Werder Bremen: New Marco Bode book is here! Is it worth it? A review!

Bremen – It is the night before the relegation of SV Werder Bremen, when the then chairman of the board Marco Bode wrote a text message to his friend Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling on May 22, 2021 at 0.05: “Time has just gone crazy: Yesterday we were informed of our security guards, and the police would like to patrol our private home! I do not think anything would happen in Bremen, only the performance alone! “

Werder Bremen loses to Mönchengladbach 2: 4 and moves down. There are riots outside, but no one has been injured. But football and its fans have a new example – a negative one. A positive comes a year later with the direct resurgence and a celebratory crowd. There is A book from Marco Bode and Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling with the title”Tradition does not score goals‘already printed. It will be available from Monday. DeichStube read not only the text message in the prologue, but the entire 272 pages. One review!

Until last fall Marco Bode still perhaps the most powerful man on SV Werder Bremen, then resigned as chairman of the board. As a result of the descent. That Bode is now publishing a book dealing with the problems of traditional clubs in general and his SV Werder in particular will certainly not appeal to everyone. But one thing first: the honorary captain, who won almost every possible title with Werder as a professional, neither accounts nor reveals any major secrets. The 52-year-old also does not want to justify himself as he did in it A book stressed out. In principle, it is a documentation of the situation in football in Germany with the Green and Whites in the lead role and a description of one responsible for how difficult and unpredictable this business can be. Together with the experienced Author Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling Bode gives the reader an interesting and entertaining look at professional football. Although at some point one would have wished for more depth and openness, especially with regard to Werder.

Werder Bremen: Marco Bode’s book “Tradition does not score goals” on the curse and blessing of traditional clubs

For example, at this point: “As for traditional clubs usually ‘the former’ also interfered and especially criticized their respective successors, ‘it says A book based on the relegation battle of recent years. Names are not mentioned, but clear words have been chosen: “The truth is: Major championships, cup victories and participation in the Champions League fell during their tenure, but also relegation matches, wrong appointments to the coaching post, wrong purchases of players and financial problems. Almost all clubs are like that. “

The successes of the past are both a curse and a blessing to the traditional clubs. The interest is huge, but so are the expectations. Only this can be satisfied less and less, because the economic superiority of the Bavarians and Dortmunders who have hurried increases – just as the number of factory clubs, which now includes Bayer Leverkusen and VfL Wolfsburg as well as RB Leipzig and 1899 Hoffenheim. This is mainly due to the distribution of TV money. Figures and comparisons prove this very clearly. “Tradition does not score goals“, The authors finally state – and not only that:” Werder can no longer become German champion. ” This also applies to many other traditional clubs such as Eintracht Frankfurt, 1. FC Köln, VfB Stuttgart, Hamburger SV and some more. “The best of the rest can play for Europe. Those who make mistakes or are very unlucky play fast against descent“It says in it A book. and Werder Bremen is there as degraded the best example.

“Tradition does not score goals”: Marco Bode’s book about Werder Bremen’s insidious crash, transfers and Max Kruse’s salary

Look there Marco Bode of course right there. The look at the club’s history is short, his own professional career does not play the big role. It’s more about the gradual breakdown after the golden years in the Champions League – that is, from 2010. ”Between 1999 and 2008, almost everything worked. After that, a lot went wrong, ”this is how the era of the then sports director Klaus Allof is described. An unusually clear accusation, however A book also deals in detail with how transfers are made and later publicly assessed in a way that mitigates the penalty. The latter is rarely fair, as opinions would quickly change seriously because a player suddenly delivered. The same goes for handling coaches. Bode and Schulze-Marmeling skillfully hold up a mirror to the football world. As with economics. “Many fans find it much easier to get into debt than to restructure their finances. As long as the results are correct, the state of the economy does not matter. “

Max Kruse and his farewell in 2019 is also about money. And then there is the background information that many readers were hoping for Marco Bode: “If Kruse’s salary had been further increased, if he had had his very own ‘salary corridor’, it would not have been well received by his teammates. In addition, some high priests would also have demanded a pay rise to narrow the gap between them and Kruse. The bottom line is that the club would not have been able to finance it. ” Elsewhere, it is revealed that Heidenheim’s permanent coach Frank Schmidt was once on Werder’s shortlist, and former assistant coaches Torsten Frings and Florian Kohfeldt were not quite green after they managed to stay up in 2016. A collaboration with the football academy “Right to Dream” (R2D), which has since taken over clubs such as the Danish 1st division club FC Nordsjælland, which was briefly discussed in 2018, was not yet known.

“Tradition does not score goals – Werder Bremen and the challenges of modern football”: Marco Bode has ideas for the future

But we are also looking ahead. Marco Bode and Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling could certainly imagine a Bundesliga without Bayern and Dortmund, who then play in a Superliga. In cases Werder Bremen dream of a “Campus 4” on the racetrack, where 40 young athletes between the ages of 15 and 20 from eight different sports will live in September 2030. There may also be a stadium with 4,000 seats for Werder’s women’s football teams, and all clubs have a place to meet. The professional football players would no longer be able to build on the great successes of the past, but everything would still be good. A typical Bode who always thinks positively and is full of ideas. He now has that in one A book bundled, which is very worth reading if the expectations are right.

The book “Tradition does not score goals – Werder Bremen and the challenges of modern footballPublished by the publisher “Die Werkstatt” and costs 19.90 euros. (knee)

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