Tips for choosing medium length hairstyles depending on hair type and face shape

Shoulder-length hair is on the rise in the beauty world, and with good reason. They are neither too short to cause styling problems, nor too long to require regular care to keep them healthy. Medium-sized hairstyles for women give you hairstyles to play with loose, half up / half down and updos.

They are easy to care for daily. It is also not a problem to put them in a ponytail when going to the gym, or to have them loose on to show their natural shine. Check out our suggestions for Fhairstyles for shoulder length hair to get inspiration for your latest look.

Tips for choosing medium length hairstyles by hair type

When choosing a hairstyle for shoulder length hair, the density and texture of the strands are the key factors to consider. Each hair type has its advantages and disadvantages, the latter of which can be even more pronounced with medium length hair. However, there is a cut to any hair type that you will see for yourself in this article.

For thin scalp hair

Medium hair styling for women with thin hair should have a voluminous effect

Of course, medium length hairstyles for women with thin hair should have a voluminous effect, which is usually absent in this hair type. A raised roots, layers or a tousled hairstyle works wonders on thin and fine hair. Do not miss the chance to add a little depth with cool hair colors like balayage and ombre.

Straight hair can get the required volume with the help of a great hairstyle and bangs

Be sure to choose the right styling products for your hair type, specially formulated to add hold and texture without overwhelming the hair. Straight hair can get the volume it needs with a great hairstyle such as. the shag clip, which is both layered and tousled along with a hair-shaped fringe.

For thick mane

Tips for choosing medium length hairstyles based on hair type

Shoulder-length hairstyles for women with thick hair should retain their bulk but remove some of the excess weight that makes the look voluminous. Frayed tips and layered haircuts are some of the professional tricks to achieve this result. They structure the thick mane and give volume and jump. The chopped bob is one of the best options for shoulder length hair and you can complement it with a beautiful balayage.

Shoulder hairstyles for thick hair should maintain volume but remove some of the weight

Important: Styling products are a must for this hair type.

Curly cuts for shoulder length hair

Shoulder-length hair for ladies with curls is not taboo if the hairstyle is styled properly

Many girls with curly hair avoid shoulder-length hairstyles. They find that shorter hair looks more frizzy and is harder to style. This is to some extent true as longer locks are heavier and the weight helps tame thick hair.

Many girls with curly hair avoid shoulder-length hairstyles

Nevertheless, medium length hair is not taboo for ladies with curly hair if the hairstyles are styled properly and the hair strands are nicely structured. Her goal is to avoid the triangular shape that often accompanies shoulder-length haircuts.

Guide to medium-sized hairstyles based on face shape

Oval faces look great with a medium bob

Hair experts have dispelled many myths about “forbidden” hairstyles for certain face types. If you want a particular hairstyle, you can get it, provided it contains elements that suit your face.

Half-length curly hairstyles help balance wide faces

A long / square face is softened by adding thick layers that frame the face by creating wider points of interest. An asymmetrical haircut or inverted bob, on the other hand, fits heart-shaped faces as it shifts focus away from the small chin, especially when paired with diagonal fringes. Curly hairstyles and swept bangs help balance wide faces – both round and square.

Shoulder-length hair with asymmetrical bangs lengthens the round face

Straight hair is not forbidden for long faces if it is a Lob guy with long bangs. Shoulder-length hair is a sure way to lengthen a round face, especially when paired with an asymmetrical bangs. Oval faces, on the other hand, look great with a medium bob.

Layered hairstyles with bangs for shoulder length hair

Layered hairstyles with bangs for shoulder length hair

Whether you have thin or thick hair, layers are unsurpassed when it comes to adding texture, movement, fullness or a sense of lightness. Hairdressers use layers to shape the mane and balance facial features.

Layers are second to none when it comes to adding texture to your hair

Regardless of the texture of your hair – thin or thick, curly, straight or wavy – bangs give character to a hairstyle. Depending on the type of bangs, different aspects of the face can be highlighted – lips, eyes, cheekbones. Hairdressers recommend choosing bangs if you want to give your hair a trendy look. Some experts choose bangs that match the texture of the hair, while others prefer a contrasting look.

A fringe adds character to the shoulder hairstyle

Conclusion: Overall, shoulder-length hair looks great on women of all ages. It suits any hair type, different face shapes and is easy to maintain. Hopefully you have received enough illustrations of different sized hairstyles to make your decision. Do not let the recommendations of hair professionals fool you. Feel free to experiment with shapes, colors and textures to discover your own style. For that’s what trendsetters do, and that’s how new hairstyles (or a nod to the past) are born.

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