Mirjam Weichselbraun: From Bravo Girl to TV Host,

Despite its popularity, it is mother of two
Mirjam Weichselbraun managed to keep her privacy very much in the background. Therefore, we do not know much about her youth in Innsbruck, where she was born in 1981 and grew up there. What you do know is that they are finishing their schooling – along with twin sister Melanie
– graduated from the academic high school in the Tyrolean capital.

One hears again and again about one of her passions, which was already evident in her youth: chess. Though one attributes to lovers of this sovereign discipline among board games introspective characteristics, it was quite different with Miriam. Already as a 17-year-old she gathered at home Radio station Antenna Tirol first media experiences
– and for that you have to be an extrovert. That’s what the Tyrolean is about …

PROFILE – Mirjam Weichselbraun

  • Last name:
    Miriam Weichselbraun
  • Born on:
    September 27, 1981 in Innsbruch, Tyrol
  • Place of residence:
  • Profession:
    presenter, actress
  • Marital status:
    married to music manager Ben Mawson
  • Children:
    Maja 10 years, Lola 3 years
  • Size:
    1.68 m
  • Zodiac sign:

Mirjam Weichselbraun’s career start: Bravo Girl

In the year 2000
passed a milestone: The Choice for Bravo girl and boy
fell on Weichselbraun and handball player Michael Kraus. From there it went with Baking career:
First of all, she was hired by Tirol TV as a killer for the cultural program “Das Magazin” In 2001, she then applied to the newly founded TV station “Viva Plus”.

The result was eight months of “Cologne Day”, a program in which musicians were interviewed. Then Munich called with MTV Germany, later Berlin, where she became the face of the programs Select MTV and TRL.

(c) WOMAN / Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz

Mirjam Weichselbraun becomes an audience puller

In addition to working on MTV, Weichselbraun moderated an online magazine for ZDF from 2003 in the “Wetten, dass ..?” Show, where she attracted attention with her spontaneity and liveliness in interviewing celebrities.

From this year onwards, an unprecedented, uninterrupted series of moderation tasks began: The lively Mirjam was able to present everything that draws audiences in Austria and Germany and among the formats that have the greatest success.

Milestones: Dancing Stars, Life Ball, Kiddy Contest and Co.

Highlights have been Expedition Austria since 2004 – live with Christian Clerici. A long-term success story began in 2005 with “Dancing Stars” and over the years with colleagues Alfons Haider, Klaus Eberhartinger and Norbert Oberhauser. The now mother of two was born four times, namely in 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2012 with one each Golden Romy

The RTL show “Dancing on Ice”, “Life Ball”, “Kiddy Contest” and also the actual Romy Awards and the hit giants on Sat.1 were other prominent moderation stations. Then followed another job that most German-speaking moderators would probably fight for: Die Live broadcast of the Vienna Opera Ballet for ORF,
together with Alfons Haider and Barbara Rett.

Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna

Another highlight: from February to March 2015, Weichselbraun led through the preliminary decision to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Germany – she was then also the moderator of the Wiener Stadthalle along with Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer. Since last year, she has moderated “The Masked Singer Austria” instead of Arabella Kiesbauer.

More information about Mirjam Weichselbraun:

Mirjam the all-rounder and workhorse

If you look at the list of appearances and other film and TV productions, it’s hard to believe that one person could have done it alone. And with a good portion of pedantry at work, which she herself repeatedly mentions as one of her qualities in interviews.

In addition to all her appearances as presenter and host,
Miriam has worked as an actress in a total of 21 film and series productions (e.g. with Manuel Rubey in 2013 in Zweitsitzrakete), two synchronization work
(around 2007 in “Bee Movie – The Honey Conspiracy”, which was spoken in the original by Renee ‘Zellweger) and also counted five audio books (2006 Jan Drees’ novel radio play Latter Days).
As a finishing touch, she also took on a theatrical role at Theater an der Josefstadt in 2009: She was Sugar Kane in “Some Like It Hot”.

The podcast “Behind the Scenes”.

In 2021, the talented interviewer started with something completely new: She started the podcast “Back & Stage” with Tommy Schmidle, where the guests included Michael Herbig, Ellie Goulding and Frank Elstner. She describes the podcast’s motto as follows:

»We like to ask critical questions and discuss healthy and invite our guests because we think they are exciting and like to talk to them.«

Mirjam Weichselbraun about her privacy

As already mentioned, her privacy for Miriam Weichselbraun is not “part of the game”, as she puts it in an interview:

»I want to do my job as professionally as possible so I do everything. My privacy has nothing to do with it.«

At least that Relationships
But no one who is in the spotlight can prevent it from becoming public. So we know that Weichselbraun was in a relationship with the singer Marque until 2007. Then until 2011 with Saturday 1 breakfast TV host Jan Hahn. For almost ten years she has been in a relationship with and now married to Ben Mawson, a successful British music manager.

In 2013, it was announced live on “Dancing Stars” that she was one of his infant
expected – Maja was born in September 2013. Lola was born in August 2019.

The couple is not very romantic. Sour cherry brown in breakfast talk. “There was no first dance for the wedding either. And getting married was not important to me at first, but then I thought it was a fine statement.” The family lives in the London borough of Islington – according to Freud: despite great wealth, it is normal and not very luxurious …

Career break for the family

In August In 2020, the presenter said goodbye to “Dancing Stars”
with the following words on Instagram:

»So I wanted to host this show at the expense of my kids’ well-being, and one thing is clear to me: no show in the world is worth it. I would like to say many thanks for this understanding, which ORF also shows.«

In 2021, for the 14th season of the dance show, she returned – but this time with another moderation partner, Norbert Oberhauser had taken over Klaus Eberhartinger’s job.

Miriam’s exercise and nutrition plan

The actress and host likes to train with you Personal Trainer
at practice. According to their own statements, it’s not about being slim:

»That’s not why I train – I do not care. I do it just because I can clear my head.«

When it comes to eating, the extremely slim mother of two sometimes likes a little more and admits in an interview: “I have a soft spot for good food: I love to cook and party.” And every now and then, she even indulges in her favorite calorie bomb: pancakes with Nutella and bananas.

Mirjam Weichselbrauns fashion style

Austria’s fashion guru Adi Weiss has witnessed his girlfriend’s “unusual fashion taste”. In an interview with him, she describes her style: “It fluctuates with my mood. Sometimes I can not get out of my sweatpants for days, and then it suddenly turns into a leather skirt and ankle boots. But in general, it should be uncomplicated.”
For her, there is actually no fashion no-gos: “People make fashion, not the other way around. I have a hard time just following any trend blindly.”

Than you Sienna Miller describes her as a fashion role model:
“Somehow she’s never fussy. Looks modern without chasing a trend. Otherwise, it’s hard to fool Kate Moss in terms of fashion.”

Miriam Weichselbraun’s numerous awards

  • 2006: Romy: Special Jury Prize (Dancing Stars)
  • 2007: ORF Top Spot Award
  • 2008: Leading Ladies Award 2008
  • 2008: Romy as the most popular talk and show host
  • 2010: IPTV Award Audience Award for backstage interviews at Wetten, dass ..?
  • 2011: Romy as the most popular show entertainer
  • 2012: Romy as the most popular show entertainer
  • 2015: Tyrols of the year

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