Ferrari should “take a few more spare parts”

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Alonso: Formula 1 more important than Triple Crown

When Fernando Alonso left Formula 1 at the end of 2018, he had one big goal: He would become the second driver after Graham Hill to win the legendary Triple Crown.

Although he is now “only” an Indy 500 victory away, he tells the BBC about the unofficial title: “It’s less of a goal now.”

You can find out why he changed his mind here!


Monaco: Benefit for Leclerc?

Anyone who is on pole in Monaco is already halfway to victory. That could be an advantage for local hero Leclerc this year, who has started from pole position in four of the season’s six races. Verstappen and Perez each took their own pole.

In return, there is the Ferrari driver’s “Monaco Curse”. In fact, Leclerc has never reached the finish line in Monaco! That was already the case in his first two attempts in 2018 and 2019, in 2020 the GP was canceled due to Corona.

Last year, Leclerc was on pole but then could not start because he crashed at the end of Q3. And the curse continued this year as well, when he recently dismantled a historic Ferrari owned by Niki Lauda.

At least in qualifying, it should not fail this year. But with Leclerc’s Monaco record so far, anything seems possible …


Ricciardo so bad or Norris so good?

Incidentally, Brown also asked this question himself in the said conversation. “It also shows how good Lando is,” he says of Ricciardo’s current deficit, explaining that Norris is “one of the best drivers in the world” at the moment.

In fact, some riders are fighting even harder than Ricciardo in the internal duel this year. The Australian is “only” after Norris in the race duel with 2: 4, in the qualifying duel it is 1: 5.

On the other hand, Sainz and Zhou are still completely without a win against their respective teammates in six attempts in the qualification, in the race duel, Alpine is 0: 6 against Ocon from Alonso’s point of view.

An overview of all qualifying, sprint and race duels for the 2022 season can be found here!


Brown holds Ricciardo accountable

The Australian’s future has recently been a topic in the ticker several times. Although his McLaren contract officially runs until the end of 2023, his boss Zak Brown is now taking on Ricciardo in conversation with ‘Sky’.

There, he says, Norris currently “definitely” has an advantage over Ricciardo. “Obviously we would like to see Daniel much closer to Lando,” Brown said. But Ricciardo does not feel comfortable with the new car.

This was also the case in 2021 for a long time. And with the exception of his win at Monza and a few other races, Ricciardo has yet to meet McLaren’s “expectations,” Brown admits. A pretty clear statement.

Ricciardo’s Monaco victory in 2018 felt like an eternity since …


Wolff: Mercedes must continue to seize the opportunities

Mercedes currently has no winning car. Despite this, the Silver Arrows in the World Cup are “only” 75 points behind leading Red Bull after the first six races of the season Russell is only 36 points behind Verstappen among the drivers.

The gap can already be significantly larger on both World Cup rankings. At ‘Sky’, Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff explains that the chance of still being able to intervene in the title fight in 2022 is “always there”.

“In terms of pace,” they are “not yet” on par with the top two teams, according to Wolff. But while Ferrari and Red Bull continue to lose points, Mercedes drivers are reliably accumulating points.

So far this year, Mercedes has only had to handle a single zero when Hamilton finished 13th in Imola. For comparison: At Ferrari and Red Bull, there were already three zero numbers!

Thus, Mercedes is at least within striking distance of the World Cup.


Tsunoda: New format makes it easier

So far, the first two training sessions in Monaco have always taken place on Thursdays. In 2022, that is no longer the case. There is no longer a free Friday, but from this year the race runs as in all other weekends from Friday to Sunday.

“I think the new format […] should make it easier, “explains Yuki Tsunoda. That way you can stay in rhythm better. He does not have even the best memories of Monaco, last year he was eliminated in Q1 and finished in 16th place.

“On my second visit this time, I want a better idea of ​​how to build speed and stay focused throughout the sessions,” the Japanese said. Aim for his Q3 on Saturday and points on Sunday.

Maybe the new format will help him.


Leclerc and Sainz come to the cinema

At least with their voices. Both got a little cameo appearance in the new Disney movie “Lightyear”. Both will lend their voice to the same character.

Leclerc speaks the Italian version, Sainz the Spanish. But of course that also means you are not going to hear the two of them in the German-language version of the film.

Not the first collaboration between Disney and Ferrari by the way. Michael Schumacher could already be heard in the movie Cars.

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