Restrictions on the unvaccinated: These rules apply to regional sports from Monday

Restrictions on unvaccinated

These Corona rules will apply to regional sports from Monday

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The Senate in Berlin on Wednesday decided to extend the 2G rule. The state government of Brandenburg followed suit Thursday. What are the effects of the new decisions on sport in our region?

Due to the deteriorating corona situation, the Berlin Senate on Wednesday decided to extend the 2G rule significantly. For example, access to leisure facilities such as saunas and thermal baths like Indoor sports, fitness and dance studios just for Vaccinated and recovered (2G), does not but also for tested (3G) to be possible. At outdoor events from 2,000 visitors just like football matches the same applies from Monday 2G rule. It remains an option for all other events outside.

Children and adolescents excluded

Exempted from the measures are Children and young people under 18 years of ageYou can also with a negative test result participate in public life. The same goes for people who not vaccines for medical reasons can charge.

The chairman of the Statens Idrætsforbund Berlin (LSB), Thomas Haertel, had on Wednesday announced cuts in the sport. “Children and young people were the victims in the first two shutdowns,” he said. The unusual sports offerings would have had serious consequences – physically, mentally and socially. It should not happen again, Härtel said in a statement on LSB’s website [].

“School children are tested three times a week at school,” the LSB president told rbb | 24 Thursday. With that you could valid study ID as proof of testing in Berlin are valid. As an important and correct message, Haertel described that the amateur sport outdoors could be performed unchanged.

In addition, Härtel pointed out that at indoor events in amateur sports, wearing mask is needed wherever proximity occurs. Everyone should wear mouth and nose covers at entrances and exits, and this can be removed at the seat as soon as distance is maintained.

BFV chairman relieved

In an interview with rbb | 24, the president of the Berlin Football Association (BFV), Bernd Schultz, expressed his relief at the new Berlin Order and confirmed that nothing would change in the first place for amateur footballers and young people. Outdoor games will not be limited by the new guidelines: “For amateur football outside and also for young people, the old regulatory situation applies in the first place,” he said. Only the sport of futsal, which takes place indoors, is affected by the new 2G rules.

Despite the relief, Schultz stressed the rising incidence: “The numbers worry me, and they worry the footballers, too.” He appealed to take advantage of the vaccination offers in Berlin.

BFV has now installed a Corona Advisory Board. This committee is working on possible solutions if the corona situation continues to worsen. Should the 2G regulation also apply to amateur football in the future, one should think anew: “We should definitely clarify who then checks the vaccination status of the individual players? It is a task that has not existed so far,” said Schultz. “We need to talk about how we can do that.”

2G in polar bears and foxes

The three professional Berlin clubs Eisbären, Füchse and BR Volleys have one 2G regulation already introduced in itself. Since October 17, 2021, for example, the polar bears have only allowed those who have recovered completely and those who have been vaccinated to enter their home turf at the Ostbahnhof.

It is at least omitted audience restriction, so the polar bears can lock 14,200 spectators into the hall. Of The 2G rule also exempts fans from having to wear masks and be banned from singing. to Children under the age of six are not required to provide proofup to the 12th birthday, a diploma must be presented.

The Berlin foxes also have it for their home ground Max-Schmeling-Halle 2G model introduced very early. “We think it makes sense to protect,” said Bob Hanning, manager of Berlin’s handball Bundesliga team. When asked by rbb | 24, Hanning reported that the fox fans understood the measurement very well right from the start. Nevertheless, the decision was made The hall not completely sold outsince you avoid long queues would like.

2G also applies to the catering and security area in Max-Schmeling-Halle, operated by Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH. “Their staff is vaccinated,” the fox boss said. The company also confirmed this when asked by rbb | 24. Since November 3, 2021, all employees of the operator of Velodrom and Max-Schmeling-Halle vaccinated or healthy who have publicly turned jobs.

2G + on BR Volleys

In the beginning of the 2G regulation, BR Volley caused irritation among the fans, as Volley’s Manager Kaweh Niroomand said when asked by rbb | 24. “Even in our circles, there are people who do not want to be vaccinated,” Niroomand added. In it Max-Schmeling-Halle became a 2G + model from the start of the season used, which provides a distance rule for vaccinated and healthy. “Therefore, it did not make any financial sense for us to open the top layers with us, because we can not reach full capacity due to the distances,” added the BR Volleys manager. Up to 2,500 spectators could currently visit the home games.

“We now have to wait and see how decisions are made at the federal level,” Niroomand said. Different models would be conceivable for BR Volleys Manager. Next to one In addition to the simple 2G rule and the 2G + variant practiced so far, 2G ++ (distance plus mask) or 2G +++ (distance plus mask plus test) could also be considered.

3G at Hertha BSC, Union Berlin and Alba

The two Bundesliga football clubs Hertha BSC and 1. FC Union Berlin has so far after The 3G Regulation cases. At the last home game on Sunday against Leverkusen, Hertha opened the east grandstand at the Olympic Stadium and up to 37,500 fans gained access to the arena. More than 16,000 spectators were locked in the Alte Försterei for the last home match in the Union under 3G regulation. Basketball Bundesliga Club Alba Berlin is also dependent on 3G. As a result, a maximum of 7,250 spectators are allowed in the arena at the Ostbahnhof. This is no longer possible after the new Senate resolutions, 2G must now apply here.

Brandenburg also decided on new rules

After the Berlin Senate tightened the rules, the state of Brandenburg has now followed suit with the extension of the 2G rules. In view of the growing number of corona infections, only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will have access to many public facilities from Monday. This is what the new Corona regulation, which the government adopted on Thursday and was presented by Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke and Minister of Health Ursula Nonnemacher, reads.

As in Berlin, binding 2G rules also apply in Brandenburg’s outdoor pools, saunas and wellness facilities. For adults, there is also the practice of contact sports in enclosed spaces the obligation to be vaccinated or recovered.

Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from the regulations. Adolescents up to 18 years of age and anyone who cannot be vaccinated should be tested.

It is possible, but not obligatory, to apply the 2G rule to indoor sports facilities. If the organizers do not apply the 2G rule there, the 3G rule – ie only access for vaccinated, healthy or tested persons and children under six years – is binding.

For major sporting events, the information available is still sparse. One thing is for sure: After a brief hesitation, Ursula Nonnemacher said that major sporting events in enclosed spaces, attended by more than 100 spectators, need to be tested.

Broadcast: rbb UM6, 11 November 2021, at 18.00

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