Spangenberger outdoor pool opens on May 26th

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Still without bathers: members of the Pro Aqua Association and representatives of VR-Bank Spangenberg-Morschen next to the new water slide. Ascension Day, bathing begins. © Manfred Schaake

For two years, the outdoor pools in the Melsungen district could only be used to a limited extent. We present our bathrooms in a series. Spangenberg today.

Spangenberg – After the end of the corona restrictions, the Spangenberger Förderverein Pro Aqua – wir sin Freibad will really get going again. The expectation for the season opener is so much the greater.

Liebenbachbad opens Ascension Day at 10. A swimming festival will be held on Saturday 28 May under the motto “Opening after complete renovation”. Another attraction is the new water slide, to which VR-Banken Spangenberg-Morschen donated 20,000 euros.


The spa, idyllically located in the Pfieffetal, was threatened with closure. The association Pro Aqua has run the pool since 2016. “Without our association, the pool would not exist anymore,” says Claudia Schenk, the association’s president, in the HNA interview. It was founded on May 22, 2005 and now has 520 members. The Board of Directors welcomes the increasing trend.

New slide: Spangenberger Liebenbachbad taken from the air.  The new slide is clearly visible.  In the immediate vicinity are tennis courts and the campsite.
New slide: Spangenberger Liebenbachbad taken from the air. The new slide is clearly visible. In the immediate vicinity are tennis courts and the campsite. © Ruth Broche


A slide to the swimming pool is brand new. The pool naturally has a heated pool with swimmers and non-swimmers, a 3 meter seesaw and a seesaw as well as a slide in the non-swimmers area. There is also a paddling pool for young children and a playground to soak up the sun.

There is also a beach volleyball court and a basketball hoop. If you just want to relax, look for a place on the lawn or one of the beach chairs. A variety of small snacks, ice creams and beverages are also offered.


Without the volunteers, the pool would no longer exist: it became clear once again when the helpers scored a goal. About 30 constitute the “hard core,” as one of them puts it. “The bathroom is our baby,” says one, emphasizing, “Without us, the bathroom would have been filled.” And this quote was also made at the meeting: “We are happy as small children”.

“Volunteering is invaluable,” said Miriam Koch, the association’s second treasurer. Peter Dahnke came up with the idea of ​​founding the company. It takes around 100,000 euros a year to keep the pool running. Claudia Schenk describes the club’s greatest success as follows: “We are delighted to have managed that all political bodies have decided to renovate the pool for 750,000 euros.”

support association

The association’s most important achievement is the operation of the pool, says Schenk. This also includes technology and pool supervision. A local company pays the annual electricity costs of around 30,000 euros and the city bears the water costs. Nevertheless, nothing works without the support association. Last summer, members laid 1,200 square feet of paving.

Vice-President Thomas Ackermann welcomes: “We do not lack recognition.” Board member Dieter Ruppel calls the group of helpers a task force. Heinz Ploß (74) belongs to the hard core of the helpers. “I’ve been swimming here since 1958,” says the former butcher. “In the old pool we swam in Pfieffe’s streams.”

He is committed to the association “to preserve Spangenberg’s cultural values”. “We are proud of our family-friendly bathroom,” says Ruppel. His wish: that the workforce would also be supported by more younger people. “We remain loyal supporters of the city,” the aides say.

Smooth as glass: The pool is beautifully landscaped - the new slide is waiting in friendly orange.
Smooth as glass: The pool is beautifully landscaped – the new slide is waiting in friendly orange. © Manfred Schaake


The new water slide will be inaugurated at the party on Saturday. VR-Banken Spangenberg has donated 20,000 euros to this. Thanks to the association’s initiative, Liebebachbadet makes the Spangenberg site more habitable, said Jens Diegel, chairman of the board, and Miriam Koch, who is responsible for marketing.

The bank was happy to help the development association, “because the region is important to us and we like to invest in the region’s future and infrastructure.” Diegel praised the development association’s work with a quote from Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen: “What one person cannot do alone, many people can do.”

“Opening after complete renovation” – this is the motto of the opening ceremony on Saturday 28 May. The opening party begins at 2 pm with worship. According to the program, Mayor Andreas Rehm, District Administrator Winfried Becker and District President Mark Weinmeister will speak from 2:30 p.m. There will be a disco from kl.

entrance fees

Tickets for the new bathing season are available in advance at the tourist office on Rathausstraße 7. Children aged seven and over pay 2 euros, adults pay 3.50 euros. Season tickets cost 30 and 50 euros – families pay 100 euros. Children under six are free.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 19:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 19:00. Contact: Gritt Heinze, Tel. 0 56 63/50 90 40.

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