Acute at the cup final: patient (48) is still in intensive care

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The emergency at the DFB Cup final moved millions. The patient is still in intensive care – his identity is now known.

Update from May 23, 2022: After the final whistle of the cup final, millions were worried about the patient receiving emergency medical care on the sidelines. How is his health now? According to picture the man is still in the intensive care unit of a clinic in Berlin, he does so according to the circumstances. He must not have had breathing or pulse late Saturday night before being resuscitated. According to the report, this preceded a heart attack as a result of an epileptic seizure.

that picture now also reports who the man is: the head of the company that made the trophy and takes care of the engraving, 48 years old. The naming of his rumored name should be dispensed with here. Keep getting healthy!

Acute at the cup final: the patient had neither pulse nor breathing – according to DFB it was not a spectator

Our article from May 22, 2022: Berlin – Sport suddenly became very, very irrelevant: An emergency medical call after the final whistle at the DFB Cup final in Berlin not only moved the people at the Olympic Stadium. But also millions in front of the TV screens. Because of the quickly set up privacy screen, no one could notice what was happening. But everyone knew: It must be something serious!

Emergency at the DFB Cup final: one person collapses on the sidelines

One person collapsed on the sidelines. Paramedics screened the rescue operation with blankets from the more than 74,000 spectators at the stadium, the fans at the stadium became silent. An ambulance drove into the stadium.

The honor of cup winner RB Leipzig was delayed, stadium speakers and TV commentators kept the respective spectators updated. And the fans at the stadium showed goosebumps: Many had turned on their mobile phone lights and held them up – probably as a sign of solidarity and standing together.

Several fans lit up with their smartphones. © IMAGO / Matthias Koch

Fortunately, good news followed later. After just under 20 minutes, the stadium spokesman said the patient was “stable” and was taken to the hospital. “We wish him a speedy recovery and say a big thank you to the rescue workers,” the spokesman said.

Emergency at the DFB Cup final: person must be resuscitated

People were also kept updated via Twitter – shortly after midnight, the Berlin fire brigade wrote: “One person was successfully revived by the forces of ASB and the Berlin fire brigade and was then taken to a clinic with an emergency doctor.” example with the following words: “Thank you .. many thanks. Great effort from everyone involved. Being fully functional from 0 to 100 deserves a lot of respect.”

Cup winner RB Leipzig also commented on Twitter. “The patient is stable and is being taken to hospital for further treatment. Please get well soon – that’s the most important thing in all of this! Thanks also to the rescue workers for the great effort! ”It said from the official account.

Emergency at the DFB Cup final: the person probably worked there

For a long time, for example, it was said on ARD that a photographer had collapsed. Sunday morning was there though picture: It’s about a person who worked at the Olympic Stadium and had access to the interior. According to picture Cardiac massage and defibrillators were used.

According to dpa information, the person had a work card for the final. It was not a spectator, it sounded on Sunday from the German Football Association (DFB). Further details were not known.

SC Freiburg - RB Leipzig cup final emergency doctor
The person received medical attention on the sidelines after the penalty shootout. © Robert Michael / dpa

Emergency at the DFB Cup final: person had neither pulse nor breathing

According to the Berlin fire department late Saturday night, the person was resuscitated. The man regained his heart rate and breathing and was taken to hospital. There was no new information about his condition Sunday.

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger also praised the emergency services, he wrote via Instagram: “Big compliments to the doctors and paramedics who responded so well in this situation.”

“Get well soon for the person, we did not see who it was,” said Leipzig captain Péter Gulácsi. “It overshadows everything a little bit, but we’re really looking forward to the trophy, to the city, to our club and to our fans.”

The award ceremony, which was delayed due to the rescue operation, could finally take place. After a score of 1-1 after regular time, RB Leipzig had won the DFB Cup on penalties.

The accident at the stadium was reminiscent of the Danish football player Christian Eriksen. The midfielder collapsed on June 12, 2021 after a cardiac arrest during the Danish national team’s match against Finland at the European Championships in England. The doctors saved his life. He now lives with an implanted defibrillator and has made his comeback to professional football. (linen with side / AFP)

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