These are the coolest courts in the world

WHO basketball know the unique feeling that only open spaces convey: Where like-minded people meet spontaneously to practice the sport together in the open air, which they once learned to love in just such a space, there is a certain magic. Everyone in this place, no matter how old they are, is children again, at least for a short time.
Of course, the hottest basketball courts in the world are also about competition, fame and glory and uh and ah, but it’s always about the love of the game! That’s exactly what’s lived all over the world in basketball cathedrals. Every day, far away NBApublic opinion or club fraud.

“Ball do not lie” as they say in basketball – the ball does not lie. The same goes for this world’s basketball courts. It all starts with them, and probably every career ends on them at some point – no matter how steep or flat they are Reason enough to take a closer look at some of the coolest basketball courts in the world …

Not only is the Acropolis a real eye-catcher in Athens …

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Basketball has always been popular in Greece. Since the “Greek freek” Giannis Antetokounmpo When the NBA kicks things off, basketball is even more important there – especially in Athens, where Giannis grew up with his four brothers in the Sepolia district. They also learned to play basketball on the city’s outdoor courts. And: They certainly will not be the last Greek basketball players to reach the top. Because the Greek basketball scene is huge and more than alive! Also thanks to such free sites …
Participants in the Red Bull Half Court basketball tournament play at the Siu Hei basketball court in Hong Kong.

The Siu Hei court in the street gorges of Hong Kong is delicious!

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Nowhere in the world are there undoubtedly as clean and well-kept outdoor courts as in Hong Kong. So it’s no wonder the streetball scene in southeast China’s special administrative region is huge! There is not a day that you do not play somewhere and work on your own skills. As the saying goes, “basketball never stops” – certainly not in Hong Kong.

Another sacred place in Sri Lanka's tourism magnet Kandy.

Another sacred place in Sri Lanka’s tourism magnet Kandy.

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The sport that has grown fastest in Sri Lanka in recent years is basketball! With the interest in the sport, the streetball scene is also growing, and thus the demand for outdoor courts that can be played 24/7. If Mr. Aelian Gunawardene, president of the Basketball Federation Sri Lanka, plans to train, the country will soon have its own professional league. The first illuminated 3×3 outdoor courts are already there! And of course this tropical gem at the University of Kandy.

Participants in the Red Bull Half Court basketball tournament in Belgrade, Serbia, play to advance to the next round.

Historic walls make this place in Belgrade a fortress!

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There are few outdoor spaces as impressive as this one in the middle of Belgrade Fortress. As the symbol of the Serbian capital, the Belgrade Fortress already has a permanent place in the hearts of all Belgrade residents. For Belgrade’s basketball scene, the pitch in Kalemegdan Park is their navel of the world.

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

Participants in the Red Bull Reign basketball tournament play on a basketball court in Johannesburg, South Africa to see them through to the next round.

Fun facts about Johannesburg, South Africa: Steve Nach was born here.

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South Africa is known for many things – Nelson Mandela, national parks, surfing … basketball is not one of them. Until now. Because the basketball scene, especially the streetball scene in Johannesburg and other South African cities, is growing fast. It showed the first Red Bull Half Court tournaments on Johannesburg’s streetball courts as well. It will not be long before Africa grows into a basketball world power – also thanks to the commitment of people like Antonio DePinawho uses his app Overseas basketball connection African and international basketball talents offer a platform where they can be recruited by well-known coaches and teams.
Participants in the Red Bull 3X Basketball Tournament play on a basketball court in Venice Beach, California to advance to the next round.

A kind of streetball mecca: the court in Venice Beach, California.

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What basketball player does not remember the golden age of streetball made in America when AND 1 mixtapes (then still available as VHS from Footlocker) enchanted the entire basketball world with their mix of real streetball and real hip hop. Primarily the first mix tape, which mainly featured Rafer Alston’s skills, aka Skip to My Lou. Some of the most legendary scenes from the ten mixtapes took place on this streetball court in Venice Beach.
Participates in the basketball court in Rome, Italy warms up for the tournament.

Bye Bye! Wet jumpshot on the open air square in Rome, Italy.

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For the first edition of the Red Bull Half Court in Italy, the San Lorenzo Playground in the heart of Rome got a makeover – much to the delight of the local basketball scene. The atmosphere on this course is so good that it hosted the 2021 World Finals in the 3v3 tournament series. You can see what it looked like here:

Red Bull Half Court World Final 2021

Team Serbia and Team Russia fought for the men’s and women’s crowns under the light in Rome.

Participants compete to advance to the next round of the Red Bull Half Court basketball tournament in Izmir, Turkey.

Holiday destination also for basketball players: Izmir has a highlight for everyone.

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In Izmir, Turkey, where German package tourists usually go on holiday, the heart beats of a passionate streetball scene. Although the Turkish ball players would indulge in one of their favorite sports without picturesque courts like this one here in Bostanli Park, who would with this view of such a beautifully designed basketball court can play for points, will definitely prefer to gamble and maybe stay a little longer …
Participants in the Red Bull Half Court basketball tournament play in Lausanne, Switzerland to advance to the next round.

Lausanne: There is also a lot of gambling going on in French-speaking Switzerland!

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Lausanne, the fourth largest city in Switzerland, is located on the beautiful Lake Geneva. To the delight of all basketball residents there, one of the hottest streetball courts is located directly on Lake Geneva, in the heart of a green park in Vidy. On tournament days, the competition is in no way inferior to the charm of the basketball court!

Participants in the Red Bull Half Court basketball tournament compete under the night sky on a court in Caira, Egypt for a place in the next round.

Full house at night gambling in Cairo, Egypt.

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After football, basketball is the most popular sport in Egypt. In addition to the classic 5 on 5 game with two curves, 3×3 basketball is gaining in importance. One reason for this is probably Egypt’s currently the best and most popular basketball player – Nadine Selaawi. A real star in Egypt, the Cairo-born dribble artist will also make a name for himself internationally in the next few years.
The final of the Red Bull Half Court basketball tournament in Nigeria is about everything.

Nigeria: In the country Hakeem The Dream they even play in slippers …

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Home of the legendary Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, Nigeria is now a true basketball country. Angola has long been Africa’s basketball pioneer, but today it’s different. Across the country, the basketball legend and his young NBA successors – especially Precious Achiuwa – are being imitated on outdoor courts like this one in Ikeja in the Nigerian state of Lagos. It’s all the more enjoyable when there’s a basketball court for young people artistically modernized will!
Participants in the Red Bull Reign basketball tournament play on a basketball court in Manila, Philippines.

3×3 action in Manila, Philippines.

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Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines – the absolute epicenter of basketball is the capital city of Manila. The outdoor courts in Manila are not always in top condition, but that does not bother the local streetball scene. The most important thing is that the competition is right!

13. Munich, Germany

Dusan Bulut and Co are ready for a photo at Sugar Mountain Basketball Court in Munich.

The Sugar Mountain in Sendling is the place to be in Munich.

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Munich’s newest basketball court is also its most colorful: we’re talking about the one that opened in 2021 Sukkerbjerg. The Sugar Mountain is built on the site of the former Katzenberger concrete plant on Helfenriederstraße and offers Munich’s streetball scene a new home, away from the city center. The project is supported by none other than FC Bayern basketball players.
You can find even more cool basketball courts around the world HERE!

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