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Of: Ingo Durstewitz


The hype about Eintracht Frankfurt is unbroken, but the craft work on the troupe has long since begun – to the annoyance of Martin Hinteregger.

Frankfurt – That too. Now even Polterkönig Uli Hoeneß has come out as a fan of Eintracht. “Frankfurt is a small example for all of us that you can move mountains in collaboration with the fan base and the whole environment,” said the leather-like Bavarian in view of the Hessians’ fantastic journey through Europe, which started on Wednesday. with the triumph of the Europa League was crowned. “I was really happy,” said the honorary president of Munich. “Eintracht represented German football well and showed fantastic what can be achieved with great energy and great empathy. It is good for all of us.” Well done, Mr Hoeneß.

Enthusiasm just does not abate in and around Frankfurt, on Sunday sports director Markus Krösche was received with standing ovations at the regular players’ table in Track 1 in Munich. The club has suddenly become a galleon figure in German football, everyone wants to be like Eintracht, who has developed an inner strength and led it outwards. Even people who have little or nothing to do with football stood on the street in the rain for hours on Thursday, waiting for the heroes to just take a selfie or caress the trophy. Even at many schools in Frankfurt, unity is integrated into the lessons and club songs have been sung. There are even weekly schedules for the kids that incorporate duties related to the newly graduated master. It goes with all the hype: According to reports, the DFL plans to play the opening match of the new season with Eintracht, of course against FC Bayern. It makes sense: on the one hand, it’s the Frankfurter’s turn for a long time, on the other hand, this game can be marketed excellently internationally. Harmony has stormed into the hearts of people, not only in Germany, but across the continent. The club has expanded its reach to almost immeasurable heights.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Hauge must deliver now

At some point, however, the Eintracht party cosmos will continue to rotate, and it is clear that not everyone who was awarded precious metals on Wednesday will be there. The troop is straightened out in many places and then refreshed. This is also an urgent need, the latest season has shown that coach Oliver Glasner only trusts a manageable circle of professionals, the core of the team consists of 17, 18 players, the narrower circle includes perhaps 14 professionals. Behind, the gradient drops sharply. That the team works also showed in the final, where players from the second row suddenly became important and stood firm – two of them, Christopher Lenz and Ajdin Hrustic, even converted their penalties in the penalty kick competition with steel nerves. Respect. Coach Glasner always emphasized the strong team spirit, otherwise such a coup would not have been possible.

Cheers. Martin Hinteregger in his right element. Photo: Imago images © Jan Hübner / Imago Images

And yet not all players are allowed to start the journey to the Champions League. What is certain is that Danny da Costa and Aymen Barkok will switch to FSV Mainz 05 on a free transfer, and Stefan Ilsanker, one of the big earners, is also leaving the club. The Austrian not only showed in the days leading up to the final what an excellent team player he is, he supported the team unconditionally, his departure touches him. The separation from striker Sam Lammers, who flopped and returns to his parent club Atalanta Bergamo, is a little less spectacular. His loan was a costly misunderstanding, the whole package cost Eintracht about four million euros. But mistakes are part of it, Lammers has certainly never been guilty of anything.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Future of Durm open

Erik Durm’s future is open, but it no longer makes sense to stay there. The defender is still a draw until 2023, but was not used in the back row. Glasner fixed him. A change of country would be best for the 30-year-old, even though he makes good money in Frankfurt.

Even with Ajdin Hrustic, there is no guarantee that he can stay. The ambitious and impatient left foot wants to play more often – it will be difficult at Eintracht. Goncalo Paciencia and Ragnar Ache could also leave the club if offered.

Eintracht Frankfurt: where to go with all the coal?

This is true, and it’s the big surprise, also for Martin Hinteregger, the cult defender who, after winning the final, goes down in the annals as the biggest party animal, and who still flew in a helicopter again this weekend, he has the right certificate. before that. Eintracht would let the 29-year-old go with a similar offer that did not even have to be astronomically high. It is documented. The Austrian is the absolute fan favorite, but is not considered easy to fit internally. Meanwhile, “I want to stay,” Hinti told HR. “But sometimes new, young players come, and old ones have to go. That’s the way it is in football.”

Eintracht Frankfurt will buy Jens Petter Hauge

Sports director Krösche tried to calm things down on Sunday. “We know what we have in him, and he knows what he has in us,” he said in a one-two. His contract runs until 2024.

Almamy Touré, who was considered a shaky candidate but proved his worth in the season finale, was to remain. This can not be said about Jens Petter Hauge, the Norwegian was the only player who fell significantly even in the final. However, Eintracht is obliged to buy the 22-year-old from AC Milan, the package is worth more than ten million euros. Hauge obviously needs to improve. Increase Mighty. (Ingo Durstewitz)

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