“Corona Panic” made Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth a politician

Greifswald.When the captain of “Stubnitz” through the loudspeaker asked who would like to try the wheel of the motor ship, Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth was not long in asking. The steamer ride leads from the museum harbor via the towpath and Wieck out into Greifswald Bay.

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“I have a boat certificate. We have just passed our motorboat, ‘Santiano’,” chats Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth. She clearly feels comfortable at the wheel, although “Stubnitz” is much longer with its 26 meters than “Santiano”. would also like to take over the helm of the Hanseatic city of Greifswald and is one of seven candidates for the post of mayor.

Motorboating as a common hobby

Water sports are one of her younger hobbies. She first got her motorboat certificate last fall. Together with her husband, she goes out after work or on weekends, small rounds in Bodden or to Rügen and Usedom on weekends, to the Szczecin lagoon during the summer holidays.

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Sporty versatile and successful

As soon as the temperatures allow, she also likes to swim long distances. Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth is athletic even, goes to the gym twice a week, rides a lot. She was selected for the swimming squad in first class, switched to athletics and as a 13-year-old to handball, where she finally placed in the second highest League in the GDR game. She became German champion and vice world champion in 2003 with her shepherd dog, which has the unusual name Attaque von der Adeleg.

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Ambitious mother and confident father

“When I started something new, I always had great success,” says Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth, looking back. This applies not only to her sports career, but also her professional life. She is confident, ambitious and confident, qualities that she says her parents gave her for life.

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Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth first studied sports education. But because there were no teaching positions after the reunification, she took a commercial apprenticeship in Württemberg, where she lived for a total of 14 years and worked in a patent law firm.

Marriage and daughter led to MV

After meeting her future husband, she moved to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, near Wismar, when their daughter was born in 2004. There she changed careers and entered the shipbuilding industry, where she became a buyer of paint, insulation, scaffolding and the like at Neptune. / Meyer shipyard. Later, they recruited the MV yards. At the time, the mother was studying business law at the University of Wismar while working before moving to Greifswald in 2018 for love.

The Friendship Book Page by Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth.

Jens-Oliver Wermter, captain of “MS Stubnitz”, is pleased to have an expert on board. He talks about the difficulties of finding a shipyard to repair his ships. Eventually he had to drive to Szczecin to get “Stubnitz” brought into shape. Schuppa-Wittfoth is already in his role as mayoral candidate, listening to concerns, understanding.

The Corona crisis brought her into politics

She found her way to the candidacy and into politics through the Corona crisis. “When the pandemic started in early 2020, I did not understand the great panic that erupted in society, which was repeatedly carried by politics and the media,” Schuppa-Wittfoth looks back. Her husband was among those who were very worried. “He wondered what if we also get Corona,” she recalls. “I started gathering information and getting various scientific opinions to dispel my husband’s fears,” says Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth, who has not been vaccinated.

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OZ panel discussion with all candidates

On June 8, OSTSEE-ZEITUNG invites to one Panel debate with all seven candidates. The debate starts at 7 pm and takes place in St. Spiritus’ courtyard (Lange Straße 49).

During this time, we want to discuss topics that concern the people of Greifswald with the candidates. Do you have yourself Questions to the candidates, you can give them on the spot or email them in advance to [email protected] The entire debate will also be broadcast live on www.ostsee-zeitung.de.

Seven candidates have been found for the June 12 election. They are Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth (base), Daniel Küther (independent), Lea Siewert (party), Madeleine Tolani (CDU), Konstantin Zirwick (FDP), Stefan Fassbinder (Greens) and Gamal Khalil (independent). OSTSEE-ZEITUNG will present them all before the panel debate.

Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth listens to podcasts, parliamentary debates or scientific articles one to three hours a day. She especially likes the ZDF podcast by Markus Lanz and Richard David Precht. She is also strict and disciplined when it comes to eating. To live a healthy life, she avoids household sugar, wheat and pork.

In the state board of the DieBasis party

In September 2021, she joined the DieBasis party, which won 1.4 percent of the vote in the federal election and is very critical of the corona measures. She is a member of the state board and was asked by the party to run for mayor in Greifswald.

She did so too because she wanted to distance herself from the current mayor, who describes unvaccinated people as a lack of solidarity and thus divides society from her point of view. “I find the 2G rule inhuman, and I’m still amazed at it to this day,” says Schuppa-Wittfoth. In December 2021, she sent an open letter to Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD).

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Dialogue between vaccination advocates and vaccination opponents

A little later, the head of the State Chancellery, Patrick Dahlemann (SPD), contacted her. There was an open dialogue, as Schuppa-Wittfoth emphasizes. A third interview will follow soon. She also initiated such a dialogue with the clergy couple in the cathedral parish and their members, the mayor and participants in the Monday demos. “The conversation was informative, interesting and characterized by objectivity and respect,” says Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth. However, she did not have the feeling that the mayor himself was open to arguments. It’s something she wants to do differently and that’s why she wants to get behind the wheel.

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