Did the yoga teacher kill cyclist Moriah Wilson out of jealousy? Moriah’s family gives an interview

Anna Moriah Wilson (25) is dead, her alleged killer, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong (35) on the run. Behind the brutal act is said to be an unfortunate love story, for Moriah had a brief romantic affair with Kaitlin’s friend, cycling professional Colin Strickland (35). The family of the wanted is convinced: “Kaitlin did not.” Evidence speaks another language the 35-year-old is wanted nationwide for first-degree murder.

Cyclist dies at crime scene

Anna Moriah wanted to compete in Texas, so she traveled from San Francisco to Austin (the capital of Texas). She was the big favorite for the title. But on May 11, police found the young woman in an apartment – “bleeding and unconscious due to multiple gunshot wounds,” police said. Rescue workers immediately tried to save the young woman’s life – but in vain. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We are completely devastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter and sister Anna Moriah Wilson,” her family said in a statement. “There are no words that can express the pain and suffering we experience at this meaningless, tragic loss.” Moriah was a talented, kind and caring young woman. “Her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of. She will be missed forever by our family and all who loved her.”

The affair between Anna Moriah Wilson and Colin Strickland is long gone

Moriah was not in a romantic relationship at the time of her death. It is important for the family to keep this in mind. A circumstance that should also be of interest to the investigators of the case. For they assume that the motive for the action was jealousy. Kaitlin Armstrong’s girlfriend has told authorities he had a brief affair with Moriah during a breakup last year.

However, this was long gone, as explained by Colin Strickland, who has been in a relationship with Kaitlin for three years. “There is no way to describe the pain and regret I feel over this horrific crime,” he wrote in a statement quoted by the New York Post. “I can not understand this incredible situation. It was not my intention to have an additional romantic relationship that would mislead anyone.” The relationship between him and Moriah has been purely platonic since the affair.

Nevertheless, his girlfriend, yoga teacher Kaitlin, quickly became the focus of investigators: They spoke to the woman on May 12 – after which she disappeared without a trace. Colin also said he had not heard from her since May 13th. As one witness told the New York Post, she must have found out about the relationship between the two in January. She had “become angry and trembling with fear,” the newspaper quoted. Kaitlin even threatened to kill Moriah.

Kaitlin Armstrong’s Jeep in front of Anna Moriah Wilson’s house on Murder Night

Words that Colin apparently took very seriously. He allegedly changed Moriah’s name on his smartphone and deleted text messages so Kaitlin could not track Moriah. Colin also lied to Kaitlin about Moriah’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. Footage from a neighbor’s security camera shows Strickland dropping her off at her home around 8:30 p.m. local time without even going into it.

It’s the last moments that show Moriah alive. A minute after she disappears into the house, a black 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokoee stops in front of the building. The same model that Kaitlin is said to be on the run with. According to investigators, the car belonged to the 35-year-old. “We are convinced that Kaitlin is still using this jeep as his primary means of transportation,” police said in a manhunt. When she was questioned on May 12, she was unable to explain what the car was doing in front of Moriah’s house.

The professional cyclist must have admitted to having bought two pistols, one for himself – and one for Kaitlin. According to police, their gun was found in the two houses. Experts say there is a significant resemblance between the gun found and the one used to kill Moriah. The young athlete’s family now wants to set up a fund in Moriah’s name. To share the young woman’s life story and to “inspire others and enrich their lives”.

Kaitlin’s family stands by her despite the overwhelming evidence. “A young woman lost her life and it’s awful, but Kaitlin did not,” they said in an interview with ABC. The relatives therefore do not know where the woman is currently staying. (eon / cwa)

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