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Robin Steinheimer is the founder and CEO of 977.consulting GmbH. It supports craft businesses in receiving more qualified applications from skilled workers. Here you can find out why classic recruitment initiatives almost never succeed, why many companies could fail, and how companies use the opportunities of digitalisation for themselves.

The persistent shortage of skilled labor is also causing problems for the skilled sector. Many companies offer their employees several benefits such as an in-house daycare, a gym and further training opportunities. However, they do not succeed in making it visible to potential applicants. Other companies, on the other hand, present themselves actively in public, but can not motivate qualified specialists to apply using attractive benefits. “Most of the companies involved do not recognize the signs of the times and remain dependent on outdated recruitment methods. Some of them also believe that it will be completely sufficient just to place individual ads on social media,” explains Robin Steinheimer from 977 works.

“The consequence is that they do not receive enough applications to cope with their high order volume. They must therefore recognize that they use digital recruitment measures and implement them in a holistic concept – otherwise they will not be able to survive in the long term,” warns the recruitment expert. Robin Steinheimer, CEO and CEO of 977.consulting GmbH, has worked in marketing for more than 20 years, and is therefore an experienced expert in positioning craft companies visibly for their target audience and presenting them as an attractive employer.His 977 method follows a holistic approach , which takes into account all aspects necessary for successful and sustainable employee recruitment in times of digitalisation.

Classic recruitment measures are dying out

Until recently, it was easy to recruit enough skilled labor for your own business using classic recruitment methods. In principle, it was sufficient to place individual advertisements in local print media and to draw attention to vacancies via posters. At the time, the only significant challenge for companies was getting new customers excited about their own offering. Today, the situation is reversed: Craft companies receive several orders but are unable to handle them due to lack of skilled labor.

Digital initiatives have almost completely replaced classic methods of recruiting employees. Even online job portals do not help here: they only reach the people who are actively looking for work – they start in the wrong place, as the specialists they are looking for are usually in permanent employment. In addition, the possibilities of digitalisation have established a strong intensifying competition. It is therefore more important than ever for companies to stand out from their competitors, to approach applicants through the right channels and to position themselves there as an attractive employer.

Recognize the signs of the times, seize the opportunities

In addition to the dangers mentioned, digitalisation also offers great opportunities – for all those who recognize the signs of the times. But according to Robin Steinheimer, it’s not enough to just jump on the “social recruiting bandwagon” and place individual ads on social media. Instead, it is necessary to develop a holistic concept that can help companies become attractive employers and purposefully communicate this to the outside world.

“They therefore need to think about what they can offer potential employees on the one hand and how they can convey that to them on the other hand,” the recruitment expert explains. Anyone who fails to establish a strong employer brand and actively market themselves will fail in relation to the challenges of digitalisation. If, on the other hand, it succeeds in uniting all these aspects and uniting them into a holistic concept, even small companies can attract applicants from all over Germany.

Optimization of recruitment through professional support from Robin Steinheimer and 977.works

Robin Steinheimer and his team from 977.works are there to help craft companies master the challenges of digitalization and use the opportunities it creates in a targeted way. He mainly supports medium-sized craft companies in implementing comprehensive and future-oriented recruitment processes. To this end, the 977.works team plans comprehensive advertising campaigns for its clients to recruit skilled employees, implement structured employee appraisals and build an employer brand that is attractive in the long run.

Would you also like to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and recruit more skilled workers for your craft business? Contact Robin Steinheimer (https://www.977.works/) from 977.works and arrange a free initial consultation!

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