HSV boss Wüstefeld will attack again – with Boldt and Walter

The night after the match was short. Very short. HSV board member Thomas Wüstefeld got less than three hours of sleep after the 2-0 defeat against Hertha BSC, which for the Hamburg team meant staying up in the unloved second division. The next day there was still frustration – but the focus was already on the future again.

To clear his head, Wüstefeld took a jog along the Elbe the next morning. Let your thoughts roam. The board was still busy in Volksparken the night before until half past two talking and comforting. They would have been only too happy to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity to take the plunge into the House of Lords.

HSV boss Wüstefeld pleads: Continue with Walter and Boldt!

After a furious league end with five wins in a row, HSV had thrown themselves into the relegation row, but after the 1-0 victory in Berlin, all dreams were shattered with 0-2 on Monday night in Volkspark. “Of course it’s bitter. We have to deal with that first, but at the same time change,” said Wüstefeld. Hamburg must also compete in the second division for the fifth season in a row.

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So far, so frustrating. But preparations for the upcoming season have long been underway. In it, it is safe for Wüstefeld, a new attack on the Bundesliga should be launched. “We are, you can not argue with that, one of the favorites,” the 53-year-old said. And explained: “With Schalke and Bremen, two top-class players have gone up, and with the relegated Fürth and Bielefeld, predictable teams have been added.” The bottom line is: “We should send very fast and very clear signals wherever we want. to go. “In the upper house.

HSV wants to keep top players like Glatzel

In return, top players like top striker Robert Glatzel (28/22 goals this season) need to be retained and the squad should be further strengthened on the offensive. While you see yourself well placed on the defensive, the Hamburgers have an urgent need for action, especially on the offensive flanks. The constellation of the sporting leadership, which is to guide the reinforcements to Hamburg and ultimately tackle the ascent, is still not definitively clarified. The board wants to meet this week and make a decision. Wüstefeld, who is not part of the council, has a recommendation for colleagues: “If you ask me about it, I would say that we should start the new season again in this constellation and develop further. With the aim of rising. ”

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A prayer for coach Tim Walter (46) and sports director Jonas Boldt (40). The latter had already said after the bankruptcy against Hertha: “I have the drawer full of ideas.” But at the same time, he admitted: “Everything about the future is not finally in my hands. A major analysis has been announced. ”

HSV future: The board around Marcell Jansen decides

The board will meet for them, advise and decide where the HSV road should go after the short summer break, under the leadership of ex-professional Marcell Jansen (36). It already seems clear: at least with Walter, things should definitely continue in the coming season. The coach was loudly applauded by the fans after the failure in the relegation. The addition stands, as has recently become clear, behind Walter and Boldt. Like desert land.

While this is also in favor of the path chosen, changes and improvements are absolutely necessary. “You have to look at the whole season and not just the last matches, and then you have to look: where can we adjust so that we give the signal from day one: We want to reach our goal and get to the first division. “HSV is planning ascension mission number five.

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