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That can not be true!

Wimbledon, the world’s most famous tennis tournament, has decided to ban Russian and Belarusian professionals. A response to the Russian-led and Belarus-backed war in Ukraine.

But those who should be hit are now the winners. One in particular: the Russian Daniil Medvedev (26). In response to the Wimbledon decision, the men’s and women’s tennis organizations ATP and WTA, in coordination with the world federation ITF, announced that they would not award world ranking points in the event of the exclusion of athletes from Russia and Belarus.

Thus, Wimbledon degenerates into a show tournament that is all about prestige. Whereby, if some of the best are missing, the question is how much such a gain is worth. World No. 2 Medvedev will now be the new No. 1 after Wimbledon in July, replacing Novak Djokovic (35) for the second time. The Serb will lose the 2000 points for his victory in 2021.

On the other hand, Medvedev hardly loses points because he was eliminated in the quarterfinals. So very bitter for Djokovic, he loses 4000 points in total this year. The first loss, however, was his fault because he was not vaccinated against Corona before the Australian Open and was expelled from Australia before the tournament started.

Djokovic after his first round victory in Paris against Yoshihito Nishioka (Japan): “I do not have a chance to play at Wimbledon and defend my victory. Of course it hits me hard.”

His first action after the announcement by the English: “I have spoken to the management, the chairman of the ATP and some councilors in the last few days. If a mistake is made and Wimbledon made one, then we have to show that it have consequences. “

For the first time since the US Open 2021 in a Grand Slam tournament: Novak DjokovicFoto: Getty Images

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For the first time since the US Open 2021 in a Grand Slam tournament: Novak DjokovicPhoto: Getty Images

But he had imagined it differently, also because there were probably other solutions. “I found out a few days ago that there was a recommendation from the British government to the All England Club (the hosts at Wimbledon – ed.), Which gave them a number of options. It was not just this one on the table. “They have not talked to anyone from ATP or even individual players or Russian or Belarusian players to find a compromise that works,” Djokovic said.

His clear opinion: “It was a wrong decision that I do not support at all. This is a super sensitive issue in these times, and whatever they decide on will unfortunately create a lot of conflicts, more division than uniting. ”

Wimbledon, the most famous tennis facility in the world.  There will be no world rankings this yearFoto: POOL/Pool via REUTERS

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Wimbledon, the most famous tennis facility in the world. There will be no world rankings this yearPhoto: POOL / Pool via REUTERS

But the 20-time Grand Slam winner wants to unite the tennis world. “I have heard that there have also been some recommendations from the WTA and ATP that possibly men and women from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia could play together at a show event during the tournament, or there could be mixed doubles and the prize money could go to the victims go to Ukraine.There were different ideas, but unfortunately there was never really a clear communication from Wimbledon.

So it comes to the situation that Medvedev emerges as the major recipient of the Wimbledon campaign. That was certainly not the goal. There is no sign that the tournament will collapse after pressure from the ATP, WTA and ITF in light of these consequences.

Belarus's Aryna Sabalenka, number 7 in the world, is the best player from Russia or Belarus not allowed to play in WimbledonFoto: Alessandra Tarantino/AP

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Belarus’s Aryna Sabalenka, number 7 in the world, is the best player from Russia or Belarus not allowed to play in WimbledonPhoto: Alessandra Tarantino / AP

»Everyone is affected. Of course, a Grand Slam is still a Grand Slam. As a kid, Wimbledon was always my dream tournament. Do not see it through the lens of points or prize money. For me, it’s something else. But here, too, there must be some standards or criteria, some respect, mutual respect, I think. ”

His conclusion: “This is one of those decisions and situations where there will always be someone who will suffer more than others. It is a kind of loss-loss situation for everyone, I would say. “

Alexander Zverev (25), on the other hand, escapes with a black eye. Also, he was eliminated early in the quarterfinals and loses fewer points than others. In addition to Djokovic, the finalist Matteo Berrettini (26 / Italy), who comes far behind, is particularly affected. In addition, the semifinalists Hubert Hurkacz (25 / Poland / No. 13) and Denis Shapovalov (23 / Canada / No. 15) lose many points. All no Russians or Belarusians …

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