Topping-out ceremony for the new building with academy and gym

After a two-year planning phase and a year and a half construction phase, Schrimpf Group GmbH, a specialist in high-quality components such as doors, gates, windows, fences and roofing, has for its latest project, the construction of a new training and exhibition center with a nationwide business hotel dealer training courses, which are currently being built on a total area of ​​4,000 square meters in Marie-Curie-Strasse 5 in the Fulda-Lehnerz industrial area, celebrated the topping-out ceremony yesterday, Tuesday. The new building with academy and gym also includes a conference area with an adjoining business hotel. In addition to a large exhibition area, there must also be a storage and production area. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Panoramic views of the hills of Fulda

“Today, as builders, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved – except me, my wife Elvira and our daughter Jennifer,” said Martin Schrimpf in his introductory remarks to the approximately 100 guests – including the architect. Charly Möller (Arkitektkontor Moeller architekten bda), Michael Wißler, CEO Ulrich GmbH Fulda, and friends and family – on the unfinished roof terrace over Lehnerz take with panoramic views of Aschenberg, Frauenberg and Rauschenberg as well as Domspitzen and Kaliberg Neuhof and Rhon out. The builder also gave an overview of the construction process. The plans go back to 2019. In December 2020, we started the new building. The Corona pandemic and the war in Europe were not yet predictable and with them the difficulties of procuring building materials and the associated overpriced prices. We must accept that. But as we generally think positively and have given all our orders to companies in the region, we were able to reach our milestone in December last year by setting up our central warehouse with an area of ​​1,000 square meters and a photovoltaic system. with more than 100 kWh in operation. “

“Perfectly combined different use content”

Although the roof is not completely finished yet, the work has begun with the interior work in the basement and on the ground floor. The next stage goal is to move into the large building element exhibition with academy, bistro, conference rooms on the ground floor and office floor on the 1st floor. “At the end of the year, our hotel with 28 double rooms for business guests and tourists will also be open,” says Martin Schrimpf, who went on to say: “In the spring of 2023, we will have our large central warehouse of 1,000 square meters with production of aluminum. slatted roof open, which is then presented on the roof surface in a special event and exhibition zone. On the roof terrace there is also a fitness center with sauna and heating cabins, outdoor hot tub, bar and relaxation area for guests and visitors.

“It always starts with a vision,” says the architect behind the new multifunctional building, Charly Möller, who explained that a building such as the one currently being built in the Fulda-Lehnerz industrial area is unlikely to exist in the Fulda region in the near future. future. future. “This new topology of the building complex is based on the implementation of the spatial vision that the Schrimpf family, my team and I have developed together, and where living, learning and producing had to be implemented in a very differentiated way and thus reflects the life situation for people under this roof. It is the perfect combination of different use content with a correspondingly high quality of the stay. “

In the future, the daughter Jennifer will be responsible for the hotel sector in the family business, which has existed since 1985 and is now in the fourth generation. In the future, about 35 people will be employed under the roof of the training and exhibition center with the adjacent business hotel. Schrimpf Group GmbH did not wish to comment on the installed costs for the time being. The Fulda region ultimately benefits from the costs incurred. All orders have been and will be awarded to companies based in the region. +++ jessica auth

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