Eintracht Frankfurt: Krösche formulates ambitious goals

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Of: Thomas Kilchenstein


With the flower, Frankfurt’s sports director Markus Krösche formulates surprisingly ambitious goals for the new season.

Frankfurt – Even a week after the triumph, the Europa Cup victory for Frankfurt Eintracht is “still not so tangible” for Markus Krösche, although the sporting director almost always has the heavy pot with him. He is in the professional camp in the city forest, he took him to the TV appearance on Sunday morning, and the good part was not far away on Monday at the press conference at the end of the season. Success in Europe’s second most important competition has changed things in the club, the perception is different now, completely different. Eintracht Frankfurt are now in the Champions League, no longer eleventh in the table, no longer gray mediocrity. “This is a major milestone for the club’s future direction,” Krösche said. This house tour from Seville can bring the Frankfurt Eintracht years forward in their development, they can skip several steps, can be much more potent in sports – if they do it wisely and skillfully. “We want to take advantage of this opportunity,” says Krösche.

But do it all with care and common sense. “There will be no hara-kiri transfers with us,” the sporting director clarified immediately, a change in the basic philosophy and transfer strategy is by no means intentional, there have been many dissuasive examples in the past of nouveau riche clubs that went so fast shipwreck. And the 41-year-old leaves no doubt that Eintracht is “dependent on transfer income” despite 60 million euros in revenue from international business, also because the pandemic has caused a deficit of 70 million euros in the last two years.

Eintracht Frankfurt: No offer for Filip Kostic yet

He can not say who is leaving the club, it depends on the career plans of the professionals: “Each player has his own agenda.” So far no concrete offers have been received for any professional, not even one from Tottenham, which is said to be 30 million euros want to spend on Filip Kostic. On the other hand, the Eintracht has become much more attractive since it was represented in “the most interesting sports competition”. And many players who have been there for a while are “in love with Eintracht”.

Management team: Oliver Frankenbach, Markus Krösche and Axel Hellmann. © dpa

But one thing is for sure: Eintracht Frankfurt will strengthen. In addition to the fixed commitments of Randal Muani (Nantes), Faride Alidou (HSV) and Jérome Onguéné (Salzburg), the commitments of Aurelio Buta (Antwerp) and Hrvoje Smolcic (Rijeka) are only a matter of form, as is Sebastian Polter. from Bochum and Ridvan Yilmaz (Besiktas) are in view. In addition, the swollen squad needs to be slimmed down, and these conversations Krösche has already had. He is a “friend of clear announcements,” he says. “Players know” how Eintracht Frankfurt are planning with them – or not. But of course, Eintracht will make sure that their biggest asset, the team spirit, is not lost due to staff turnover. And there were players who were not part of the tribe, such as Timothy Chandler or Goncalo Paciencia, a share in the success that should not be underestimated. Paciencia, for example, called Krösche an “excellent guy”, an “important component of success”, as is the mood cannon Chandler. All of this needs to be balanced very precisely. Coach Oliver Glasner, whose strengths Krösche sees in the “dissemination of content,” will continue to pay particular attention to these soft factors.

That the squad still needs a certain quality of play becomes clear most recently when Markus Krösche talks about the goals for the new season, and Hessian’s ambitions are not small: survive the group stage in the Champions League, in the Bundesliga “seriously” play for international places, ie fifth or sixth place, playing more matches in the cup than in the last round. In summary: “We want a team that plays at a high level in all three competitions.” A team that is able to bring in 100 percent every three days. We did not have that team this year.

Eintracht Frankfurt: “Unique Europa League, modest Bundesliga season and a bad DFB Cup”

Of course, winning the European Cup outweighed everything, “what we have achieved is extraordinary”: But Krösche and the sporting leadership did not close their eyes to the other side of the coin, “everything that shone was not gold.” Krösche spent his first year as sporting director in a nutshell: “Unique Europa League, modest Bundesliga season and a poor DFB Cup. We are still far from ideal.”

Especially the second half of the season “did not please us at all” with only 15 measly points. Only the seven victories in November and December saved the balance, but it did not throw a screw in the eyes of those responsible. In the league, you really could not do what worked in the Europa League. Eintracht surfed the wave, let himself be carried away by the self-produced flow, most recently after the victory at Betis, he knew, Krösche, that something extraordinary could be achieved. Basically, he says, it first went over him when it was 0-1 in the final: What really happens if we lose? It did not happen. (Thomas Kilchenstein)

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