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After the final game against Bonn, the managers of the basketball Bundesliga club Hamburg Towers are faced with a colossal task: A new coach is needed, as well as an almost completely new team and a new jersey sponsor.

“My hope is that it was not the highlight of the Hamburg Towers and that if we work well we can get back into that situation,” said sporting director Marvin Willoughby. The organization needs to improve little by little, he continued, but also admitted: “And it’s going to be very, very difficult after the last two years.”

Success coach Calles is gone

In the first three years of expertise, the Towers gradually established themselves in the Bundesliga. In their premiere season in the Eurocup, they also reached the round of 16 this year. The successes of coach Pedro Calles are significantly related. But the 38-year-old Spaniard announced his retirement after two years before the playoffs in the Bundesliga. 88:95 against Bonn on Friday night was his last match as Towers maker. According to the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, the coveted coach has been drawn to league rivals Baskets Oldenburg.

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Hollatz in the NBA?

For some professionals, the match on Friday could also have been the last appearance in the Towers jersey. The curse of Hamburg’s success is that top players who are released can no longer be held back. Willoughby knows that some players are caught by more financially strong clubs. An experience that the club management had to make last year.

Unique talent Justus Hollatz hopes for a commitment to the North American Professional League NBA. But the German top clubs Alba Berlin and Bayern Munich are also opportunities for natives from Hamburg. “Everything is still open,” said the 21-year-old international, who became “the best young player in the BBL” for the second time. It is also highly unlikely that Towers supporters such as Jaylon Brown, Caleb Homesley, Maik Kotsar, Max DiLeo, Seth Hinrichs and Robin Christen will be present.

Not competitive without a new hall

But the framework conditions also involve a lot of work for the association. The former jersey sponsor resigns, but stays in the club – albeit to a lesser extent financially. However, a new major donor has not yet been found. In addition, the hall theme continues. Without a new venue with a larger audience capacity, it is unlikely that the Towers will be competitive in the long run.

That basketball works was also shown on Friday night, when Inselparkhalle with 3,400 spectators was again sold out for the first time in two years. “Stabilizing sponsorship. And very, very important: getting clarity across the hall,” Willoughby also mentions as important items on Towers’ agenda. “Because to get to the next level financially, the prospect of a hall that is twice as big is, of course, extremely important to us.”

Towers have made a name for themselves

It would probably also help fulfill his desire for continuity at some point, in order to retain successful coaches and top performers. Willoughby believes the club has built a solid reputation since being promoted in 2019. He also notices this when looking for a coach. “We are Hamburg Towers,” he said. “There are probably people who play basketball at a very high level that I never thought would report. But whether it’s the right coach is two different things.”

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