How to find the right gym

+++ Around 9000 fitness studios in Germany recruit new members +++

About 9,000 fitness studios in Germany are recruiting new members. They offer yoga classes, state-of-the-art equipment and have an offer for special target groups. Some studios score with a pool or a sauna. Which gym should I take? Many beginners who are new to the training scene ask themselves this question. The ideal depends on what you want to train and how much coaching support is needed. Of course, it also matters how much money you want to spend. How do sports beginners recognize the right study for them? We show what things you need to be aware of in order to find the right studio.

What makes a good gym?

Do not be dazzled by the shiny chrome from the large fleet of devices. Above all, beginners in the gym need support when they start exercising if they are not yet familiar with the on-site routines. If a person trains incorrectly for a long time, damage to bones and joints can remain. If you are doing a trial week in a studio, you should make sure that coaches are on site, take care of the members and also correct certain positions. Some gyms tend to be understaffed. Coaches are not present or they play absent on their cell phones without paying attention to the athletes.

What does a good coach do?

Do not be afraid to ask a coach about their qualifications. You should at least have an A-license to be able to provide competent advice. As a rule, coaches who have completed a degree in physiotherapy, occupational therapy or sports science have even more knowledge. A good sports studio insists on an entrance exam and the coach takes enough time for this. Typical questions that should be asked are, for example, how much someone moves in everyday life, what training goals there are, and how much time is available each week to achieve those goals. In order to get a good overall picture of the new candidate, questions are often asked about nutrition, smoking and experience with sports equipment.

What is the training plan good for?

A good gym will use the results of the entrance exam to draw up an exercise plan. A good trainer will explain which workout is intended for which body region. In addition, each exercise on the equipment is reviewed with the trainer in practice to correct incorrect posture right at the start. The correct training weight can also be determined and noted during the first run. At the end of the first day, the client should have a plan printed out with all the exercises, weight settings and number of repetitions. As the body makes rapid progress in the beginning, it should be adjusted for the first time after approx. Two months. Further adjustments usually follow on a quarterly basis.

How should the study offer be evaluated?

In addition to the usual equipment park, many studios offer courses at fixed times. The larger the studio, the more varied the offer. Especially in big cities, there are, for example, morning courses or courses for a special target group. If yoga is very important to you, you should look for a studio that offers a wide program with different trainers. Of course, you also need to be aware of the times. If you work during the day, a morning offer makes no sense. If you already know exactly what you want, it is better to look for a specialized study. For example, some providers focus on CrossFit, back training or EMS

How important is the equipment?

The equipment in the studio must match your training goals. If you want to concentrate on strength training, you need to have a large equipment park with different appliances. The free weight area must be equipped with mirrors on the walls. The mirrors help to control your own posture and to optimize the performance of the exercise. In addition to the usual dumbbells and barbells, you should also have pull-up bars and parallel bars. A good gym also includes a larger equipment-free area. Here you can do your warm-up exercises undisturbed. If you want to work on your fitness, you need an endurance area with an appealing selection. Regardless of age and weight, everyone should find the right exercise tool for them here. Good studios offer rowing machines, cross trainers, treadmills, fitness bikes and step machines. This makes it possible to vary the endurance training and gradually increase the training intensity. Especially athletes who practice a competitive sport benefit from this offer.

In general, however, perfect equipment is less important than intensive support, especially for beginners. The curriculum must be comprehensive and varied. This increases motivation and makes you want to visit the studio regularly.

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