Formula 1 live ticker: Vettel robbed after Spain’s race


Steiner: The team messed up Schumacher’s strategy

In Barcelona, ​​Mick Schumacher seemed ready for a good result after a strong start. But then the strategy did not work: Schumacher fell back, missing the top 10 and thus his first points.

Team manager Günther Steiner admits: Looking back, the two-stop strategy with a long third inning was probably not the best idea. “Even with three stops, it would have been hard to finish in the points, but we certainly would have had better chances,” he says.


Haas: We should get points again …

Haas has not scored a point in Formula 1 since Imola. And team manager Günther Steiner believes: Recently, there was more to it than just positions outside the points. He says after the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona: “You are worried because there are missed opportunities.”

And: “The car seems to have a good pace. Because [in Barcelona] we qualified in eighth and tenth place. At some point, you need points. “

But because there is no counter, “there is also frustration,” Steiner says. But he immediately adds: “It’s not entirely wrong for us. Sometimes we were unlucky with the safety car. It just takes a little now [Glück] on a Sunday. “

So far, only Kevin Magnussen has scored for Haas. Mick Schumacher is still waiting for his first top 10 result in a Formula 1 race.


What a movie day brings

Let’s stay with Ferrari. And came to the question of how the team benefited from its film day in Monza.

As a reminder: Special Pirelli tires are required for a movie day with the current car and the maximum distance is 100 kilometers.

“That is not much [Distanz]but it’s useful to drive, “explains Claudio Albertini, who is in charge of the chassis at Ferrari.” Let’s put it this way: You can try some special things that are otherwise difficult to do on a track when other cars are also on the path. Albertini does not go into detail at this time.

He only says: Ferrari has made progress because it was able to test its Spain updates before the weekend in Spain. “It gave us confidence because you [am Rennwochenende] can not change so much in such a short time. But it is so important that you trust what you are doing. Then you will find it easier to go in the right direction on the spot on the racetrack. “

Incidentally, Mercedes also had such a movie day: George Russell drove the current W13 in Le Castellet. Two of these movie days are available for each season and team.


What Ferrari can do now at Leclerc

A turbocharger and an MGU-H are over at Charles Leclerc. So what can Ferrari do now? In principle, the team has two options for the current engine overview:

Either Leclerc takes fresh components and uses them to the maximum for the entire season. Then it would mean a net penalty for him if he had another defect.

Or Ferrari and Leclerc can switch back to used components from the start of the season, provided they are still technically usable. In any case, there would not be an immediate threat of a penalty transfer on the starting grid, but probably a (smaller) performance deficit with used parts compared to new components.


Ferrari rules out design flaws

What are the consequences of the Leclerc defect beyond pure component wear? Ferrari also addressed this issue on Monday in Maranello.

The finding: “We analyzed the error and its causes and determined that it was not due to a design error or a reliability issue, either with [Turbolader und MGU-H] nor with other elements of the drive unit. “

It sounds as if it was not a systematic defect, but a mistake that occurred in isolation, albeit “quite suddenly”, without warning, as team manager Mattia Binotto said on Sunday.


The exact cause of Leclerc’s error

Ferrari has now also looked more closely at the cause of Charles Leclerc’s failure, who had led the race in Spain, but then had to give up after just 27 laps.

Leclerc’s driveline was examined in Maranello on Monday. Result: Turbocharger and MGU-H are irreparably damaged. Leclerc may need new components here. It would not (yet) be a problem, because even with the new parts, it would still be within the allowable range. But then Ferrari should not allow further defects in the turbocharger and MGU-H at Leclerc, because otherwise there would be a penalty.

More about this in our current engine overview, which shows all previously used drive components and shows which drivers should expect fines for which redundant elements. (Note: Any new Leclerc parts are only included in the list when they are used in the car for the first time.)


“Inspector Seb” – really now!

That Sebastian Vettel felt his stolen bag fits perfectly with his nickname “Inspector Seb”. But Vettel got it for other reasons: He is known for staying in parc ferme after qualifying or the race and taking a closer look at the opposing teams’ cars. This inspection made him an “inspector”, especially on social networks (where Vettel is still not represented).


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