On rolls through the sports park on the Sachsenweg

Katharina Fegebank, district senator: “Sportpark Sachsenweg is a meeting place – here recreational kickers meet fitness enthusiasts and skateboarders. Our goal must be that everyone in our city can play as much sport as they want. This includes a modern range of sports in the public space, which also meets the needs of the population. It is therefore important that we modernize the sports park with the neighboring fund and increase the opportunities for outdoor sports. I am especially pleased that we are realizing the creation of the new skate park. Because it is a good example of how citizens – no matter how old or young – can take the design of their district into their own hands. ”

Dr Andreas Dressel, Senator for Finance: “We spend more than half a billion euros on investments in sports facilities throughout Hamburg. We also make a contribution with the district and financial authorities’ neighboring fund. For several years we have supported a large number of projects in the districts and districts. The Sachsenweg sports park with its diverse range of applications fits in perfectly here. Here a fantastic facility is created for young and old! A fine joint project of town and district! ”

Kay Gätgens, Eimsbüttel District Office Manager: “With the new skate park and fitness island, we want to offer modern sports and also specifically cater to young people and recreational athletes. The initiative to renovate the skate park eventually came from young people. In our participation process, we specifically addressed young people and asked them how they imagined a modern facility that they would like to use. The funds from the district fund now give us the opportunity to carry out our wishes. ”

Sachsenweg Sports Park

Before construction began, the Sachsenweg sports park had a natural grass court with a court, an artificial turf court and a tennis court. In addition, there were athletics auxiliary facilities and a skate park as well as a football field / small field on the pitch. There is also a three-court hall, which is used as a performance center for table tennis. Niendorfer TSV, one of the largest district sports clubs in Hamburg, is also located on the Sachsenweg with its clubhouse, a fitness center and a tennis court.

Due to the low utilization and non-standard design of the former Grandplatz, the Eimsbüttel district office – with the participation of the district’s sports facilities and the Niendorfer TSV – converted the space into a somewhat shortened, standard-compatible artificial turf pitch. Here especially youth teams can play. The artificial turf pitch was completed in December 2021. During this reorganization, the areas throughout the southern part of the sports park have been reorganized. The offers of leisure sports should not only be explicitly retained, but also adapted to the current needs of the district. A lounge area with a fitness island will therefore be newly created.

About four years ago, a student initiative led to a campaign for the renewal of the skate park. This was no longer designed in a modern way and was used relatively little due to its condition. The need was explicitly confirmed by Hamburger Skateboard eV and as part of the participation process. The skate park will therefore be significantly modernized this year to complete the construction work. The recreation area / fitness island and the 600 square meter skate park will not only be used by schools and clubs, but by all interested parties.

Financing from the neighboring fund

The total measure costs around 1.5 million euros. Of this, a total of 640,000 euros comes from the investment district fund, of which 149,000 euros for a four meter high and 30 meter long noise shielding wall. District Senator Katharina Fegebank and Finance Senator Andreas Dressel now delivered the funding announcement and, together with District Office Manager Kay Gätgens, got an idea of ​​the construction progress on the site.

The Investment District Fund, which has been in existence since 2018, provides financial support to the infrastructure in the Hamburg districts through targeted projects. Children and youth facilities as well as social projects, district culture or sports facilities are taken into account. In coordination between the district authority and the districts, investment measures can be specifically supported or co-financed on the spot. The District Fund purposefully supports districts, district assemblies and district administration in improving and expanding local infrastructure.

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