderate use on a single charge. 24 days are possible in energy saving mode. And the battery life is actually impressive. After three days, we find that only 28 percent of the battery is used – fantastic.

No app store

Other features such as reading SMS, viewing weather data and rudimentary music control via Spotify work. In this case, you launch the app on your mobile phone and you can skip between the tracks and adjust the volume on the watch. Spotify itself is not available for Xiaomi smartwatch, and that brings us to the next weak point: the lack of a Google Play Store or App Store.

The best fitness trackers

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No other apps can be installed because there is no app store. WhatsApp, for example, can not be used on the watch. At least Xiaomi tells us that in the future, customers will be able to add apps via the Mi Fitness app.

What else did we notice

Carriers of the smartwatch can also make contactless payments via NFC with Mastercard, but this is not yet possible in Germany.

According to Xiaomi, the language assistant Amazon Alexa works for this in this country, if you want to use it with the watch.

Xiaomi Watch S1

Xiaomi Watch S1

editorial review 8.2 reader rating

No reviews yet

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this site. More info.

Xiaomi Watch S1: the best alternatives

Do not you agree? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? Below are the best Xiaomi Watch S1 alternatives.

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Xiaomi Watch S1: Datasheet

Here you will find the technical data of the Xiaomi Watch S1. You can easily compare size, weight and other characteristics with other products.

Weight 52 grams
size 46.5×46.5×10.9mm
water resistance 5 ATM
Storage unknown
Duration up to 12 days
pedometer Yes
Heart rate / heart rate measurement Yes
sleep analysis Yes
ECG none
fall detection none
receive messages Yes
reply to messages Yes
cellular none
Bluetooth Yes
Contactless payment Yes
Make a phone call Yes
compatibility iOS 10, Android 6.0 and later
barometer Yes
compass Yes
camera none
SOS button none
school condition none
safe zone none
video call none

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