How to make a New Year’s resolution

How to make a New Year’s resolution

Many want to move more in the new year. Gyms in Rammenau and Bischofswerda can help.

By Ingolf Reinsch

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Anne Schreiter trains in Sport Live Rammenau on one of the many muscle-building machines. Luiz Schack, football player in BFV 08, is getting in shape in Rammenau for the second half of the regional league.
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Bischofswerda / Rammenau. Luiz Schack and his girlfriend Anne Schreiter have no problems with exercise – both are in top shape and slim. Luiz, 20, plays football on BFV 08’s regional league team. This morning he is doing his routine exercises on the weight training equipment of Rammenauer Studio Sport Live. It is important for the traditional Bischofswerda club to prepare for the second half of the season and catch up a lot.

It is possible that Luiz Schack will soon meet new sports friends in Rammenau. After all, one of the most frequently mentioned New Year’s resolutions is to move more in the future. Fitness studios like Sport Live in Rammenau or FIB in Bischofswerda can help. At the beginning of the year, there was actually increased demand, says André Strobel, factory manager at Sport Live. But very few become permanent. The number of members has been constant at around 350 for years, not counting the participants in health sports. Sport Live offers contracts for six months, one year and two years. Apprentices can also enter into a contract for three months. In addition, there is the Vario Card for athletes who do not train regularly.

family climate

“We depend on a family atmosphere. Those who come to us for the first time are usually surprised that we offer them the familiar shape at the counter,” says André Strobel. This is followed by a recording interview where the goal of the training is asked , such as fat reduction, muscle building or strengthening the back. Against this background, the coaches make an individual training plan. To get to know the studio, Sport Live offers a free taste test. There are some changes to the courses this year. Zumba is no longer offered because the former course instructor opens its own studio in Radeberg Yoga and oriental belly dancing are new to the program.

With the large indoor tennis court, squash and bowling facilities, a physiotherapy facility attached to the building but functioning independently, as well as a restaurant with hall (up to 180 seats) and club room (30 seats), which is not only open to athletes, but also, for example, often booked for family and company parties, Sport-Live has several special features. This also includes a visit to the youngest Rammenauer from the neighboring day care institution “Spatzennest”, who is on his way to the sauna while Anne and Luiz sweat on the machines. The kindergarten children have been using the steam room for years. Sport Live makes the sports room available to the little ones free of charge. In return, the municipal construction site pushes the snow.

Exercise for free

change of location. With the start of the new year, many members begin training again at FIB Bischofswerda, which discontinued it in the old year. “In this regard, there is something with the New Year’s resolutions,” says owner Rudolf Eisenblätter. There is also a wave before the summer season because people want to get in shape for outdoor activities.

There are also new visitors among the guests now coming to FIB. Many then decide not to stay because they do not want to commit for two years. Rudolf Eisenblätter knows the problem, but he also says: “To be able to work financially, I have to plan long-term.” It also pays off for the members – FIB has modern equipment. Now someone who has been going to a gym in Dresden for years and was surprised by the options the facility in Bischofswerda has, the owner reports, has called on him. It gives newcomers the opportunity to train for free in the first month.

You never get too old to play sports, as they say in both Bischofswerda and Rammenau. And you also do not need the athletic body like Anne and Luiz.

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