Monaco should change the route!

( – For years, the unwritten law has been in place in Formula 1: “Bernie Ecclestone needs Ferrari and Monaco – then everything else will take care of itself.” As a result, Ferrari received special payments from the prize pool, and Monaco was the only Grand Prix not to have to pay an event fee. But those times are over.

The most intense passage: Marc Surer at the Monaco Casino (Arrows, 1986)


The new licensee Liberty Media (since 2017) has acquired new destination cities like Miami and Las Vegas for Formula 1, while retaining existing top rankings like Singapore and Baku. As a result, Monaco’s previous charisma loses relative value, and Liberty cancels privileges such as the training-free Friday or the free contract.

“It used to be the case when you first made it clear to a sponsor after the start of the season that it was presented in Monaco,” said Alpine team manager Otmar Szafnauer. “Today, there are several events that you can invite the CEO to: Miami was packed, Vegas will be too. And there are other venues to consider.”

Routing is being criticized more and more often

Regardless of “Big Business”, the route is a point that is repeatedly criticized in Monaco. Passengers like the casino, the Loews or the swimming pool have hardly lost any of their former magic. But the races are usually boring, as overtaking is virtually impossible in the narrow streets of the principality.

“Maybe Monaco should think about making another route where there is also the possibility of overtaking,” said Formula 1 expert Marc Surer in a recent video on the Formula 1 YouTube channel. In this respect, the track in Monte Carlo is “a disaster,” he says.

Marc Surer: Monaco must be rebuilt!

Monaco did not have to pay anything for years and was still considered to be in Formula 1. It will be different in 2022. We explain why. More Formula 1 videos

“We have a parade. The whole race is an elimination race where the only overtaking maneuvers are in the pit. One really has to think: where can one change the route so that there is a possibility of overtaking? And I’m sure they would do has an opportunity to overtake finds, ”says Surer.

Already in 2021, he wondered whether a race in the opposite direction would not provide better overtaking opportunities. An extension of the route with an extra loop has also previously been considered. So far, however, only cosmetic modifications such as disabling Rascasse have been implemented.

“Running a race where you can not overtake is actually nonsense,” says Surer, but adds “on the other hand: overtaking alone does not. It is also an exciting race when one rushes the other, until he makes a mistake So Monaco have a thrill. “

Drive Monaco: Feels like in the ice channel

This also applies to the driver’s experience in the cockpit. Surer competed in the Monaco Grand Prix five times and even finished in sixth place in Ensign in 1981, finishing in points. He remembers: “Monaco is amazing. You ride in a canal. The only comparison I can think of: I once rode in a bobsled in St. Moritz. I had exactly the same feeling.”

Haug names his favorites for Monaco

Norbert Haug names his favorites for the race in Monaco.

And even though Monaco is no longer the highlight of the season commercially and racing-wise: “Formula 1 thrives with tradition. Formula 1 without Monaco, there is simply something missing,” stresses Surer. “We have to keep the race going. Even though the cars don’t really fit on this track anymore, you have to say it.”

In an interview on the Formula 1 YouTube channel (12:29 minutes), Marc Surer also remembers other aspects of Formula 1 in Monaco, such as wild barbecues where drivers not only burn charcoal but also the chairs in the restaurant set fire. Subscribe to the channel now for free and never miss a new video with our Formula 1 experts!

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