Danger of relegation from the Bundesliga: Gießen 46ers on the abyss

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Long faces on the Gießen 46ers bench and among the fans after the home defeat against Würzburg. © Harald Friedrich

After 97: 110 against Würzburg, the relegation from the Basketball Bundesliga is getting closer and closer for the Giessen 46ers. The club has also recognized the signs – and is already planning for Pro A.

Gießen – At the start of the important basketball Bundesliga match for the Gießen 46ers on Saturday night in front of 1422 visitors in the East Hall, power forward Nuni Omot secured on his own an 8: 2 lead (2nd). However, the visitors then managed a 10-0 run, which forced Gießen’s head coach Pete Strobl to call his first time-out early (5th). Above all defensively showed 46ers weaknesses, which Würzburg punished coldly and led double-digit for the first time at 25:15 (8th). However, Gießen did not give up and came back thanks to Martin Laksa: within a minute the letter scored three threes – only interrupted by a successful long shot from Luciano Parodi – and reduced the gap to one point (30:31, 12.).

There followed a competition phase where the lead between the two teams constantly changed hands. Würzburg could rely on their ability to counter-attack whenever possible. At the break, it was 54:56 – also thanks to Tim Uhlemann: With the score 50:56, Kendale McCullum only hit the first of his two free throws. With the second, Uhlemann first got rebound and then let the ball fly into the net from outside.

Gießen 46ers: decline in last quarter

Even after the break, neither team was able to break out decisively. At 46ers, McCullum was weak to throw despite his 20 points, but handed out 15 assists. In Würzburg, on the other hand, a lot went through Desi Rodriguez, who injured himself when he scored to 67:68 and had to be replaced (25th). Uhlemann, who converted three more to 73:72 and scored 13 double-digit points for the first time in the BBL, aroused enthusiasm among Gießen fans.

Anyone who thought that after McCullum’s buzzer beater to 83:83 would gain momentum in Gießen was bitterly disappointed: Led by Craig Møller, who scored nine of his 13 points in the final quarter, the visitors started with a 7-0 run . . Although the 46s came back to three points in the middle of the quarter, they failed to stop the Würzburg attack. It again gave gallows humor even among the “behind the basket faction” in the standing block: “Everything under control, on the sinking ship” resounded through the hall, while Møller, Cameron Hunt and William Buford scored further goals for 110th place: 97 victory to the guests.

Gießen 46ers: Coach Pete Strobl’s Residence Open

At the press conference that followed, Pete Strobl was frustrated: “To win matches in this league, you also have to defend,” the coach said, and when asked by this newspaper it was clear: “If you only have 14 errors at the end of A game it shows. ” already what. As a team, we did not defend physically enough! “

Almost at the same time, emotions ran high in the foyer of the east hall during the “fan talk” with Uhlemann and sports director Sebastian Schmidt: Schmidt received particularly clear reproaches from the approximately 25 attendees present. He explained, among other things, that coach Strobl’s whereabouts are very questionable – just as a direct resurgence is: “When I see who is now fighting for promotion in ProA, we must make a great effort to create the framework for a successful season. “Schmidt then said to this newspaper and did not utter the words when it came to Halle:” If there is no new hall in the next few years, it has been with 1st division basketball in Gießen! “

And how is it going in terms of staff? While the CEO’s contract is also valid in the 2nd division, the players only have contracts for BBL. According to Schmidt, there are still players with whom the 46s could imagine further collaboration. One of these candidates is Tim Uhlemann: “He played a good match today, but has generally developed very well. He could also become an important player for us in ProA, and we hope we can find a way to get together. on there, ”praised Schmidt, the 23-year-old from Giessen.

Gießen 46ers: Is Captain Kendale McCullum ashore?

Schmidt, on the other hand, sees little chance of staying with top scorers Omot and McCullum. The latter became captain and fan favorite thanks to his commitment and leadership qualities, but thanks to his abilities, he has long aroused the interest of other clubs: “Of course I talked to my agent about it. “Nevertheless, I’m concentrating on saving Giessen from being relegated to Pro A and doing everything I can to win matches for this club, this city and the people here,” said the point guard, who will take a stand on his future after The end of the season, however, that it is in Giessen should have become almost impossible after the defeat on Saturday.

But there are still six matches left before the main round is over. The 46ers had to win four of them to catch up with Mitteldeutsche BC and Braunschweig in terms of victories. On Wednesday at 7 pm, Löwen from Braunschweig, who is still involved in the relegation battle, will visit the Osthalle before the derby on Sunday against Frankfurters, who have almost been relegated. (grm)

Cast: McCullum (21 points, 15 assists), Omot (18), Nawrocki (6), Kraushaar, Laksa (9), Begue, Uhlemann (13), Miller (13), Koch (8), Fayne II (9) .

Würzburg: Abu (6), Callison (6), Albus, Møller (13), Rodriguez (16), Hunt (28), Hoffmann (3), Buford (13), Stanic (13, 10 rebounds).

Quarterly results: 21:28, 33:28, 29:27, 14:27.

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