Giro d’Italia, 16th stage: pink jersey used for the sprint show between Carapaz and Hindley – Kmanna misses the coronation

The last Giro week could hardly have started harder – but in the end, the decisions on this 16th stage became a game of seconds.

With his last strength and despite cramps, Jan Hirt saved himself from his pursuer Thymen Arensman to win the stage in Aprica, and the battle for the overall placement was a matter of seconds instead of minutes, as is usually the case with similar climbs. .
In addition, falls also caused moments of shock on descents and climbs.

Giro d’Italia

Kämne misses victory on the queen stage via Mortirolo – Hindley catches up


For the tough last week, the starting situation after this 16th stage promises excitement right up until the last day.

Three things that stood out:

1.) The duel for pink turns into a sprint show

Endless climbs, technical descents, treacherous wind edges, steep final ramps – nothing can separate Richard Carapaz and Jai Hindley. There are now only three seconds between the two hottest candidates for the overall victory, and again on Tuesday neither of them were able to distance their rivals.

If you are looking for the greatest distances between them, scroll back through the result lists to the start in Hungary. In the time trial, the Ecuadorian took six seconds from his Australian opponent, in the final on the first stage it was four – since then there has been a stalemate, no matter how difficult the course is.

That’s why the focus is on the time credits – and in the stage finals’ sprints, Hindley has already had the front wheel in front three times in a direct duel. Just like today in Aprica, he also collected bonuses on the 14th and 9th stages, thus moving closer to the Olympic champion.

This tactic may be enough for the pink jersey, for the overall victory in the Giro it should have a bigger lead in terms of the last time trial over 17.4 kilometers in Verona – especially if Joao Almeida remains within striking distance until then.

Hirt saves stage victory – Hindley beats Carapaz very delicately in the sprint

2.) Kamme fights on the queen stage, but misses the coronation

Eventually he ran off the track – which is usually more of a problem in motorsport, cost Lennard Kennan a second stage victory in this Giro, which was within reach.

Wisely took the leap into the escape group, distributed the forces well on the first difficult climbs and then went on the offensive “at the right time” (analysis by Bernie Eisel), even before the last ascent was to: the winner of Mount Etna had nothing to blame himself for.

As his lead grew to almost a minute, he seemed to be heading for a relaxation, but then 202km proved a little too long – he was caught with twokm left in the final climb. “I was fine, tried everything and I do not think I made any big mistakes. And if other riders are stronger, then do not be sad. All in all, it was a great day for the team and it is therefore, I “m I am very satisfied”, his conclusion was nevertheless positive.

Rightly so, for Kämman is often particularly strong in the third week, and this Giro gives him at least three more options for another coup

“Will be up for debate”: Bora’s tactics raise questions

3.) The mishap remains true to Pozzovivo

Domenico Pozzovivo is at the start of the Giro for the 16th time, but his chances on the podium have never seemed so great. The veteran always kept the distance within the limits of the mountain stages in his typical style, before the 16th stage he was in fifth place, 31 seconds behind the podium.

But then it hit him again: a fall on the Mortirolo descent threw him back – a problem with the brakes slowed him down. Bitter for the 39-year-old, who at the end had to bitterly realize with a tattered shirt: “Luck was lacking, but it runs throughout my career.”

Because serious falls kept throwing him back: At the Giro 2015, for example, there were minutes of fear for his life as he lay motionless on the asphalt after a bad crash, after a bad training accident in 2019, his career seemed to be over .

The 1.65 meter tall climber, who first got a new contract in February 2022 and was able to remain a professional, always fought back. At least his bigger gap in the general standings now at least increases the chances of a stage victory – so far he only climbed to the top of the podium once in the Giro ten years ago.

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